Klopp not being supported; Adrian the best Liverpool back-up keeper ever

Date published: Thursday 12th March 2020 1:08 - Matthew Briggs

Adrian TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans dissect Wednesday’s night’s Champions League exit to Atletico Madrid and scrutinise Adrian’s display, all in our forum.


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Commiserations from Chelsea

Commiserations lads. It was a hell of a game unfortunately Atletico are no Barca and I don’t think any other team could have withstood what Liverpool threw at them tonight.

Atletico have made an art of defending but had Oblak been in goal for Liverpool tonight it could well have been a different story.

Once the dust settles Liverpool have still had a fantastic season.

nine nine nine 


‘He had a shocking half hour’

Adrian is the back up keeper. He deserves his prem medal and enjoyed the super cup, some on here weren’t even sure if Alisson should go straight back in after his early season injury, such was Adrians form. He’s had a shocking half hour and wasnt great in the fa cup but over the season as a no.2 hes been…. alright for a no.2.

He’ll be gutted, rightfully, because he was poor tonight, really poor. Game was decided by two goal keepers and one of them perhaps the best shot stopper in the world.

But salah should have done more and firmino and mane were wasteful. And we just didn’t do enough in the away tie. Hate to scapegoat a goalkeeper, it’s such an unforgiving role. This is his first really poor game in a liverpool shirt but remember he is not our 1st goal keeper…how would athleti have coped without oblak? Give him a break. But yeah it sucks.

The Fulcrum


Cheers 9.. The players gave it absolutely everything out there. For 95 minutes we played like the best team in Europe. Can’t ask for any more than that. Defeat aside, I couldn’t be more proud of the performance. Hats off to the boys. It’s an inescapable fact that this game was lost because of dismal goalkeeping and Adrian has to deal with that. Only thing we can do now is pick ourselves up, make some new signings to freshen the squad and go again next season.



At least we got the league to look forward to. I’d be happy enough with that holy grail the the premier league this season.. if we win it. Anything else is a bonus.



Big signings needed

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Razor, agree. But I honestly think our next two signings need to be big…not big in terms of profile or financial outlay, but big in terms of on field presence. Because our European runs and hopefully prem title wont be the norm unless we freshen with the right players and while we’ve not really put a foot wrong in the transfer market lately, the last player to influence our team that we signed was fabinho.

The fulcrum


‘Paper thin squad’

More than enough chances to win comfortably but the finishing was yet again Championship level. What this team could do with a Torres or Fowler in their prime, surely Klopp has to find a consistent and reliable finisher in the summer?

The goalkeeper was not given up by West Ham for no reason, he lost us it along with the terrible efforts by Firminio, Mane and others. Mane’s scissor kick efforts were Stan Laurel like and some of Salah’s play was shameful. Even if we got through tonight I don’t think we would have got past City or Barca this time around. Much weaker teams manage to get away goals in teh ECL so why not us???

This again underlines how the loss of just one of our WC players can has a massive impact on our quality. Paper thin squad which is why Klopp doesnt take the FA and league seriously. Not good enough FSG fund the manager properly so we can compete for everything like every other team.



We’ve generally won games this season by killing the ball and dominating games. And by the law of averages over a game, we tend to win by the odd goal. But we’ve generally lacked a natural creativity, and there is food for thought for Klopp there.

As for Adrian, he’s done ok at times. But I do think a ‘problem’ is this absolute necessity for keepers to now play the ball to feet. Adrian could have booted it, but he obviously kept it on the deck. If the pressure to do so comes from Klopp, then I’ll lay off Adrian somewhat. But if not, could we not have found better? Yes City also have gaffe prone Bravo, but do we also have to have our own gaffe prone keeper?


Give Klopp proper support

Right now we are a million miles away from the 70s/80s teams, despite having our best ever manager and some great players. Chiefly this is due to not enough depth as a squad regards quality, City still have a better squad despite the points difference.

If we are ever going to be a truely great team we need more investment so that Klopp can finish what he has started.

Any other club such as Real etc woudl do anything to have Klopp which makes it so sad that we have owners who fail to support him properly and appear to care about profits about all else. I expect yet another superstar sale this summer to pay for new players which is crazy



Not surprised by the result given our recent form, we cant assumed that we can just miraculously trashed the spanish c***s 4-0. On a positive note, at least there was some fight in the team performance.

