Readers discuss if defeat to Spurs will mean the end of Wenger

Date published: Wednesday 15th November 2017 3:00

A Manchester United fan suggests a target for their “problematic” No. 10 role, and could Arsene Wenger get the boot if Arsenal lose to Spurs? All in our Your Says of the Day…


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Benfica winger interesting United

Just read this article and a few points occur to me.

1] Its probably true United “show interest” – they should show interest in hundred of players – but articles like this [especially for senior players] get morphed into “chasing” or “will sign” when it can be no more than window shopping.

2] It irks me that it seems every manager [especially foreign] seems to go for players from his home country or players he knows. That’s not to say they are not good players but I’d expect managers to cast their net wider and not have bias if they in fact do.

3] That a 16 year old already has an agent implies there are substantial fees involved for players this young. That being the case, United as a rich club should get the cream of the crop from around the world. And related …..

4] If we are getting top talent as young as 16 howcome there has never been a single foreign player to make it from academy to first team stardom.

Comments anybody?



What about Mateo Kovacic?

The most problematic of areas for us besides the fullbacks has been at 10. Mkhi hasn’t been anywhere near good enough to suggest that he is the player capable of being a game changer.

If there’s a player who has truly gone off the radar, yet is still a very good player is Mateo Kovacic. He has blistering pace, has an array of skills and will be an instant upgrade on our current lot.

He will also add pace through the middle, something clearly lacking in our counter attack oriented approach. Madrid have no use for him, a cheeky £35M bid may just get the deal done

O.T Fax Machine


@ot fax machine. In my opinion Kovacic would be a shocking signing. He is really not that special and there would be too much risk involved. For me the jury is still out on Mkhitaryan, he has shown he can play at a top level but consistency is not there. I will make my final judgement on him at the end of the season.

If we are going back out to market for a no10 I don’t think we should be taking punts on players like Kovacic. We’ve already wasted money on Kagawa, Mata, and (possibly) Mkhitaryan. I would go for Julien Draxler of PSG or Antoine Griezmann who I think can easily adapt to a no10 role.



I think Griezmann is most effective when used out on the wing or as an out and out striker. I don’t think it would be worthwhile to turn him into a number 10.

Draxler would be an excellent buy but is expensive. Max Meyer, also a Schalke academy graduate might be worth a shout, similar to Draxler but would be a lot cheaper than trying to buy off PSG who need funds to comply with FFP and so will drive a hard bargain.



Arsenal defeat ‘may spell the end for Wenger’

Can’t see Arsenal losing this one. but if that happen this may spell the end for Wenger. you can’t lose back to back games to your title rivals. and most importantly at home to one of your sworn enemies.

I can see Arsenal players turning up for this game fully charged. As for Spurs, they will have a tough match in their hands. i see a draw written on this one. or if push comes to shove a 1-0 win for Arsenal since they are at home.


Liverpool defensive target

Schalke’s Matija Nastasic would be my pick. Quick and uncompromising in a tackle he’s the ideal player to play a high line.

He’s still relatively young and already vastly experienced and has some experience in the premier league.



Goretzka an upgrade on Can

Can has potential but I think he needs to concentrate on his strengths. I think he sees himself as some sort of attacking box to box midfielder whereas to me Klopp appears to think he is a better defensive minded box to box player.

I’m not 100% Can is good enough to be utilised further forward as an attacking box to box player either. I think therein lies the problem with Can. He wants to play a role that maybe isn’t suited to his strengths if another team can give him the option to be an attacking box to box player then good for him but I don’t think he’s good enough at that role for us, he is often too slow in the attacking transition.

From what I have seen of Goretza he is an upgrade on Emre Can and is one reason why Can cant get a look i in the German national team.



Will Klopp revert to 4-3-3?

Questions to be answered:

Assuming Mane is out (again) will we see a reversion back to the 433 with Hendo returning to the fray?

Will Klopp use 433 at home and 442 away or mix it up depending on circumstances/opposition?

Will Hendo come back and we see 433 with him alongside Can and Wij then Phil occupying Mane’s position supported by Firmino and Salah?

Will we see 442 for this game? Ox replacing Mane’s position (or he and Salah switch) and Coutinho as the 10 with 2/3 of Hendo/Can/Wij?

