The £85m man Man Utd must buy; Arsenal fans consider Wenger return

Date published: Tuesday 4th June 2019 1:49

Arsenal fans debate Wenger return, MUFC fans pick out their must buys, Liverpool fans debate the future of CL final goalscorer and Chelsea fans react to rumours of Sarri to Juventus – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Liverpool fans debate captaincy role despite CL win

At some point most people criticised Hendo. he has grown on me. Im still not sure he is the right captain (I think VVD is the natural choice), but won’t begrudge the guy. He seems to have the respect of his teammates and those within the club think highly of him and that is what counts.

He seems too have been through a lot personally as well.

Just my two cents worth, but Im sure there is a Hendo thread somewhere that got quite heated, so better to let sleeping dogs lie! 🙂


Jordan Henderson TEAMtalk

It wasn’t that Allison’s saves were outstanding or even ‘good’. It’s that they were crucial. Our keeper will very rarely be expected to make save after save after save, and look very good doing it. He’s been doing that all season, winning us a lot of points, and arguably the CL. And I’m sitting out the Henderson debate from now on. He’s clearly far more than I can see!



Fans want Origi to carry on being super sub after series of crucial goals

I don’t want to see him go, I think we really need him as he has proven to be very clinical, he has grown as a targetman. I love a big man up top or at least the option of one in the squad and I am 100% sure that we can not find another big guy to play up top for us for less than 100 million right now and that player would have difficulty in finding regular gametime. As normally we do not play with a big guy upfront…


Divock Origi TEAMtalk

I think he’ll be offered a new contract but ultimately it’ll be up to him if he wants to stay.
Perhaps he’ll move elsewhere in the hope of regular first team football.



If he’s happy to be a super sub, I’m happy to keep him.

My preference is that we keep him. He scored some incredibly important goals and this has to be taken into account. He might lack the skills of some top goal-scorers but he’s got a very strong mentality. I see something in him that I never knew he had, before.



Gunners fans very clear on Wenger return

Having No Money and using the youth team or signing youngsters is what Wenger is all about. If that’s the route we are going which seems likely as we have no money, what about him as director of football?



no no and thrice NO!!

totally the wrong move.

AW is a legend, he deserves that status even after the poor last 12 years….BUT his time with us is done, if he hangs around in ANY capacity we end up with the same issues as Man U, fergie hangs around and casts his long shadow over everything.

AW stopped spotting talent a long time ago

what we need is DoF given a clear instruction of what Arsenal DNA is, how we want to play and what budget we have to achieve that, then along with the scouts they find the players they can to fit this remit, it doesnt take AW to do that and IMHO would cause more issue than he fixes


No he should not be allowed back in.



MUFC fans question clubs finances ahead of summer window

With De Ligt and Koulibaly looking like long shots i find it strange Harry Maguire is being strongly linked with City. He is not my first choice but he is definitely better than anything we currently have and seems to have the type of character we need about the squad.

Hopefully just paper bullshit but if Ed is going spend the summer wasting time chasing big names only to to end up empty handed than we are going to be fucked come August.


Harry Maguire TEAMtalk

Normally the ins come before the outs. If we sell first then clubs know we have cash. And its easier to sell than buy because all we do is knock down the price. You’d think the opposite could be true, just offer more money but for some strange reason the Glazers dont mind knocking 10m off a sales price but would not pay 10m more to get a player.



I believe that’s to do with amortisation. The cost of a player is written off over the course of their contract.
E.g. From an accounting point of view Pogba’s fee is written off over 5 years. His £89m fee is worth roughly £18m a year over 5 years. On the accounts he is currently worth £36m as he’s been here for 3 years and £54m has been written down.
If Pogba signs a new 5 year deal today then the remaining £36m is spread over 5 years.
A player like Smalling who’s been here for 10 years has a book value of more or less nothing. If he’s sold for £15m then it’s £14m+ of profit, if he’s sold for £5m, it’s £4m+ of profit. They’re both gains on his book value.
Spending an extra £10m on a player is a different problem as it requires actual capital expenditure. That’s £10m the Glazers can’t draw from the club or spend elsewhere!



Fans weigh in on Sarri to Juventus rumours

Sarri at Chelsea and indeed Chelsea itself are a bit of an enigma, you guys have had just aout every manager there is to have since Roman bought the club, its done you well and the tophies have been flying in… totally get both sides of this argument, i do think many Chelsea fans (like fans from most/all other clubs) are fickle, maybe they have been spoiled since the dark pre Roman days!

we both had new managers this year, little time in pre season for yours and neither set the transfer windows alight!

but for a first season, 3rd and a EL trophy and domestic cup final are good on an average season!

i think Sarri deserved one more season but both himself in the way he sometimes acted and the fans that for a good period of time badgered him to leave have left all 3 parties where they are.

pointless playing the blame game, just hope the next new manager is more a fans favourite, but even then with no transfer available and steppiung in to a new role (again) surel;y not even the overspoiled fans can get on the back of who ever ends up coming in?

I have doubts about Emery he has many good qualities and has overachieved this year IMHO after replacing AW after so long when it was his club, squad and pretty much everything!

interesting summer ahewad for so many reasons right across europe, should be exciting…i will just say 2 points if i may.

1. I really enjoy RDP posts (and username) on the whole but the lad got frustrated, happens to the best of us but hopefully neither he or the rest of you will focus on this.
2. 999 is the only moderator of any note anywhere and does a very good and difficult job and does it well and yes unpaid!

Take a virtual handshake and an agree to disagree on this one lads, lifes to short….as made ubandently clear with the serious health issues of a Man U fan form here that has nearly ended his life and left him in a bad way he cant even talk let alone write a post or visit games etc.

peace out


The vast majority of football fans are fickle. We had a great unbeaten start to the season and finished the last 14 games winning 12 of them but obviously had a hiccup or 2 in the middle. For a new manager to the league, who wanted to use a player of his he highly rated but was also adapting to a new league, this was a big ask so really last season was always going to be a bit transitional

For me, the table never lies and I don’t care how good or bad the other teams were at then end of the day in this league you are measured by results and consistency and we were the 3rd best team in the league – end of…!!

Fans can only criticise by expressing their opinions which is largely done by chants at the game and while I do not agree with slagging off your own manager I again can understand some of the frustration especially when it looked as though Sarri had run out of ideas or was not entertaining them during our bad spell

I think Sarri did well, delivered what was asked of him and more and so deserved another season. The other side of the coin is that Sarri did not feel settled or appreciated in London, he is going to lose his most creative player and is also facing a transfer ban. If there is a route out of this situation which means you can hold your head high, leave with a great deal of credibility and move to a top job in your favoured country – then why not take it..? KTBFFH




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