‘The longer toxic Wenger stays at Arsenal the worse it will get’

Date published: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 12:13

Arsenal are heading for “disaster” with the “maniac” in charge and Arsene Wenger’s “press minions” are well into spin mode, while who do Man Utd buy to replace Michael Carrick? All discussed in our forum…


‘Wenger’s press minions working overtime’

The spinning going on at this club would put Malcolm Tucker to shame!

Wenger’s press minions are working overtime to try and convince us all that he will change and be worthy of one last crack at glory! We have heard it so many times, its beyond stale now.

Arsene’s favourite little lap dog John Cross last night wrote that the board will back Wenger with a ‘massive budget’ of over 100 million to rebuild the squad and some outlets are claiming we will spend upwards of 200 million! I just really hope nobody falls for this absolute garbage. It’s never going to happen!!

Cross has us linked with Lacazette, Mbappe, Marco Reus, Dembele, Jordan Pickford, Jack Butland, Kieran Tierney. Jose Gaya and Ross Barkley! It’s not bloody fantasy football and let’s not kid ourselves….why would the likes of Lacazette, Mbappe or Reus want to come to us, if we finish outside of the top 4 and with so much turmoil around the club.

If people are going to buy this nonsense about Wenger changing and rebuilding a squad, they deserve to be stuck with the man. Why, after all of these years, would he suddenly decide to change his entire way of operating for a 2 year deal?

Are there still people who don’t realise how stubborn he is? What in fact will happen, if he stays, is Sanchez and Ozil will leave, along with the Ox probably.

The press will spend all summer linking us with every player under the sun and making sure plenty of season tickets get renewed and then Wenger will bitch and moan about how hard it is to sign players before we end up with substandard additions yet again, and boat loads of that money left in the bank.



Arsenal ‘heading for disaster unless this maniac is forced out’

If this is to be Wenger’s swansong and he is only staying for 1 more season how can they justify giving him any money at all?

When you consider that the more Wenger has spent over the past few years the poorer the starting XI and entire squad has become.

Ozil, Gabriel, Chambers, Debuchy, Xhaka to name but 5, that cost us nearly £120million with nothing to show for it at all. You’re right it is spin, Wenger runs the club, Gazidis works for Wenger, the BofD are merely functionaries carrying out Wenger instructions.

As I keep saying this man is toxic, he is poison and the longer he stays the worse it will get. Only the fans can force him out but sadly the fans we have now are too apathetic to do anything about it. The club is heading for disaster unless this maniac is forced out.

The Oracle


If Lacazette is a target ‘we might as well not attend games…’

Alexandre Lacazette: Lyon won't stand in his way

Andy – I’d be more worried about the fact why we have been chasing a player like Lacazette,and apparently bid £50m last summer for someone who couldn’t and still can’t get into the french squad.

Honestly,he’s one of the most overrated players out there and if that’s really our target we might as well not attend games.

On the real topic now,this notion has to stop that we need a major overhaul where the quality of our squad is concerned.

No we don’t need a major overhaul.We certainly need to kick some players out like mertesacker etc but it’s not about the quality.It’s The mentality of the club that’s been in shatters.The players don’t care for the team,they don’t care about each other.

They couldn’t care less to appeal for decisions, they couldn’t care less if their team mate is being bullied by an opponent on the pitch.T heir ability to stand up for each other is nil. But most importantly It’s come to such a point that the players don’t even want to play for such a long serving manager.

There is nothing that will convince me between now and the end of the season that we ever again have a chance with wenger. I mean that was basically confirmed when we lost the league to 5000/1 leicester city.The mentality is shit,and the worst part is he neither acknowledges it and if he knows dosen’t want to fix it.

Pochettino clearly came in and said that spurs had a poor mentality and it needed massive improvement.Today he and the club seem to be overachieving with the resources at their disposal.He’s truly changed the club.

Wenger on the other hand I have no trust in.

The specialone


‘For a genius, you say some pretty stupid things Arsene’

Couldn’t believe it when I read that Wenger wants to rebuild the squad – he’s basically saying that the squad he’s spent 13 years building isn’t good enough and he’d now like to clear out the coffers repairing it.

Aside from the fact that, as you say Andy, Wenger is never going to spend on any serious improvements, does he really not think before he opens his mouth? Isn’t anyone who speaks 6 languages or more (which he can) considered a genius? For a genius, you say some pretty stupid things Arsene.

Besides which, the squad isn’t the problem at all. Can it be improved? Of course it can, but the only real improvement needed is changing the muppet in charge. Just one more example of Wenger blaming anyone and anything but himself.

Al The Gooner


Costa has ‘gone off the boil’

Chelseaman.. There is a good chance Costa will use the China bid to increase the offer CFC will make. I don’t think the club will want to match any far east clubs offer so it really is a case of the player making the right decision for himself.

It then boils down to his agent and that is a 64 million dollar question and I reckon money speaks louder to a man like that than happiness. Either way, Costa has gone off the boil since January when he was “injured” and an “offer” was made…

Undoubtedly, a happy costa is a monster on the pitch, an unhappy one and he get’s restless.

