‘The Conte situation is a result of his intensity, behaviour and expectations’

Date published: Wednesday 7th February 2018 1:17

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte continues to come under scrutiny, the legacy of Munich is discussed, and Arsenal’s transfer window failings are debated in Your Says of the day.


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Jury out on Conte

Is it me or the situation of conte is a result His extreme intensity,behaviour and expectation. The guy goes berzerk on the touchline, I couldn’t imagine what he’d be like inside the training ground or the dressing room.As a manager you have to maintain the right balance,not saying you shouldn’t be intense but demanding more than what the human is capable of? Apparently his training methods are very rigorous and extreme,too often. It might take a toll on the players. Don’t get me wrong,i like managers who like to create a very high expectation but I’m not sure about Conte really. Although brilliant last season,I think this season he’s been mostly poor. He lacks ideas,wrong team selection wrong formations.I also think this idea of a weak squad is a pathetic excuse. For me,like i explained before if you were to compare player to player they have arguably a squad as strong as the manchester sides. They also have special players hazard,kante,fabregas who can make the difference.

I think his biggest problem is he keeps persisting with this system. It might have worked once,but there’s a reason why the rest of the world espescially the top teams play a back four system rather than a back 5/back 3. Or at the least play it for a couple of games and see if it’s working.

Saying all this,it would be too bad if he left his post before the Man Utd game.After all the build up to Mourinho vs Conte and even go as far as Conte threatening him “i’m ready,I don’t know if he is”,it would be unjust for the neutrals not to see it happen at least once

The SpecialOne

Mourinho tends to win these psychological battles so I don’t know how Conte will come out of that. There’s a first time for everything though. All depends on the result I suppose.



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Give Giroud a chance

Personally I think we have to give Giroud a chance. He offers us something different and while not in the same class as Drogba he does have similar attributes. He knows the EPL and can score goals and of course should be well motivated for his WC space. KTBFFH


Im all for giving the guy a chance – but talk to gooners and they’ll talk about their frustrations with him too missing absolute dog shit sitters like Torres used to do.

If he does have similar attributes then it is the fact he can toe poke the ball into the net and head it.. that’s where they stop imo. stop gap, knee jerk signing who’ll be carted off in the summer with any luck and the next manager can come in and work with what he has.


Most of the comments from Gooners I’ve read generally state their disappointment in losing Giroud as an option ?

I just think in these current difficult times we shouldn’t be writing players off after one 30 minute appearance as a substitute in a team that played with 10 men for over an hour. But that’s the way it seems it is on here nowadays.

nine nine nine


What is progress for Liverpool?

we have been a yo-yo club in the past 5 seasons or so, up and down the table, not being able to get back to back champions league football. A top four finish and a good run in the champions league is a good season for us.
Expectations dropped a long time ago, both regarding our form and our transfer strategy, we are gradually building them up again. Going after our first choice targets, I just wonder if Klopp will have the guts to say that he is gunning for it for it next season or not. If not then you are indeed right and the standards by the club hierarchy have indeed slipped down.


finishing 3rd and even 4th for me is progress as we haven’t qualified for the CL in successive years for a longtime now. I agree about the trophies. We badly need them and Klopp badly needs one after losing his last 5 final.s He needs to get that record of his back.

its feb we are 3rd and we are in the last 16 of the cl. if we get qtr finals and 3rd/4th ,its been a decent season considering we have done nothing for years but next year, we have to start winning trophies. Any cup will do as this breeds confidence. Standards are low and expectations are low because we have finished in the top 4 twice in the last 9 years. we have to make steady progress which i think we are doing.

how long do you think klopp has really before people start getting on his back. I think most fans will be happy with top 4 again this season but we really have to make the next step next season and start winning cups

sean the sailor

If we get past Porto and qualify for next years CL it’ll have been an OK season.
For me qualification to the CL is the absolute bare minimum we should be achieving.

We have been nowhere near winning anything this year, not even close.

Time to start having the mentality of winners throughout the club from top to bottom. Weakening your squad midseason making it harder to win trophies or finish as high up league as possible does not reflect that mentality.



The legacy of Munich

The legacy of Munich is that Manchester United became the biggest Club in the world with supporters in every Country, famed for the quality of the football espoused first by the Busby Babes. Matt Busby had a simple philosophy to go out, enjoy your football and entertain. It was his determination to override the Football Association and enter United into the European Cup. Sadly this resulted in the tragedy of Munich but was rewarded ten years later in that unforgettable victory over Benfica in 1968.