Now, with the possibility of ending the season as ‘invincibles’ and European treble gone within the span of a month, I expect the team to start entertaining us with mind boggling and nail-biting performance as I can foresee complacency settling in the club. We are no different from a runner, who is a lap ahead of everyone, start walking in the final 400m because they knew they can afford to do so. Hard to stomach such performance as a perfectionist.



Two more wins

Wijnaldum TEAMtalk

Just two more wins and we are league champions, after 30 years, how good does that sound!!! We could even wrap it up this month – in fact that is what we must aim for now, winning the next 2 games.

Regardless of the disappointment last night, this is a phenomenal achievement, and totally deserved, as winning the league is always our main priority.

Going forward, our recent losses and under par performances will be food for thought for Klopp and Edwards, and I expect some big signings in the summer to freshen up, or even reinvent the team, plus many outgoings



Thought the lads played pretty well last night particularly Ox and Gini.

The difference between the 2 teams was Oblak at one end of the pitch and Adrian at the other, plain and simple.



Atletico lucky

Liverpool Atletico TEAMtalk

We must be proud of the team! We are disappointed but we deserved to qualify. Atletico did not exist, we had a lot of chances but the mistake from Adrian cost us the qualification.
Unfortunately we did not have Alisson and Adrian showed in the last 3 games that he is moderate gk a bit better than Karius.
Atletico was very lucky and Oblak fantastiv but they did not desreve anything…
Our main goal was EPL something that we managed after 30 years but the eliminations from CL and FA cup were not good. We should have gone further…



Perspective needed

That’s exactly it ginger but people are screaming to sell Adrian etc. I don’t get it. He’s done fine for a 2nd choice Keeper

We played really well. Their goal absolutely killed us. Ox and Winji were superb.

Great performance but that one mistake cost us the tie. Alison is a massive loss at the minute but we managed our 1st ten games without him yet people quickly forget that and Adrian has gone from a shrewd buy last week, to a poor keeper this week

People need some fu**ing perspective at times. Some of the comments on social media after a defeat like that are just embarrassing.

3 European cup finals in 5 years. Look were we were 5/10 years ago. Jesus Christ people reallu don’t get what a pl
Win will mean . It’s all that matters

Win the pl and it’s been our best season for 30 years

Sean the sailor


A few months ago, Adrian was hailed a hero after helping us win the Super Cup. Now he’s crap and some poster want him gone in the summer.

We need to remember that Adrian was signed as 2nd choice and was forced to play more games than anticipated, he has coped ably. Some of you need to remember what YNWA means.



‘Adrian the best back-up we’ve had’

Adrian is arguably the best backup keeper we’ve ever had.
His performances at the start of the league and in the super cup got us to where we are this season.
Unfortunately his mistake turned the tie.






Adrian needs to leave

Jordan Henderson “We are really disappointed. We put everything into the game,”

“You need to be fully focused at all times and any lapse in concentration can cost you. To concede the goals we did is unlike us.”

A rather polite way of saying the players were totally pi**ed off with Adrian sloppily undoing all the hard work they did to turn around the tie.

He’s a decent backup keeper, but I sincerely hope Real Betis sign him in the summer, as per the rumoured links



Complete over reaction from Songman

Support your players mate. He’s had a very good season

The defending for the 2nd goal was shocking

Sean the sailor


With my streaming going off I missed most of extra time & I was so disappointed I didn’t look up the final score & I have just looked & to find we lost 3-2 is so hard to take, we didn’t deserve that, & we really should have won.

With this said AM did a perfect”rope a dope” performance on us, anti football yes, but if it would have been us doing the same we would be delirious.

Teams know how to play us & we now have to change things, how? that is up to Klopp.
We will still win games but most probably up against ultra defensive teams.

The team gave their all last night & the lads must be down, it still has been a wonderful season & we will get what we all wanted the PL.

About last night I thought OX was very good & couldn’t understand Klopp taking him off, Wiji did well & Salah was good except for his finishing which was woeful, Mane who has been one of our best players had his worst game for us & Firmino was Firmino. I go along with others re Adrian, he has been very good as a back-up keeper, but he has been poor in this spell in the team.



Sean, remember when it was rumoured he wanted to leave, I was one of the ones who said he should stay.

I am one of the biggest supporters of our players, but if you keep making disastrous blunders like Karius, Moreno and Lovren, then it’s time to go. There is no room for sentiment at the highest level.

Real Betis seem to want him as their No. 1, and that’s got nothing to do with last night


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