Spiky Klopp left baffled as Geoff Shreeves title probe sparks fiery debate

Date published: Sunday 7th February 2021 2:51 - Jonny Whitfield

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that he “honestly” cannot understand why questions continue to come his way about his team’s title credentials.

The Reds‘ form has slipped since Christmas, Liverpool winning only two of their past nine Premier League games.

What’s more, after going 68 league games unbeaten at Anfield, Brighton and Burnley have won there in recent weeks.

Defending a Premier League title has proved one of English football’s most elusive tasks down the years. Thus, it is not uncommon for journalists to probe the manager of last season’s champions about their side’s capabilities.

Klopp has duly faced his fair share of such questioning, but in his latest interview with Geoff Shreeves, he took issue with the Sky Sports reporter.

Asked if he still believed his side can win a second successive title, the German said: “I really can’t believe… I don’t understand you, honestly. The only thing you want to talk about all the time now is us becoming champions.

“Can you imagine… have you ever been the best sports commentator in the world? Do you think it’s still possible? Just try it.

“We try. But if I say it’s possible, or it’s not possible, then we have another headline.

“Why would we do that? Let’s talk about the situation. If we are not interested then I don’t understand why we talk.

“I’m not angry at all, I just don’t understand why the whole interview goes about us becoming champions again.”

Shreeves then pointed out that Klopp could have given a muted response such as ‘Anything is possible’.

But Klopp interjected again, claiming to set the record straight on how he should answer such questions.

Klopp points to ‘obvious’ answers

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

“That’s clear, it’s always that anything is possible,” he said. “Why should I say the absolute obvious stuff?” he said.

“Yes. Anything is possible always, in this wonderful life and country.

“It’s not true, it’s not anything possible always, but in football probably yes.”

Meanwhile, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola aimed a fresh dig at Klopp ahead of Sunday’s clash between the teams.

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