Sporting director not the only Man Utd priority; Liverpool man questioned

Date published: Tuesday 8th October 2019 2:16

Fred TEAMtalk

Manchester United fans say the club needs someone to instil mental toughness into the players, while Liverpool supporters question Fabinho’s starting role in the team – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

I know that in the current day and age of sports science and everything else but do we have a sports psychologist on staff?
I know that when Graham Henry was coaching the All-Blacks to their first world cup since 1987 in 2011 he and the coaching staff used a sports psychologist to create re-set techniques. In other words they set about creating a series of mental processes that players would use on the pitch when they had fucked up to wipe the mistake from their minds and be able to go again with freedom. It sounds like exactly the kind of thing we need at the moment. The players are playing very within themselves and seem scared shitless to make a mistake!



It’s an excellent point. They have doctor, physio, fitness coach and sports scientist (this could be related) but not to my knowledge a shrink.

I agree though they do need somebody to get the mental attitude right and build up mental strength. Maybe they could precede matches with a Mancunian version of a Haka chanting “you;re gonna get yer effing eads kicked in”

Alternative do what Glenn Hoddle did when he hired Eileen Drewery a faith healer for the england squad.



We need a lot of faith at the moment mac



I wonder if Keano came in and started cleaning a few of them out in training, would that build mental fortitude? Get psycho Pearse in, with Alf Inge Haaland and Razor Ruddock too. They wouldn’t face anything in a match as intimidating as that, the only issue is would the fearsome foursome be able to catch the young lads?






As expected,emery is nothing short of being a scapegoat.Fans have already made their minds up about him.There is no reasoning,hardly any logic.I feel for emery.If I was a top manager out there,I’d stay away from the Arsenal job because the expectations are unrealistic.

the specialone


I have said all along that i will give him two seasons. First seasons crumble at the end of the season showed that he had to work hard. This season though his job is to make top 4 at a minimum. If he fails that given the way Utd and Sp*rs has played it will be just as bad as when Wenger lost the title against Leicester.

Thats just facts he has every chance to make that bare minimum goal. If he fails that then of course questions has to be asked about his qualities as a manager. Utd is the worst team in years so is Chelsea and Spurs are not like last year.

Our team is not that bad that we should not make top 4. Its still tough but it could be so much harder than it is right this season. Even you TSO must realise this.



To be fair though missing out on top 4 is still a huge failure given the state of other teams. Squad excuse hold no water for me if he fails. Especially since he deemed AMN and Mustafi good enough last season and Xhaka both the last and this one. So no there is no more excuses for him.



There are worst squads in our league and I can accept us performing as well as we can but not being good enough. But in reality we are not even performing at that level. Forget about emery performing miracles but is he getting the best team performances out of what he has? The answer is No. He has messed around to much tactically and the players seem confused with the plan especially as it keeps changing. I can see a plan coming in the last few weeks but we should be better than this by now. We are definitely good enough squad for top four especially this season so let’s see if he can do it, I really hope he can.



After the international break Emery should have Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, and hopefully Laca all ready for selection. We have a run of 8 games that we should be taking 18 to 20 points from if we are to be serious top 4 contenders. During that time Emery has to nail down his starting 11 and develop a team style and identity, something he has failed to do in over a year in charge. Parking the bus at Liverpool and failing to go after a near death United did not sit well with me. We have a structure in place that makes the coach dispensable so Emery has to achieve top 4 as a minimum. We have the personnel to Do that, it’s up to him to pick the right players and take the handbrake off.



I said after Wenger was sacked it would take 10 years and 3 managers to put it anywhere near right. In many ways we have been lucky just as Liverpool and Man City have moved on and are miles better than anyone else Chelsea have stalled and are rebuilding, Spurs have shot their bolt and have done what Spurs always do while Man Utd have gone, they are useless and won’t finish anywhere near the top4. Dick in the meantime was all we could get, top managers won’t join a club out of the CL with a group of overpaid poor players. Dick has recruited some good players he has also recruited some rubbish. Tactics are bemusing and making Xhaka captain a bad mistake, he’s a passenger and liability. Let’s see what Dick can do after 3 seasons. As for the job being impossible, total rubbish, difficult after Wenger but with that young talent the future should be rosy.

