‘The Italians will come to Anfield and park a double decker bus’

Date published: Tuesday 24th April 2018 10:40

Liverpool fans try and predict their starting XI against Roma, the key moments in the tie and whether they will progress in Your Says of the Day.

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Previewing Roma

Started a ‘game thread’ ahead of Tuesday’s unbelievably huge Champions League Semi Final 1st Leg.

This has to be our starting X1:

Karius, TAA, Lovren, VVD, Robbo, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Ox, Mane, Firmino and Salah.

Was going to put Milner in there and he could well start ahead of Wijnaldum but I think Klopp will save Milner until he’s absolutely needed (if we’re ahead with 30 left) but a shoe-in to start in Italy.

Roma have some cracking players and have had a great campaign topping their tough group containing Chelsea and Ath. Madrid. Roma tend to go 433 but they did that in Barcelona and got tonked so they may pack midfield and go 4231 with Dzeko up top on his Jack Jones.

I think we’re gonna do ’em but I also think Roma will sneak one. 3-1 for us.

Rob Fort Worth TX

1-0 win for us or 1-1 draw. The Italians are gonna come to Anfield and park a double decker bus. Expect a packed midfield from Roma, sitting deep defence and not allowing space for Salah and Mane to get in behind. I got a feeling the 1st leg is gonna be a tight affair.


We cannot concede. It’s gjing to be tight but we will have fantastic support behind us

This is as big as it gets

Leave everything out on the field and have no regrets

Sean the sailor

A score draw is in no way a good result for us at home. I think this tie is gonna come down to away goals.
We need to win and ideally with a clean sheet.
Roma have not conceded a goal at home in the CL. Doesn’t mean we can’t but it illustrates how hard it is.



I will admit that iw as freaking out about the Man city game for days before but with this one, I’m not. Now, let me be clear, I think I’m one of the fans who is more cautious regards this game. I don’t think this will be a walk in the park at all and to assume we’ll win is insane. It’s just that this one doesn’t feel like it’s been a long time coming.

But here it is, the semi finals of the CL , in less than 15 hours.



Rob you are not far off with that team just think Milner may get in the team him & Hendo of worked well together.

MrMak I have not come across many fans who think this is going to be a walk in the park. Most of us a quietly confident but are expecting a tough game.



Two matches from the final

Liverpool v.s Roma
Bayern Munich v.s Real Madrid.

Liverpool are only two matches away from reaching the final. i hope they don’t make the mistake that Barcelona made and underestimate Roma. interesting to see the repeat of last season quarters between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. the last two meetings Real Madrid has won. but Jupp Hynkess was the manager the last time Bayern Munich beat Madrid in 2012. will history repeat itself? let the discussions begin.


Klopp will certainly not underestimate Roma nor will I and the vast majority of Liverpool fans. I said on another thread this will be a harder game for us than City turned out to be. The other one will be very interesting and hard to call as well. Excited and very nervous for Tuesday night.


Well I’ve got my Roma away shirt freshly pressed and i’m having pasta for breakfast, dinner and tea. With profiteroles.

Forza Roma.

Wonderfuel Gas


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Spurs’ woes continue

Spurs taking a bashing from all sides lucky I have broad shoulders,if you’ve supported your team as long as I have then you would know that this is f*ckin good considering the sh*t I’ve watched over the years.Is it a coincidence that 2 out of the 3 richest clubs are in the final it ain’t to me .Well done Utd and Chelsea for making the final.


I certainly don’t want to bash the Spuds Shiney. My only criticism of Poch is his apparent in-game management deficiencies, and I’ve held that perspective for a while. In every other way he is certainly one of the most easily admired managers in the Prem.

I guess when any manager or player stands out and achieves significant improvement for his team then a more detailed critique follows. It’s a compliment (of sorts, lol) that only the best in their field are subjected to.

No one cares if the bang average managers/players have holes in their game.


this is a very good Spurs side now who should be making Finals and winning domestic Cups at least.

I don’t think Poch suggesting the only two trophies he’s really interested in are the PL and the CL trophies is helpful of course they are the optimum for all but they are tough to win and with City’s strength and likely summer investment likely to get even tougher certainly as far as the PL is concerned and not just for Spurs.

Spurs were my tip for the FA Cup this season and if they don’t start winning trophies soon they will potentially struggle to hold on to their star players and both the FA Cup and the League Cup are stepping stones to the bigger trophies.

You can’t as a Manager choose what you want to win even Pep and City can’t do that. Spurs have a great Manager and a great team but if Spurs dont start hitting Finals and winning domestic trophies soon I can see Poch coming under pressure and top players potentially being enticed away by other clubs. Cheers

nine nine nine


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