The memories of the Busby Babes, for those of us lucky to have been with them from the start are for the thrilling football they played which became the DNA of the Club – footbal played ‘the United way’.

They were all great players who played as a team. I have been privileged to have seen some superb footballers in 70 years a supporter but none better than Duncan Edwards. I join with Bobby Charlton who defined Duncan – ‘The best footballer I ever played with’, my definition – ‘the best footballer I have ever seen’. His loss to United and English football was indefinable.

Big K

I remember my Dad talking about it, some of his mates knew the Irish lads quite well. Such an unbelievable tragedy and I don’t think my generation can really quite understand how big an impact it had. Perhaps the next generation won’t at all.
It’s quite poignant reading and talking about it Big K, maybe that’s why not many people have posted on the thread.
It’s fantastic that we still salute them 60 years on. RIP

Happy hurling


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RIP the babes and all the other victims of that tragic day.
Speak to anyone of a certain age who was around at that time and they will tell you just how great that team could have been had it had the chance to reach its full potential.Our honours board would have several more league titles and at least a couple of European cups engraved upon it had it not been for those awful events.



Arsenal a winger short

Is it me or do we desperately require an out and out winger.we’ve let sanchez, walcott and ox go all well capable to play in those positions without even replacing them.In truth, miki is not a replacement for either of them.I think honestly if you were to consider his playing style he’s more a player who can play ozil’s role,but not to say they both can’t play together.

if you’re going to try and convince me that either of aubamayeng,laca or welbz can play there it’s nonsense.Any player can play anywhere,it’s about how effective they can be in that position.

It baffles me that we’ve not tried for draxler. A player who’s too good to sit on the bench at psg, he’s clearly not part of that “first team”,although he does get opportunities here and there.My point is if he’d come to us, he’d be a definite starter and I cannot see us getting a better replacement for that position where sanchez is to play.Just imagine Draxler, ozil, miki behind auba. We’d not only be able to offer him a good wage,but also there are ze germans here for good company.There’s a team well capable to challenge for the title with a change of manager ofcourse. Any other suggestions though?

The SpecialOne

Non of them are wingers or wanted to be wingers. Sanchez never hugged teh touchline as traditional winger should. Ox didnt want that job and would often come inside and that leaves Walcott, probably the only one out of all 3 who resembled a winger. He just lacked teh attributes to go with being a top winger. You know the attributes of crossing and dribbling. Lets not forget he never wanted to be deployed off the right or as a winger.

Welbeck is much better suited to the wide role than he is centrally. Ozil plays there for Germany more often than not. Draxler is another who isnt a winger. he like sanchez just drifts inside all the time. He’d prob do abetter job than sanchez as a winger though. However we have players who are all very similar. Why cant Lacazette play on the left with miki on teh right and ozil through the middle? they can all play in any of those positions across the 3 behind Auba. They have all played in all positions for club and country over the years and worked effectively.

Every player you mentioned are better centrally but can also play wide you havent named a single player who is an actual winger, hugs the touchline draws defenders into areas that opens up the middle, always getting in at the back post. Freddie, overmars, Helder, boa, they were wingers of the traditional sense.



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Who the Heck is he?

Thomas Christiansen was the fall guy. Poor honest fella tried his best but was completely out of his depth. He had the rub of the green in those opening seven games but those results flattered to deceive as the other teams were just warming up, so to speak. It was only a matter of time before he was well and truly exposed as naive and ineffective for the English Championship.

I’m neither convinced nor confident about the new man. He leaves Barnsley in a precarious position although his advocates are quick to point out that Barnsley sold off most of their important players, leaving him with bare bones. Somehow, I don’t trust a man who jumps ship after four days of signing a new contract! As has been pointed out, he begins his tenure at a distinct disadvantage – given the catalogue of suspensions and injuries.

As long as the obnoxious Orta continues to wield the power he has, I cannot see our beloved team making progress. The man’s influence is poisonous and I am at a loss to understand how a seemingly astute businessman like Radzianni is allowing this unhealthy situation to prevail. Just what is Radzianni’s fascination with this slimy figure?

At the end of the day it’s, once again, the long suffering faithful who have to endure sustained heartache and uncertainty.


More like Effingbottom that’s where he was taking the mighty Barnsley. One win in 16 games, hardly great credentials he will be another puppet and call me a cynic, I can’t see him seeing the season out. Orta needs to go and Radz well he just needs to sell up and piss off.

Uncle Frank


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