Solskjaer’s Man Utd tactics beggar belief; Liverpool’s PL title date predicted

Date published: Wednesday 8th January 2020 2:08

Manchester United fans tear into boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tactics against Manchester City, while the date when Liverpool will win the Premier League title is predicted – all in Your Says of the Day.


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@blacky I expected to get plenty of stick trying to defend Ole after a derby loss.

The problem is I strongly believe other talented managers would fail in the role, therefore my position hasn’t changed to let Ole have more time to clear out the squad and bring through young players, even if we think another manager might be slightly better tactically in a couple of years.

A loss to a vastly superior City team hasn’t influenced me there.

@moral That’s a good illustration of the difference in player quality on show. We brought on Gomes tonight, who might be the future, but he clearly hasn’t been quite ready to play every week.

@jm1502 I think Ole was brought in as caretaker manager and asked to focus on first team performance, AWB and Maguire were likely already half done deals, they were seen as safe deals for British players who have performed in the league previously.

Maguire started very well but seems to be in a slump, I’ll give him until his second season to judge fully. AWB is an improvement on Young, but has to get better going forward. James i think is a fantastic young player, he’s dropped off a bit the last few games but i think he’ll turn into a very good player in time.

Would be interested to know who Ole’s summer targets are.



@mike2005. I am sorry mate but I just don’t see why you are so defensive of a clearly unfit for purpose Ole in this job. Bear in mind he remains my favourite player but unfortunately he just isn’t the real deal when it comes to football management.

Let’s put the excuses of previous managers and Woodward’s clear idiocy aside – do you honestly think Ole is a skilled enough football manager to lead us forward??

Also, I simply do not understand your “we have missed our prime target so f**k it” statement. This type of inept problem solving is exactly what makes a mediocre management team stand out as being exactly that in front of creative problem solvers with cajones like Klopp and Guardiola (and their staff). Instead of being proactive we always react when it’s too late – we are behind in every aspect of the game from the boardroom to the kit man.

There is absolutely no excuse to continue with our midfield as is without bringing in a loan signing or a short term low risk signing – no excuse. There is no reason to persist with starting Lingard when he failed to score or assist a goal in the entire year of 2019. There is no reason to play Jones ever. There is no excuse for us not having signed one player this winter to fulfill the huge gaps in our squad – we could at least have taken a couple of punts on unknown players from foreign lands by now but here we are standing with our peckers in our hands while Liverpool snap up Minamino for 7m and we persist with Lingard.

Let me end this post now before I lose my temper.

I’m sorry mate. You are wrong. End of.



@mike2005 – Tonight’s loss is irrelevant, the rest of Ole’s time at the club since he got the job most certainly is not. He has been a failure and will continue to be so because he just isn’t qualified to do this job.
It’s like asking a bus driver to take the controls of an Airbus A380 and fly it to Australia.




Ginger, if we take maximum points in this period that’s great.

I think the next period (Feb) isn’t a good time for Leicester and Man City, who have to play each other amongst other fixtures, so could very well drop points in more than one game.

I expect City to play better once they get Laporte and Stones back though.



Regardless of what City/Leicester do I believe we only need 13 more league wins to ensure the title.
If we took max points by the end of Jan we’d only need another 8. That not even taking into account and City/Leicester dropped points this month.



Jayus hope your ginger

These two months have notoriously caused us a few problems over the last few years

Get through these and it’s a massive step

Sean the sailor


It was the next 3 PL matches that had me worried but we can add West Ham to that, now that they have a new manager. Pelegrini was useless with what is actually a pretty good group of players.

I think Klopp said February before we get everyone back. I can’t remember specifically who he was talking about when he said it but my instincts tell me maybe he meant Matip.

Holiday fixture congestion eases off, so we have that. We can prioritize and with players coming back and some luck with the current lads, we might be able to power through. Winning the next 4 PL matches is crucial though and it certainly won’t be easy.

As our fixtures are hard, City’s are easy but when ours ease off again, City’s get more difficult, once more. Teams are finding success in taking City on though, so I don’t think there are too many genuinely 3easy games for them right now. At least not until Laporte comes back.

