‘Sturridge’s pace has completely gone…he’ll be sold in the summer’

Mark Scott

Jose Mourinho comes in for criticism for his treatment of Anthony Martial and his transfer decisions, plus thoughts on Wenger, Sturridge and much more.

Mourinho or Martial?

The blame must lie with Jose Mourinho. Martial has the talent and potential. It’s not a case of making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. JM has to make a silk purse out of silk.

It’s the manager’s responsibility to nurture and develop young talent, to motivate players and where necessary keep them on track.

As for chicken and egg, JM took away Martial’s shirt number before the PL had even started. That should make it clear what came first.


He is a shadow of the player of last season. It went downhill when Jose took his number 9 squad number off him, without discussing it with him, to satisfy Zlatan’s ego. Short term thinking from a short term manager.

Johnny Utah

Mourinho wrong to block transfers

Heard this morning Jose has blocked Young and Fosu Mensa leaving. In Fosu Mensah’s case I don’t get it, why not let him go on loan? It’s not like hes getting any game time this season, surely you are just stunting a young player’s development this way?

Ashley Young is another one I don’t get – Jose has hardly used him and as an attacking winger he doesn’t really offer much. In fact he probably offers more as a full back.


Which team do you love to see lose?


Back in the early Wenger days it was purely because I hated his and his players’ arrogance. These days it’s just because I love to see chaos that comes with another loss. The fans just lose it.

Ironically, if it’s not my own team, the one team I would actually pay to see play, it is Arsenal, because they do play an attractive style of football.

But listening to Arsenal fans try and convince everyone else that “it’s different this year, we really will win it” and then hear those same people calling for Wenger’s head when the inevitable happens is quite amusing.



Wenger to field weakened side?

Based on Wenger’s previous record and given we have Chelsea coming up next week is there anyone else out there that thinks Wenger may well field a weakened side against Southampton on Saturday and effectively ‘throw’ the match. He has previous for doing this and it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Southampton will be buoyant after their progress through to the League Cup Final and I for one will be very surprised if we don’t get knocked out on Saturday. Time will tell.

The Oracle

He’s already said he’s going to rest Sanchez but, to be fair, I’m more interested getting points against Watford and Chelski.

If he rests players on Sat and we go out, but get at least four points from the two league games, I’ll take it.

Of course, if we get knocked out the cup and lose more ground on Chelsea, different story….

Al The Gooner

Klopp till you drop

I’m not sure that a manager who won the Bundesliga in successive seasons can be described as useless.

Klopp’s made a mistake or two sure enough but what Manager doesn’t.

It’s a combination of a loss of legs forget the stats the intensity has not been there, a loss of players to injury, a loss of form from key players and the loss of Mane together with some continuing defensive frailties.

Liverpool were brilliant to watch early season and seemed genuine title contenders so I’m not sure there is really too much wrong.

Chelsea up next in the PL and unfortunately Liverpool raise themselves up for the big games.

I would happily take a draw right now!

Nine nine nine

Pray for Sturridge

I am really hoping Sturridge gets back to the player he was but I don’t think it’s going to happen as it’s plain to see his pace is gone.

There was one ball he should have got to were he just about stopped it going out of play. Not sure whether he is worried he will get injured or what but he’s not even the same player as last season. He was good last year, not great like 2014 but it’s just not happening.

He is dropping off far too much. We then have no one looking for the ball over the top.

I can’t remember the last time I saw him beat a player. I still harbour a bit of hope for him but it’s diminishing by the game.

He’s no were near as dangerous as he used to be. Such a huge pity as he is only 27 and has everything in him to be really top top class. I’ll still give him the rest of the season as I know what he can do.

He got the service the other night while in other games he hasn’t. He should have had two goals the other night.

Sean the sailor

Hate to say it but he has lost that pace & I think it was a vital part of his make up as a top striker. I think he will be gone in the summer in any case.


The long goodbye

Got to say, I’d be a little sad if Ivanovic left the club this window. I’m a big fan despite his alarming drop off in form since last season.

He can still do an important job for us, but more importantly, he has that winning streak and knowledge and invaluable experience of a title run in.

I reckon that is worth more to the club than getting him off the books so not sure the story has legs for January. It would be great to give both him and JT the send off in the summer should both move on or in JT’s case, retire.