Won’t be far off this I don’t think:

Migs, Gomez/TAA, Matip, Lovren/Klavan, Moreno, Wij, Can, Hendo, Coutinho, Firmino and Salah.

Personally I’d like to see the loose 442 again with Ox out wide with Salah, Wij and Can in central mid as the double six, Couts slightly behind Firmino as the false 9 and 9 respectively.

What’s your thoughts?

Rob Fort Worth TX


Don’t want to sound nasty but I hope Hendo isn’t fit. We look so much better when he isn’t on the pitch.



Personally I’d like to see the loose 442 again with Ox out wide with Salah, Wij and Can in central mid as the double six, Couts slightly behind Firmino as the false 9 and 9 respectively.

I Like this Rob!! Nice to have The Ox and Salah marauding down the flanks whilst still being able to have Coutinho and Firminio creating havoc in the centre. Gini and Can can take turns to bomb forward and then the full-back can do their thing.

Regardless of tactics, we should be beating Southampton at home. VVD apparently hasn’t been playing well so let’s hope that continues for one more game 🙂



ll go with that front 4 of firmino Ox Salah and coutinho. Gini and Can in midfield. We know soton is gonna sit deep and Vvd will be desperate to show hes still a top defender.

So I will play as many goalscorers as possible.



Pundits’ obsession with Wilshere ‘pathetic’

Eriksen was pure class i heard.

As for the England game, impressed with the defensive display and Joe Gomez was solid throughout and the best player for us. However the comments in regards to centre midfield from the pundits Giggs, Wright and Dixon were correct, it is the one position that needs we need to know who would be starting in our strongest XI but currently who that is remains an enigma.

However, the obsession these guys have with Wilshere is pathetic, the guy has had a handful of better than average performances internationally and apparently he is the answer. However with the likes of Winks coming through we should be looking forward rather than back.

If Wilshere wants to get back into contention he needs to look at his compatriot in Young. Fallen out of favour with club and country and slowly fought back with impressive performances, without mouthing off or complaining. If Jack wants back then it is an easy solution, until then we have the likes of Winks who is showing why he could be a starter if he continues to perform on a weekly basis.



Ireland ‘don’t have the talent’

Ireland were septic, absolutely atrocious. Once Denmark got the equaliser we lost all shape as we had to go for a winner and we left ourselves open.

Eriksen scored three goals from four shots, that’s unbelievable stats. He was a class apart, the most galling part for me is that Bendtner scored even if it was only a penalty.

The teams just isn’t good enough, it’s not a criticism of the players, or the coach, we just don’t have the talent available to us unfortunately, we did well to get as far as we did to be honest. Best of luck to Denmark, they deserved the win.



Conte to return to Azzurri job?

I read Del Piero calling for Conte to manage Italy but I tend to agree with 999 in that Conte joined Chelsea as he stated he wanted to get back to the daily grind of club management – so I feel he is unlikely to leave

However, you can never cater for emotional pulls in terms of the national team and if he is fed up with the constant press bashing and potential uncertainty at Chelsea then who knows….? KTBFFH


Conte laying foundations for long Chelsea stay?

According to the reports today Financial director Chris Alexander is surprisingly leaving the club. Alexander was a fixture at Stamford Bridge even before Roman Abramovich’s arrival in 2003. but Chelsea declined to comment. if True that is another indication that Conte is laying foundations to be at this club longer.

Besides that Costa issue was well documented and as the club and Conte has already confirmed that move has already been agreed back in January by all parties. stupid as it was for Conte to send that SMS, Conte was justified to dump him completely. i think Conte has replaced Costa with a better player with less volatile attitude in Alvaro Morata.

you can’t blame Conte for ditching Costa. as for Luiz, it was strange that Conte has left him out completely. i agreed with Conte that he was out of form and Christensen deserved to start. Conte got his decisions 9/10 right. i will be disappointed if we lose him because players are favored by Roman.


Chelsea Man… I’d say change is coming to the structure of the club behind the scenes a opposed to anything Conte is doing.

I’d put this down to the club bringing in management types who are going to be able to juggle the new build and finances… They will need project managers and all sorts of individuals to build the new bridge.

Will we need a director of football after a behind the scenes reshuffle? Who knows, management restructures do odd things in companies so I’d still argue it’s 50/50 on Conte staying or going come the summer?

What has been decided has been done so by Roman and that might include a new manager.


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