The two perfect things that Man Utd showed; Liverpool defensive worries

Date published: Monday 12th August 2019 2:22

Manchester United TEAMtalk

Man Utd fans are left stunned by the win over Chelsea, while Liverpool readers have their doubts despite the thumping of Norwich and there is no early panic at Chelsea – all in Your Says of the Day.

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A very good result albeit an almost unbelievable one. I don’t think anyone saw that coming at half-time and we certainly rode our luck at times. Midfield remains a worry and you have to wonder about our end product but we certainly put Chelsea to the sword today. There’s plenty of energy in this team and they showed great camaraderie in the celebrations and wins like this are perfect for building up momentum.


Took us a while to get going and we look weak still in certain areas but Maguire and AWB look so much better than last years offerings and for me Maguire speaks like a captain too so I am happy. We were quicker and good to see no Lukaku huffing and puffing. Tuanzebe on the bench and the other youth is great to see too.

Early days and top 4 is our aim for now but if we can maintain a youthful team with more confidence and pace than last season then we may start to take shape with offloading more crap in the next couple of windows and adding a bit more quality.

Confidence has a massive effect on a team and ours has been shot but this cant have done any harm can it?


Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

This result was a welcome surprise. Luck was on our side and our midfield is obviously sub-par but we were very dangerous on the counter with Pogba particularly prominent with his quality running and distribution.

Wan Bissaka and Maguire make a world of difference to our backline. Proper solidity and tackling from them two. Maguire won just about every aerial ball as well, welcome respite for De Gea.

Onwards and upwards. Great start for us and hopefully we can get some momentum going to cover up the glaring gaps in our squad.


What a result! I honestly didn’t think this team were capable of hitting Chelsea for four but I’m very glad that they proved me wrong! Rashford and Martial both scoring, a debut goal for James, a dominating performance by Maguire and a clean sheet… don’t think that game could’ve gone any better.

With that said, it’s a miracle Chelsea didn’t score and on another day that’s a draw or a loss. Shaw was terrible both defensively and offensively and we may rue not getting Tierney if he plays to his ability for Arsenal. Lingard was poor and Periera, bar the assist for Martial, wasn’t great either. A central midfielder and right winger would do wonders in this team.

Can we end the season the season now and keep the table as it is? Seems about right…

Sympathy for the Devils

We got lucky to be sure but it was a great result.
Maguire and Bissaka looked great and between they added some much needed calmness to the defence. Still unconvinced by Shaw, Jose didn’t miss a chance to take a pop at him either.
Pereira is too lightweight for the PL, technically he’s not bad but like Mata he’s just lacking a bit of physical presence, having said that David Silva and Eriksen aren’t exactly colossus’ either and they do well. Don’t think Pereira is in their league though.
On another day we could have lost that match or drawn it, Gary Neville rightly pointed out on Sky Sports that football is fine lines and it can go either way, it went our way today but I won’t be getting carried away yet. We need a few more performances like the second half before I’ll be fully on board.


Thought it was a fairly even game until we scored the third. Chelsea then collapsed, which must be worrying for Lampard if they are the players he wants to continue with.

Lindelof and Maguire were cool, calm and collected at the back. Comfortable on the ball and dealt with Abraham fairly easily. You can see what Maguire brings to the team. He just radiates reassurance throughout the side.

Wan-Bissaka had a good debut, quick in the tackle and good on the ball.

Our midfield was ok, but nothing special. Work needs to be done there to make it more of a cohesive unit. Pogba’s range of passing is second to none in the PL. he seems to be better when the game is won though. Made a lot of silly mistakes early on. That pass for Rashford was something else though.

Rashford took his goals well. Needs to show he can get 20 this season.

Wolves up next. We obviously struggled there last season so it will be interesting to see if the new approach works against teams who sit back. It’s hard to counter with pace if the opposition are happy to stay in their own half and pump balls down the channels. There won’t be the space for our front three to run in to.

Alfie 07

Good to see that nobody is getting too carried away by yesterdays result, because I think we can all acknowledge that on another day it could so easily have gone tits up.

The concerns about the midfield haven’t suddenly gone away, as the first hour showed when we were far too porous for comfort against what is probably the weakest Chelsea team to visit OT since the Abramovich takeover. I also thought that Luke Shaw was really piss poor, both offensively and defensively.

Having said all that, it was vital that we didn’t lose the first home game of the season after what happened at the end of the last one and the clean sheet was just as important as well, especially for the new boys in the team.


Despite what some people seem to think the highlight for me was that the MIA men, Pogba and Martial actually looked interested and put in a shift even if it wasn’t their best performance. Don’t know what Peirera’s job was but he didn’t contribute apart from the goal and we need Fred to come in if he can stop getting caught in possession? At least he always tries to pass forward. Lindelof still looks like an accident waiting to happen and needs replacing imo but the new boys did well. Flattering result but its always good to beat the rent boys.



