TEAMtalk forum names 3 players Man Utd should get in January

Date published: Wednesday 13th December 2017 12:49

Manchester United fans named the players they want in January and Liverpool fans are expecting more changes from Jurgen Klopp tonight. 


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Man Utd should target trio

Players in:

Andreas Perreira – play alongside Matic and Pogba
Demarai Gray – He’s quite raw as player but he is an exciting winger
Sanchez – Give us that world class threat going forward

Players out:

McTominay on loan
Young – Permanent
Blind – Permanent


United need another five players

Not sure Scholesy, always depends on who’s available.

What I will say is that we need two full backs, an orthodox winger, a midfield enforcer, a creative midfielder and another striker.

The who is for the manager to decide and I concede that you can only buy who’s available, so not easy. We’ve also got to get rid of a host of players that clearly aren’t good enough, including Mata, Miki and Herrera (while we can still get some money for them).

But I’ve never fancied Griezmann since his comment about the Manchester weather. Too small, lightweight and not quick enough. And now he’s got a dodgy haircut to boot.



Mourinho is a ‘positive influence’ on Man Utd

@macguffin. As always you always want posters to be black and white instead of grey.

I am praising the manager’s work because I think Mourinho is generally a positive influence on the club and his work so far speaks for itself. We have won 19 out of 24 games this season scoring 55 goals. We are into the Champions League knockout stage and let’s not forget the two trophies Mourinho brought us last season. As far as I am concerned, we have a fully competent first team manager.

I am criticizing the board’s work because of the shocking appointments of Moyes and van Gaal along with the continued lack of proper investment in all areas of the club and the lack of an understanding that football philosophy should be defined by the club, not by the first team manager.

Is that clear enough for you ol’ bean?



Rotation has to be right

As I’ve said several times now, I’m all for rotation but it has to be right.

We’ve went from one extreme last season where we rarely would/could rotate to being officially the most rotated side in the league. We’ve made 20+ more rotations to our side than any other team.

Weekend before the Spartak game we won comfortably and yet Coutinho played most of that game. Against Spartak he played the whole game despite it being won after 50mins. We play a struggling West Brom tonight. That’s 3 games either side of the Everton game where he could have been rested.

By all means rotate, sub guys off when games are won but when we come up against the likes of Chelsea and Everton we start with our strongest available team.
Arsenal are up next week. We should be starting our strongest available team against them.



Another weakened line-up?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp stuns us yet again with another unexpected and weakened lineup. However, I would start with a midfield of Henderson, Can, Wijnaldum plus an attack of Salah, Firmino, Coutinho.

I would rest Mane because he has played the last 2 full games, and if things are going really well, I would not even use him as a sub (keeping him fresh for the weekend), but use the likes of Ox, Solanke, Ings, Milner and Grujic instead.

Ginger, I also said something similar earlier, when we were 5-0 up against Spartak at 50 min, why not take off 3 of our Fab 4 all at once, or even in stages.

There is no risk here, and in fact the players coming off the bench would have been hungry to score even more to cement a place for the derby



You don’t rest player in the derby

Agree with ginger and Songman. We were in no danger of losing the Spartak game at 5-0, if we can capitulate and lose a 5-0 lead I have nothing else to say.

I’m all for rotation to keep players fresh, but you don’t rest your best players when you play Chelsea or when you play a derby.

We aren’t against proper rotation, we are against weird rotations. Resting Mane against Chelsea and resting Couts and Firmino in a derby made 0 sense.



More changes tonight…

Oh I think players will be rested tonight too. Weird thing is Can and Wij will probably start tonight and yet didn’t start the derby.

I’m thinking Mane might be rested.
We might see Gomez moved to centreback and TAA at right back.
Moreno out until the new year so imagine Robbo will start.
We really can’t afford an injury to Lovren or Klavan at the min.

I’ve seen a few people criticise Klavan recently but he’s been doing pretty well and let’s not forget he was bought as 4th choice centreback. He was never meant to play this amount of games but he’s been doing decent.



Defences getting worse

Similar thread in the united page, i agree think of the defensive partnerships of even a few years ago were strrets ahead both in ability and how many games these players played and how consitant they were.

Look at us or united over the last 20 years and we had great defenders that new their job and rarely injured, todays quality is very poor all over….no top teams in Uk really have “great” defenders….

also how much would Bruc, Adams etal be worth in todays money?!



What do you expect with Wenger?

Well if you have a manager that neither cares about or understands defending what do you expect.

Both Keown and in particular Bould have worked with our defenders and organisation improved, Wenger didnt like this, side-lined Keown so he left.

The same thing happened with Bould, and Wenger didnt like another coach having a major impact so he stopped Bould from working exclusively with the defence, he wont buy the players we need preferring 2nd rate dross. As I keep telling you nothing will change until Wenger is gone.

The Oracle

Mertesacker outjumped by Austin?

Don’t mean to start a new topic but don’t know where I can relate this post to but how the f*ck does mertesacker get outjumped by Charlie bloody Austin?!

Yet when I saw van dyk play, there was no change out of him and I think he won all his aerial duals… what a joke.

the bsm walk


Because he can’t jump, he stands 6’4″ and jumps 6’4.5″. This is yet another example of Wenger’s ineptitude when it comes to anything involving defending.

Ive been banging on about the poor quality of our central defenders for years. Mertesacker, Koscielny, Mustafi & Gabriel were never going to be good enough to challenge for the title.

Mertesacker is well past his sell by date and Gabriel is long gone. Going to 3 at the back and playing Monreal as one of them was text book Wenger and a poor attempt to cover the cracks. It hasn’t and it wont ever work.

The Oracle

Mertesacker in the firing line

Charlie austin?This guy couldn’t out jump a 5ft player.

By far the most overrated defender to ever pay for the club and the most pretendious captain.I’ve seen instances this season of him and thought to myself,how is this guy a proffessional footballer.

And You know honestly,I’m not willing to blame him for that,because he’s old and should’ve retired long ago so it was an astounding decision by wenger to keep him.

What I will blame him for,after being the most expereinced player in the squad he has one job and that is to provide leadership on and off the field.He’s patheic at that,I mean he’s our captain but not even a starter but when he’s on he probably dosen’t want to shout because he himself knows how shit he is.

Last season he could’ve played for for half a season,but he said in the end right before the FA cup final that he thought he wouldn’t get a chance and was actually planning his vacation.Sums up the mentality really.

the specialone

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