The Oracle



Fabinho TEAMtalk

Fab needs a back up but who??? Hendo??



Pinez.. It’s between Lallana or Wijnaldum and I know which one I don’t want in the squad.



We always need either Jordan or Jimmy in the lineup, they never take any bullshit from the opposition and are tough as nails… Fabinho does not have that streak in him so we need either of the two to compliment him. Same goes for Gini, he is not vocal enough to command the ref and everyone around him. He can share the burden and I’m happy to see him captain the club but he can work on that cause he is tough as nails to and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone but he is not naturally fluent in English…



Bingo.. Have to disagree about Fabinho.. It’s absolutely not true that he let’s others walk over him. For one thing he looks like a thug. I’ve never once seen him take any shit from anyone. In fact he looks like he’ll kill you if you try to start something with him. For another he’ll take a yellow card if he needs to stop an attack and is still effective enough after that. That’s something the rest of them don’t have in them. He may not go flying in two footed into challenges most of the time but a lot of the tackles he makes are technically sound. His standing tackle is especially impressive.

He has the ability to use his size and upper body to outmuscle an opponent but at the same time take their legs with his lower body. This unbalances them after the tackle is made and they can’t recover after that to take the ball back. This kind of tackling needs a really high level of timing. He’s been a real physical presence at times bullying the opposition with the rest of his defensive cronies.

His reading of the game both offensively and defensively are top notch as well. His defensive instinct is far more natural than the other 3 which is probably one of the reasons that Klopp favours him in the #6. I don’t know what happened in the Leicester game but other than his flat footwork, (which can be easily rectified if he just stays on his toes) he doesn’t do a lot wrong. If fatigue was the issue then all of them have had it at some point this season.



I have not seen Fabinho boss the park without Henderson or Milner… He does not let anyone walk over him but he is much further down the line from expressing himself than Gini for example. Our midfield does not function without Jordan or James as nobody else can stamp their authority on the game, on the ref, on the opposition… They are the very best captain duo we have seen for a very long time, perfectly complimenting each other and the the team itself.





you honestly see us, the team that hasn’t won in 11 away matches and have lost to Newcastle and West ham away recently and haven’t scored more than 1 goal in a game since Chelsea, to beat Liverpool away from home where they are on a 17 match winning run and are arguably the best team in world football at the moment? Good on you for the positivity but I’d honestly bet my car on us not coming out on top in that match. In fact I see us losing something like 3-0 with another total s***-show from the players and Ole possibly getting sacked.

Sympathy for the Devils


Yeah there’s no way we will get anything out of the Liverpool game. They’re light years ahead of us.
Ole needs Martial, Shaw and Pogba back ASAP. Not because they are great players but because it gets Ashley Young, Fred and Pereira the f*** away from the first team!



Thought we were at home against the scousers.

For some reason I’m more positive about a result against them lot than I am against Newcastle. Mainly because we’re at home, the players will be more up for it, the fans will be too, and we’ll hopefully have players like Pogba, Martial and AWB back. Plus Liverpool won’t be camped on the edge of their own box.

Still think we’ll lose because they’re miles better in every department, but you never know.



We are playing home against Liverpool,but regardless I too expect a drubbing,even if they might be without Salah.Pogba will most probably miss that game,lardie ass & the miserable French ass will no doubt be not match fit.



@Sympathy – I’m not saying I see us beating Liverpool just that it would not surprise me. In recent seasons we have performed reasonably well against top teams, its the number of times we slip up to relegaton fodder that hurts us. Chelsea 4-0 and Arsenal 1-1 being examples. Our last away victory was against PSG!!!