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McTominay looks like he has great character, he obviously loves United and works extremely hard for 90 minutes – just like Darren Fletcher. Like his fellow Scotsman, he also lacks that bit of quality on the ball and if Ole wants to keep playing McTominay, he has to bring in a player who can dictate the play. I still think Scott should only be a squad player but he can be useful as such, especially if he keeps on improving. I didn’t really see him having a future at Old Trafford a few months ago but, with the club turning a blind eye to the gaps in our midfield, he’s almost become indispensable at the moment. At least he’s a better option than Matic and Fred who couldn’t pick out a team-mate standing 2 feet away in an empty field.


Scott McTominay TEAMtalk

Mctominay will be the surprise package this season, you know, that player no one really expects them to do anything but will step up immensely and do wonders, hopefully he keeps the most clean sheets and scores a few goals maybe 4 or 5? That would be a contender for player of the year for United, i think I’ve found my next favourite player, just like Carrick, he’s going to divide opinions for the next 10 years, the professionals and half the fans will be praising him while the other half (black zico and Co.) Will remain unmoved and will always look for faults in him


I liked McTominay’s attitude yesterday: when Dan James scored the 4th he ran over to him and gave him a massive hug – you could see he meant it and he wasn’t bullshitting for the camera’s. The guy does genuinely care for the club (has the same look Rashford had when he started out). He is also decent in the tackle (of not at creating) so will be nice to have him in the squad, if just to keep Matic out. Agree with others that Periera is just missing something – think Fred will be the player to play alongside Pogba and McTominay this season (or at least until January).

All the new players played well I thought – was genuinely elated to see James score yesterday.

Wolves away will be a big test of character as we lost there both times last season and was arguably the end of Ole’s superb start.

Sympathy for the Devils

@libanski – I think @roygbiv sums up McTominay quite well, he is miles away from being good enough yet, but he has improved since last season when quite frankly he resembled a poor pub player, and he is a better option now than the completely finished Nemanja Matic.

Will he ever be a top notch player?, I very much doubt it but we live in hope that he at least gets to the level of say a Nicky Butt or a Remi Moses who always did a job for the team when called upon, simple as that.




What a performance, probably one of the best opening games of a season I’ve seen.

The tempo was unreal, this team is scary. Should have been 6 or 7.

The pressing was brilliant. Got caught out with the high line a couple of times, but that was the only real blemish on the performance.

Origi did well, good pressing, good end product, delivered some good balls and should have had 2 goals if Firmino hadn’t got greedy and robbed him of an easy tap in. Firmino was also brilliant, as was Salah. Fabinho was another standout performer.

After the game the Norwich manager said he thinks we’re the best team in world football. It’s hard to argue with that after a performance like that. Get strapped in boys, it’s going to be a great season!


One game in and the pattern is already set for the rest of the season. City massive favourites for everything and we are, well, finishing second, although even thats not certain now. Very sad but this is what happens when you have yankee corporate bandits and blood suckers in charge of your club. Investing in a creative midfielder and a finisher would have given us a good chance but no thats too much equity. The very idea that Klopp didnt want to strengthen is nonense. City have more depth, goals and are relentless, probably now better than LFC and MUFC in their prime. And the decsion to sell Sterling epitomises the stupidity of the owners policy. I suspect that Klopp was given an option, sell a star and buy or theres no money available. Understandably he is not stupid enough to sell any part of the team he built with relatively few asetts from scratch. Brutal and stupid owners who just happen to be good at business. Annoys me that some people on here continue to confuse Klopps footballing genius with the owners predictable policy, credit for the ECL goes to Klopp, they had very little to do with it.


So it looks like we are playing a higher line this season. Really not sure why as last year it worked to a tee. It’s a very risky game that.

Gomez looked a bit rusty.

Sean the sailor

A good start, bit loose at the back but all signs are there for a good start to the season. Allison is a real concern though, sounds like a possible calf tear, if so we could be without him for about 5/6 weeks. Not ideal that our no.2 just got here and is only getting up to speed with the team but our No.3 and 4 goalkeepers are also injured.

The Fulcrum

Our defence was not good! Norwich troubled us a lot and another team could have scored more!! This is very worrying…
Gomez is a bit rusty and he was sleeping at the Norwich goal.
Alisson had a very stupid injury and we hope that Adrian will be proved a good cover.
Our attack fantastic again but our worries concern the back up.
A good win but against the Saints we can have safer conclusions.


It’s bit that the defence wasn’t good. It was that our line was not in line , if that makes sense. It seems to be a bit higher up and that’s such a risky ploy.

It took us a very long time to perfect our high line. It was brilliant last year. Everyone was in tune.

