The best football-inspired slot machines you can play today

Date published: Thursday 25th August 2016 1:08

Football and video games

Football, as you surely know, is the most followed sport of the world. No wonder it has found its way to so many aspects of our lives. No wonder football is a preferred topic for video game developers.

There are countless football simulators, team managers, and similar games out there – you may already know about these. But what you might not know is that there are other games that have reached out to football for inspiration: slot machines. Today I’ll show you two of the best, which you can both try free at Euro Palace online casino.



The name of the game might sound familiar – by no mistake. Shoot! is a slot machine that is inspired by / paying an homage to one of England’s longest-running football publication – the magazine with the same name. The game’s reels are filled with legendary players from the past – Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele, Best, and Cruffy – as well as both football- and magazine-related symbols. Its special features are also inspired by the magazine – All Slots players will first be invited to trade stickers (I’m sure some of you did this while young), then proceed to the Magazine Bonus to win even more.

Shoot! is a colorful, entertaining game, popular among all All Slots Casino players – not just the football fans!


Football Star

Portrait of attractive young woman showing a thumbs up on white background

Football Star is the exact opposite of the game I described above. If Shoot! focused on the legendary past, Football Star focuses on the present. And not on individual players or teams, but the sport itself.

Football Star was launched at the All Slots Online Casino in the wake of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – mere days before the kickoff. Its popularity skyrocketed in the first few days, but it has proven its worth in the long run, too. Football Star maintains its position among the most popular video slot machines at the All Slots Casino, both on desktop and mobile devices.

The game looks and feels in a way that makes the player feel like being at the stadium. All its symbols are football-related – balls, sneakers, players, and referees. The game has random bonuses for its players – like when a player appears on the reels, shooting one of them and turning it into a Wild reel for a guaranteed win.

Football Star was the first in a whole series of sports-inspired games released at the All Slots Casino. In the year after its release, several more similar games (inspired by cricket, rugby, and basketball) were launched, usually in conjunction with major sporting events.

Watching a game of football live at the stadium is an experience hard to match. The games above don’t claim to be able to – but they offer football fans a bit of a fix wherever they are.

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