I get the feeling that just as small clubs raise their game against us, we raise our game against better opposition. And its as if players think playing against small clubs is beneath them and onlly turn up against teams they consider their equals.

Bugger it you pushed me, I’ll be predicting a win on matchday while that beacon of negativity happyhurling predicts a home defeat !!!



@macguffin – haha well we do need to have SOME sort of positivity on these pages! I thought we were away so being home yes MAYBE we can but to be honest I’m not holding my breath, the players look shot before the seasons even moved into a stride.

Sympathy for the Devils



Pep Guardiola TEAMtalk

Saw an article in which Gundogan mentioned us as their biggest rivals. Now of course he could have been referring to us as just title rivals. This begs the question, do we consider them to be our biggest rivals as well? There’s a lot of bad blood between us and the blue and red shites but is there a possibility that City are at that level of enmity? If not, will it happen in the future? Personally I don’t hate them as much as I do Spuds and United. I don’t see Everton as anything other than dogshit that someone has stepped on. I hate that they beat us to the title twice but I don’t know if I’ll start putting them in the same bracket.



You just need to look at how much city fans despise us now razor.

They were going mad about manes pen on sat. They forget the amount of pens sterling has got for much less contact

They moan about ref decisions when they conveniently for get they got the biggest decision last season when kompany was not sent off at the ethiad againest us

I don’t hate city at all. I like pep. Great manager and a great team. I’d much rather city win the league then utd. City are our rivals now but utd are our biggest rivals in my opinion. People from Liverpool it’s more then likely Everton as those supporters see each other all the time

Sean the sailor


Just visit bluemoom forum you’ll see that city fans see us as their main rival. They call us affectionately “the dippers” amongst other names lol and think there is a conspiracy to for the powers that be too get us to win the league.



Sean.. Funny story. My mum once got me a Man Utd jersey by mistake, a fake one of course that you’d get at markets and stuff, and I put it on. When my dad saw it he literally kicked my arse out of the house for wearing it. I was about 7 at the time. Needless to say, we never saw that jersey again.

My hatred of Spurs only developed over the last decade because they were comparing themselves to us, which personally I found insulting and poaching the players we were targeting. Not to mention they are one of the dirtiest sides on the pitch with constant diving and kicking but get away with it because they’re likeable as underdogs. I can say I don’t share the same hatred of Everton because they were never at the same level when I was growing up. Most of my mates were Manure fans so I grew up having to listen to the constant mocking which as harry says, makes it really personal.

I think the generation that are just starting to watch football will start this hatred of City and it might develop in the same way as all the other great rivalries as long as both of us keep up this same standard. Both us and City are being compared to Barca and Real in La Liga as it is so we might well be witnessing the birth of the next Classico.





Only watched intermittently, nonetheless still saw our first 2 goals and our last goal from Michy: what I saw is that we were comfortable. I missed the first 10 min too though as well as their goal. We did not concede from set-pieces, which is a progress. All in all a good week for us with United, Spurs and Leicester all lost. Only Arsenal won. I do not count City as I still think Liverpool and them are too strong for everybody else and will win the 1st and 2nd place easily.

Abraham scored again, Mount also, CHO started and had an assist. Also Michy scored with Pulisic assist. A good match for our youngsters, fringe players and FL also praised Willian. Now finger crossed, hope noone gets injured during the international.



Yes Aindro, Frank Lampard in a post match interview on Willian who also assisted with Mount’s goal.

Lampard assessed the mix of youth and experience in his team and picked out one player for special praise
‘The balance at the moment is good. It’s nice for me, it’s great to coach because the young players want to improve all the time, but you have to mention the experienced players around them.

‘Willian was the standout today, without a doubt. If you wanted to show our wingers what we want from them, we would show them a video of his work ethic today, and his quality and burst of pace on the ball.