If we can just get 12 from 12, I’ll be extremely confident that we’ll take the PL title. The thing is though, I do wonder if we can manage it. Each 3 points is another step though, we’ve just got to keep wading through these sides, towards our goal. We’ve got the quality, we’ve got the mentality. We looked tired against Wolves and their dogged defence and fight nearly proved to be too much but then we made Sheffield look pretty ordinary. Van Dijk and Gomez are the best CB pairing the in the PL. We just need this to continue and for the fullbacks to keep doing their thing.



Next 2 games mean EPL title??




@blacky It isn’t lost on me that we’re being totally dominated in this game. I just think we were screwed before the game, we’ve spent all season a couple of injuries away from being a poor team.

I don’t see what we could do from the bench to impact this game in any meaningful way.

Sacking Ole won’t fix anything, the next manager would just fail. We’ve yet again waited until the transfer windows opened to find out we’ve missed our primary transfer target and more problems await in the summer with another host of players leaving or retiring.



@mike2005 – There’s always an excuse mate, what about all the other games right from the day Ole was appointed where we’ve been absolutely atrocious, especially against relegation fodder sides?
It’s all just a turd polishing exercise I’m afraid, which only serves to ignore the absolutely blatantly obvious fact that we currently have a clueless buffoon for a manager, simple as that.



Mike, Solskjaer inherited what Mourinho had and has spent another 150 million mate. And we’re worse, far worse. Watching these fuckers, I just can’t imagine what the ‘management’ team do all week to prepare them.



Well Mike, we were playing against one of the most attacking teams this country has ever seen, in the first of a 2-lehged semi (i.e. we did not have to be unnecessarily cavalier) and our management team sent us out WITHOUT A DEFENSIVE midfielder.

That sort of JUDGEMENT simply beggars belief.





Don’t know how true this is, but considering our main aim is to just get rid of [Mkhitaryan’s] obscene wages the club should’ve taken the deal.It’s a low price but we should’ve thought of this before.It’s a similar case with ozil,Don’t mind him in the team as he can create a balance but not for 350k a week.If some club offered him to take I’d be ok if his transfer fee was waived off,as long as we were getting rid of the wages.
Personally,I want sanchez back at the club.Anything is possible in football and this is quite possible provide we try for him.Ofcourse,the wages factor is the biggest one to sort out there.

In other news, our most reported target seems to be Jerome Boateng
No thank you.Maybe 4 or 5 years ago I’d have taken him as he was solid back then, but if anyone has seen him this season he’s finished.being one of the only 2 experienced Centre halves at Bayern,he hardly gets playing time.And i saw a game which was against Werder bremen I think, where he was so bad he had to be taken off at half time.

the specialone


no to Boatang, no mor cack old sticky plasters, go out identify and PAY for quality CB to go along with the young french lad, have holding and sok as back up with chambers too and then buy a solid right back

and NO F****** WAY SANCHEZ BACK!!!!




Boubakary Soumare TEAMtalk

zico-Another Bakayoko? Or another Makelele?



Good question, is he a Bakayoko or a Makelele? Either way, we won’t be in for him, he’s not English and overpriced. Not sure about Jovic redblood and you can forget V De Beek mate, not English and overpriced.



There’s no real quality proper English central midfielders, we’ll have to look abroad for one. The Longstaffs are inexperienced and over-priced, Rice is over-priced. Maddison and Cantwell play further up.



Maddison is one of the most overpriced players today.And D.Rice for £80m? Stay well clear of em both.



Well if we can see it, let’s just hope good old Ole can too eh?





Embarrassing first half, we conceded 15 shots at goal.It was bamboozling to be honest.But clearly the half time talk led the way for a completely changed Arsenal side.Leeds are top of the championship and have been fantastic, so not surprised they gave us a really tough battle.
My MOTM was Emi martinez.Made some really tough saves and kept us in the game.
In other observations,I feel our best performances come without guendozi in the side.Not saying he isn’t talented, just not ready.And I’m not sure what his position actually is.

SteveO – i know most have given their opinion on Xhaka,but just to let you know just because a player commits fouls it doesn’t make him a bad player.He’s actually taking 3/4 for the team and putting himself at risk.And most importantly,Arteta was caught on tape in the Amazon prime documentary whilst he was at city telling all of his midfielders to commit fouls when they’re in transition so it is more tactical than not.

the specialone


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