Romansdirty pants


Did Costa want away from day one?

Well if the reports are true then it seems clear that Costa wanted away from day 1 of Conte joining and he seems to have had a rather fractious relationship with him.

Appears to be good for now as I assume that Costa knows nothing can happen until the Summer so he may as well play his best to help Chelsea win the EPL and possibly a double so he would leave on a high (assuming he would leave)

Must admit that I am becoming more inclined to think that Costa will leave and with the lingering doubts over the ability of Michy to provide decent cover then I can see an expensive time looking for 2 forwards in the Summer…? KTBFFH



‘I’d be happy if we had two Clynes in the team’

Nathaniel Clyne: Still feeling positive

Bingo I wouldn’t disagree with Milner being an option for right back once we sign a new left back. Absolutely could do a great job there and in advanced positions would be a bigger threat than clyne.

Clyne I wouldn’t necessarily hastily drop though. I know he hasn’t been in his best form but I like him, think he is pretty solid defensively and would be happy if we had 2 clynes in the team at LB/RB.

Both Milner and clyne are very reliable players. In any case, as long as we are in Europe next season we will need a few options and Milner is capable of filling in most positions in the team if needed.

You do wonder though what Milner will think, if we have a new first choice left back…he won’t want to be 2nd choice at full back so may chat to Klopp about his desire to play midfield…



R.I.P. Ronnie Moran

R.I.P. Ronnie Moran an unsung Hero in the Days of the Shanks, Paisley and the Dalglish Managerial Years, Ronnie although not a Loud person did have Voice if needed and will be remembered fondly not only by Liverpool Fans but Football Fans in General. R.I.P. Y.N.W.A.

I can also imagine a Boot Room already Built by Shanks,Bob and Joe Ready for Ronnie to be Welcomed in a Small Corner upstairs.



‘A true gentleman’

A true Liverpool gentleman. Maybe never quite cut out for the top job, but he was a vital part of Shankly’s boot room, and kept it going with Sir Bob, Joe and Kenny. An integral part of Liverpool’s history. RIP Ronnie

Hightown hope


Who do United buy in midfield?

It’s coming up to silly season again believe it or not, the transfer window will open in a little over two months. We obviously need to buy a player for the centre of midfield, someone who can sit in front of the back four, defend and break up attacks but also pass and instigate attacks.

Now, the £90m question, who the hell do we buy? I’d argue this position may even be more important than a striker at the moment.



‘Carrick won’t be replace like for like’

Carrick will not be replaced like for like IMO. He is a deep lying playmaker and with Pogba and Herrera in the side, Jose will be looking for midfielder that is a destroyer.

Bakayoko keeps popping up, according to Balague he has agreed terms with Chelsea though.



Martinez over Verratti


Pick one…. Verratti, Javi Martinez. I would go for Martinez though, under utilized at Bayern and is a brilliant DM with an even better range of passing then Manthistle…

Sebastian Wieghl or Julian Rhode from Dortmund aren’t bad alternatives either. Frank Kessie will be an unbelievable player too

O.T Fax Machine


Pogba’s partner key

Carrick is already out of the first team so its about who partners Pogba.
How to get the 89M man flourish? It depends on the manager and what tactics he wants to use. With LVG at helm no doubt it would be Dortmund’s Wieghl as he is a great possession player. With Mourinho its more of a physical player hopefully with a good technique like Veratti.

But again,knowing Carrick having more lives than a cat he will play to his fourties.

Not much will change from a 30 years to a 40 yeras carrick. Same tempo of the game and same reading of the game.



Is Martinez the player he was?

Haven’t seen much of Javi Martinez in recent years, he’s had a very unfortunate series of injuries so don’t know if he’s the player he once was.

Given his defensive capabilities, in that he can and has played CB for Bayern, he could be a great shout for a defensive minded midfielder who is good on the ball and has the discipline to let Pogba rampage forward. My only concern is that run of injuries…. has it taken its toll on him?

Not sure about Veratti’s mentality given the capitulation by PSG at Barca, although I still think Emery got his tactics way wrong and he should shoulder most of the blame. Veratti’s never had it really put up to him mentally, he went from Empoli(?) to PSG where they piss the league every year. Would hate to spend a fortune and discover he’s broken mentally when the pressure comes on.

Haven’t seen him play but am interested in Tielemans at Anderlecht, will be watching the matches against them to see if he has the quality every seems to be saying he has. He’s barely 5’10” though so maybe physicality might be a problem.



Rooney ‘didn’t look after himself’

Wayne Rooney: Should be sold by Man United

He didn’t look after himself, especially in the off season. You have to remember he was playing PL football on a regular basis from the age of 16, most pro’s don’t start playing that way until 19/20 so he’s got three or four more years under him than most.

You can see Fernando Torres is suffering a similar fate. Despite that, his lack of respect for his body has cost him a few more years at the top.Wherever he goes I wish him well, especially since his monster wages will be off the books.


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