‘In the last four or five games he has been our best player. It’s a great thing to say when you have got players who are examples on the pitch around these young boys.’



always said the youth is the way forward and they will deliver instead of spending all that unnecessary money not allways of course but for some players and there were a few, we are after all born with talent but its the application and determination that’s more important. We still have RLC to come in as I think his a must as of course is Rudiger.



Rudiger and maybe, just maybe Chelsea utilise the buy back clause and bring Nathan Ake back to the Bridge.

It is stunning how all of a sudden we are spoilt with options of quality youth players coinciding with a transfer ban. It brings to my mind why it took a transfer ban for this to happen but not only that, just how much talent in the past 16 odd years has been lent out and sold because the club/its managers refused to take the risk of bringing them through. May be in that 16 years it has simply been a famine and all of a sudden we are having a feast of talent in one hit,that being apart from CHO and RLC who were already being integrated. Not sure to be honest.

I remember one player, Josh McEachran coming through (which was rare) and supposed to be the next big thing and look where he ended up. A major disappointment.




We now have a great chance of finishing above both of these fading sides. Will that be enough for top4? Do we need to be concerned about Leicester?

The Oracle


We are awful mate, insipid performance against Bournemouth – let’s be real. We are dull, and boring we are neither a possession based team nor are we a counter attacking team, what are we? All it seems like it’s just turn up and hope for the best on the pitch. We will come unstuck when teams decide to turn up against us.

This is not good enough, and if we get top four then it would mean teams are worse than us, are we going to get there through merit? I doubt it. Where are our ball playing players anymore? We all dig out Xhaka but how many times have you seen Xhaka free to bomb forward always to mess up the pass?! It’s ridiculous and this guy is meant to be a good passer? Good passer my foot. He didn’t play poorly against Bournemouth by the way, but that isn’t saying much. Trying to see what he brings to the team and he just slows everything down. There’s not enough dynamism about our players and Emery has to take the flack of the blame in not bringing any sort of game plan, playing style or identify to our players. He’s had more than enough time and I don’t want him in charge any longer

the bsm walk


If we dont then Emery should not be allowed to continue. But will it be by our own merit alone no probably not. Leicester looks like a team that maybe can make it but its still early days.

I did not watch the game yesterday so i cant comment on that performance.

The way Utd and Sp*rs play is even worse though. So if we fail top 4 its only down to Emery as he will have no one to blame just as Wenger when Leicester won the league.



Its to early to start jumping up and down on these two. We are only 3 points up on spurs and 6 on united Long may their bad form continue but in reality it wont last all season and especially Spurs are capable of going on a long unbeaten run. The positive is we are third and we have not played well in the league and we can get much much better. As I said I am seeing an improvement in our performances and I know that’s not saying much but I feel we are getting there.



Yes – I think it really depends on our next 8 games. All winnable. I think we need a couple of big wins under our belt and for Emery to take afew risks. The game against Bournemouth…well, it wasn’t awful per se it was the footballing equivalent of “meh”.

If I look around us, Chelsea might have a depleted squad now that Hazard is gone but they are settling down. I think their problem will be inconsistency due to new,young players needing to perform week in week out. Plus I do think CL will take it out of them. Man United are absolutely there for the taking. I simply have no idea WTF is going on there. The Totts I think are just suffering from squad fatigue. They are bored, manager been there 5 years, no trophies, no new players really. Still dangerous though. If they string together 3-4 wins then they will start flying.

I honestly think we have the better squad (especially with our younger players). With everyone fit I honestly think that we have equal or better players in every position. We’ve got plenty of players showing quality and passion when they do play but Emery insists on leaving them on the bench or playing players in positions that they are struggling with. Our football is totally joyless at the moment. We are actually worse this year than we were last year (apart from our league position) in almost every area.

So, like I say, the next 8 games are absolutely critical. I’d like to see us in second as we go into the Christmas period.




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