It’s the start of the season. It will improve. I feel for Matip. He deserved to be starting after last season

Sean the sailor


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I will take that all day! Clean sheet and away win. Chambers and Sok looked solid today. AMN great for the goal but still looked suspect. Thought midfield three looked solid. Nelson looked good in flashes and miki was great one second then shit the next all in the same move. What we did do was all work hard, didn’t carry passengers , willock tired towards the end but did ok for his first start. New boys did not look great but early days.


We won thats at least something.

How Miki was on the pitch longer than Reiss was unbelievable.

It was an ok performance and 3 points but that was about it a grinding out result.

I liked the fact that Reiss and Willock was always in motion compared to Miki who was far to often stationary.

AMN i think had a good game apart from throwing away two throw ins to an opponent. Thats just sloppy.

You could see however that it was the first game as it was sloppy passing at times.


a welcome 3 points i have to say.have to admit i was concerned with
the starting 11,but to still grind out a win,especially away from
home,we would take all day long.he gets a lot of stick from me
& tso but i thought AMN was terrific today.let’s remember he’s a
midfield player playing right back.i’m sure if our bosses asked us
to do something we really didn’t want to do we would mess up at times
too.he’s a very good football player and i’ll give him praise when
it’s due and i thought he was our best player today.1-0 to the arsenal
and a welcome first 3 points against a very poor newcastle team.


Not quite the slick performance I hoped for but 3 points and a clean sheet no I can’t moan!

I thought AMN had a great game but he is not a right back and will make mistakes. Chambers and Sokratis looked decent but we will face bigger challenges so I do worry about defence.

However we will score goals so it should hopefully be entertaining!


Good Game.It’s important to impress in the first game itself.I’m starting to think Emery is concentrating more to the defense.I thought we had a great first half.Really impressed with both willock and Nelson.However,I still maintain players that age and with that expereince are not reliable.I can’t see them start a big game.

I thought Chambers was fantastic.Personally,rate him more than the overglorified Holding.
To the second half,I thought mostly we were dire,espescially after we made the subs.
Auba is just too good,he made a tough goal look so easy.
AMN,Don’t care what anyone says this guy will always be our weakness.If you notice opposition teams always attack through his flank,and ge gets beaten to easilt by just a half decent winger.

Overall,thought we defender really well although we should limit the times we let the opposition get into the final third and take shots.

the specialone


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Loftus-cheek, Kante, Hudson-odoi, Rudiger and Willian. 5 players who will massively improve us going offensively and defensively when fully fit.


Spot on Lucky and maybe we will be able to do some business in January to strengthen the team if the Appeal to CAS is succesful and reduced to one window.

I thought Frank was on the button with his post match comments.

Certainly no need for lots of doom and gloom get the key players back and we will be a lot stronger.

nine nine nine

Kurt Zouma TEAMtalk

That is a really poor start to an EPL season. This isn’t Lampards fault or the players but the boards. They knew we had a transfer ban coming so why didn’t we sign the players required before the ban came into effect?

We needed a new forward and whilst Abraham’s is decent, he showed today why he still has a lot to learn.

Zouma not good enough, along with Azplicuate (with the style we are going to play).

I also think players such as Willian (although he didn’t play today), along with Pedro would not be here this season, if it weren’t for the transfer ban and can’t see either being at Chelsea beyond next summer.

Whilst the first hour was positive. The way we collasped, is simply embarrassing. I’m not looking forward to Wednesday night or when we play Liverpool or Man City in the league.

If we’re playing a high press then the defensive line needs to be high and have the pace to recover. The defenders also have to read the signs of a long ball and when to drop.

Honestly the last half an hour was pure crap and needs addressing. Players must take responsibility and if beaten make the effort to get back in, so we get our shape defensively quicker.


Didn’t get to see the game today but was keeping an eye on the BBC Web for it.

Shocked by the scoreline considering how well we seen to start.

A bit harsh but it is what it is, it is a severe reality check but one I feel that Frank and the coaching staff will learn from.

We still have players to return from injury and I believe we will bounce back.

Unfortunately our next match is probably not the best game to be playing, (Will miss it too … Wedding Anniversary) however a baptism of United and Liverpool gives the guys a real idea of what is ahead, and much better we get these games early in the season so we can build on them.

Chin up boys!!

NI Blue

Very flattering result for united.

– First goal came against the run of play and through a clumsy error.
– Second Goal came against the run of play again and we lost the ball because Tammy Abraham was fouled by Maquire.
– Third goal came from switching off.
– Forth goal again just a lucky deflection.

Man United had 5 shots on target and scored 4. Other than that I thought they were second best and look like a 7th place team.


If anything Chelsea were the better team and if you check the stats that would also verify it but we failed where most of us were voicing concerns at the back and upfront. Emerson though was okay but the rest of the defence are not good enough to face top teams and that includes Azpliqueta who is sadly in a kind of rapid decline. I was expecting a loss but not by 4 goals, anyway I hope I can sleep tonight.



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