Duncan, Kent sympathy, but not Coutinho; £25m man Man Utd missed

Date published: Thursday 5th September 2019 2:17

Liverpool fans discuss the departure of Ryan Kent and Bobby Duncan, while Man Utd’s fanbase talk transfers and one who slipped through the net, all in our forum.


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Liverpool’s run of fixtures

What we’ve learned from Klopp over these past few years is that he likes to break down the season into blocks of games.
The first block, start of season to first international break, is over and we’ve taken full points.
The next block will now run from this break until the next international break in Nov. It’ll be in this run of games where we’ll see more rotation as the League Cup and CL kicks in.

Home to Newc EFL
Away to Napoli CL
Away to Chelsea EFL
Away to MkDons FLC
Away to Shef Utd EFL
Home to Redbull CL
Away to Leicester EFL

A lot of away games there and the timing of games could be better (away to Chelsea after away to Napoli) but there’s not a great deal there to get overly concerned about unlike last year when we had a horrible run of games during this period.
Away to Leicester could be a tricky game too but I still think we should have enough.

In the same period City play..
Away to Norwich EFL
Away to Shakhtar CL
Home to Watford EFL
Away to Preston FLC
Away to Everton EFL
Home to Dinamo CL
Home to Wolves EFL

I don’t see many problems for City there. If anything their run looks easier.

In the run of games after this we play way away to Utd, home to City and away to Spurs in a matter of weeks. That could be the block of games that could make a big difference in this league race. Head to heads with City last yr we only took 1 point, we could do with



Very excited about this team ginger. We look very strong.

Some tricky games but so was burnley and we cruised through

Sign of a great ten when we start Games like day saturday then score and ease through it

I was never confident about winning the league last season but this season already feels different. The team spirit and we are so mentally strong. Klopp brings all that to us

Get through the Chelsea game and we go from there. Nice cl group and a chance to rotate the team

Sean the sailor


Emre Can left out of Juve’s CL squad


Oh dear and now Emre’s been left out of Juve’s CL squad.

Rob Fort Worth TX


This further shows that leaving Liverpool at the moment isnt always the wisest thing for your career despite the promise of better wages, warmer city and playing with more prestigious names.

People thought he would thrive in a less physically demanding league but doesn’t seem to be happening. He is strong in the tackle but he lacks the pace to be able to play a high-intensity pressing game consistently. If he plays next to a Kante type player who can do all the running and pressing maybe that is the type of setup he needs to thrive.



Mwake, actually Pep’s main strength at City is outspending every other team, City have spent £700m more than Liverpool in net spend since 2014.

As for Emre Can, good riddance, he chose not to stay on the Liverpool train, and now his career is going backwards, no sympathy at all for him



Sympathy for Kent, Duncan, not for Coutinho, Can

Bobby Duncan TEAMtalk

I bet he is pretty unhappy now, especially since all that was standing between him and a new contract with us was a release clause he was insisting on… Not the best decision making on his part, all he can do is accept responsibility for his own mistakes and work through them…

I can’t imagine a better cautionary tale then Coutinho and Can right now, the grass is certainly not greener on the other side…

I’m still glad we sorted out both Duncan and Kent before the window closed elsewhere, no point in having players around that don’t want to be here. I can’t fault them though, they are just greedy for game time which was not the case with Can and Coutinho, its what you want from your players right?



Was Bobby Duncan move about money?

Bobby Duncan TEAMtalk

Bingo good points…also I think there is a truer narrative that was exposed by Duncans agent when he said that Duncan was on such a low salary! This is an 18 year old player that has never played for the first team who is still probably making more money than most low-income people in England complaining about salary.

Im not trying to reduce it to money but I feel he was impatient and also didnt believe he was good enough to get past the likes of Brewster and so has chosen another route. Im not trying to shame him for wanting more money it is natural to a point to want better salary but it seems this was more of a driving factor rather than playing time.

Ill be interested in seeing his deelopemtn at his new club, like Emre Can if Duncan really is that good why didnt we pull out all the stops for him?



Kent wasn’t good enough for Liverpool and it’s a good move for him to go and try to shine in a weaker league.

As for Duncan, this little kid (plus his agent) thought he knew more than Klopp and Liverpool about where his career should be going. After reading reports of his extremely bad attitude and big ego in U18 games, I say it was an excellent decision to get rid of him




Duncan left because, as he claims, wanted more playing time.
So why wouldn’t he go out on loan to a C/ship or league 1 team in further his development?
He’s now joined Fiorintina who play with a front 3 but have at least 6/7 players ahead of him in the pecking order. They don’t play in Europe and are in 1 domestic Cup, so where does he think he’s getting his games?

The lad has both a poor attitude and been poorly advised.


Man Utd’s potential January signings

Getting people in during the January window is very difficult. But I think we’re going to need one or two to try and boost the morale and image of the club. I can see between now and Xmas being a train wreck in terms of results and league position. We’ll need some sort of positive second half of the season to try and create the right atmosphere for next summer’s window and signings.

Fernandes is an interesting one. He no doubt improves us but how much impact would he have at the top sides in Europe? Do they even need him? You look at hard it was for Erikson to get out of Spurs and you see how hard it is to get deals done these days. But Fernandes should be an easy buy at a decent price and is miles ahead of anything we have in terms of creativity.

I’m also hearing rumours in Spain that De Gea is fu**ing the club about on a new contract hoping to get himself a move to Madrid on a free. If him and Mendes can make it happen he’ll b gone but there are doubts over whether he’ll b welcomed by the fans and press in Madrid.



Longstaff deal 

Sean Longstaff TEAMtalk

Signing Longstaff would allow Pogba to push forward, so I’d happily see that transfer sanctioned.

Fernandes is a funny one. I think he’d be happy to join Utd and it wouldn’t just be for the money, so what was the issue in the summer?

I don’t want Eriksen because he doesn’t want to come to Utd. He’d only come if we offered silly wages. Same with Dybala.

Is there a reason why players and clubs don’t agree transfers now and just sign on 1st Jan? Why do they always wait until Jan before they get the ball rolling?



Tierney miss a huge mistake 

Tierney (image from Arsenal.com)

I think we need a left back, Shaw’s injury has shown how light we are there and Young is clearly not up to scratch any more. I know Dalot can play on both left and right but if AWB is out for a week or two alongside Shaw then we’re properly fucked.

Still think we should’ve paid the £25m for Tierney. Arsenal have a gem there.



Difficult to sign players in Jan. I reckon our best hope would be Eriksen (only if he really wants to join us) or Fernandes (Sporting will need to sell somebody to balance the books).

An agreement to sign Sancho next summer would be great and take some pressure off that window.


Agreed with @killyboye, we need another player at left back but with Young, Dalot and Rojo all able (i use the word able very loosely, Young and Rojo are rubbish) I think we’ll have to wait till next summer to see an arrival and I don’t think it’ll be a replacement for Shaw, just somebody younger to provide competition



More to go in January

I think one or two more will leave in Jan, wouldn’t be surprised to see Rojo go if a European club come in for him, we won’t let him go to a top 10 PL club, and could see Young retire at the end of this season as well tbh. We let Lee O’Connor go to Celtic on deadline day so that’s a promising young defender gone, I assume we have a buy-back clause there, it’s idiotic if we don’t.

We still need another CB and LB, we need two midfielders and a striker if Rashford, Martial and Greenwood don’t start producing.
I think OGS intended rotating Greenwood and James and pushing Rashford and Martial to the wings to cover James when that rotation was at work but given James is the only offensive player producing it’s limited Greenwood’s game time.



I can’t see us doing much. I think we should use the time to make absolutely certain our targets are lined up for the start of summer, and can spend a full pre-season with Ole.
Then possibly arrange an exit for Bailly or Rojo, depending on injuries, and get a couple more academy graduates in.



If Ole is given funds he will buy in January. We will be a midtable team before January with a very thin squad.

Yeah,Bruno Fernandes is a strange one. Officially we stayed away from him because of his sloppy possession which is pure bollocks. in that case we should get rid of Pogba,McTominay,Fred,Pereira and Lingard and i do believe Fernandes is way better in possession than the above mentioned. Must be a money issue,Ole wanted several players in.



There were rumours Real were in for him too but that never materialised either. We’re clearly not the only club to have reservations, if he was really that good then someone would have bought him or matched Sporting’s valuation which Tottenham clearly weren’t willing to do.

That’s not to say he couldn’t be a good player for us, maybe Sporting just want too much for him. Given how expensive players have become since Neymar went to PSG then a club will want to be really sure before they splash the cash.



The president of Sporting has said on their own website that Spurs offered €45m + €20 in add-ons which he had to reject but also says they would have to accept a bid of €70m (£63m).
He is very obtainable, his stats suggest he’s a better player than Coutinho and yet no-one bought him. I just can’t get my head around why.




On Bruno Fernandes: it’s not like he’s a one-season wonder as he has the following stats:

17/18: 16 goals and 20 assists
18/19: 32 goals and 18 assists
19/20 (so far): 2 goals and 4 assists

Portuguese players don’t tend to do too badly in England (Ronaldo, Nani, Ruben Neves, Bernardo Silva, Moutinho, Carvalho, Boa Morte) and I also can’t find anything that he’s a nutcase or has issues off the field.

It must be that Sporting asked for some crazy amount – has to be.

Sympathy for the Devils

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