The two stars Man Utd must sell; new role for Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold

Date published: Wednesday 12th June 2019 1:57

United to cash in on stars, ‘The Ox’ to get a new contract, Benitez rumoured to takeover at Chelsea and Arsenal pick out who to sell- all in Your Says of the Day.

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Time to cash in on Pogba and Lukaku

I reckon time to cash in on Pogba as Real have really cracked open the warchest.
Only concern is what Ed might/might not do with the money. As long as we:
– Stay away from injury prone, filthy rich, ageing Geriatrics like Bale.
– Avoid slower than slow has beens looking for one last pay day like Rakitic (what a fucking snail this guy was twice v Pool).
– Do not invite the Glazers to fill their boots and pockets with more filthy lucre.
– Invest in young, hungry, pacy and crafty ballers like Maddison, Brooke, Fernandes and their ilk.

Watching David Brooks for Wales tonight reminded me what a good player he is. We should be seriously considering this lad because if we don’t someone else will and he’ll be yet another that got away.
Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

@HH, Im sure i’m not alone on this site by saying I fully expected Lukaku to score at least one last nite as thats what flat-track bully strikers do when playing against clearly inferior sides.

Before he joined United, his scoring record against the top 4 was very poor but the thought was that in a better team that would have more possession and better players he would redress that deficit.

He has however proven for club and country in tge intervening period that against the best sides, he does not cut it.

Google Lukaku scoring stats against the top 6 and the evidence is damning. If as sometines you do, pick out an isolated game where he has done it, e.g. PSG, I will throw back an even bigger game where he hasn’t, Arsenal, and his criminal misses in the defeat, before Arsenal scored, were the start of the rot under OGS.

Finally, his post match comments last nite were not of a player who is adamant his future is at OT, they were a flirtation to any club who is interested in a flat track bully.



Alexander-Arnold to move into midfield?

Nah I disagree with the naysays on TAA playing in midfield. I believe he could most definitely could. If Ox can play AM then why can’t Trent, I see Ox and Trent as actually quite similar apart from TAAs better passing and Oxs better ball running ability. But other than that they are both similar.



I dont think anyone is saying TAA cant play in midfield it more of a question of where is he most effective & in our current system that has to be RB.


I think Klopp has proved he knows what he’s doing, when it comes to getting the right players in.

We’ve got Ox coming back from injury, hopefully, touch wood, he’ll pick up where he left off. That would be like a new signing.
We got Wilson, who deserves a chance. That will give us another option on the wings.

Not to mention last seasons signings will be more prepared, we can probably expect more from Keita and Fab.

No overhaul necessary. Although I do think we need another winger.

j c


‘The Ox’ to be offered a new deal after year long injury

Looks like Klopp wasnt joking when he recently said the club was concentrating on contracts rather than big summer signings. Reports that Ox is to be offered a contract extension. I guess its only natural as he missed a year of football though, but it also shows how meticulous the club are being these days with regards to contracts, they leaving no stone unturned.


That contract extension was muted several months ago.
The Club felt it unfair that he lost so much time out to injury that they need to keep him to make up for the time he missed out on.



Benitez not the right man for Chelsea

I am all for Lampard, but not for Benitez. I think his affiliation with Liverpool in the past is just too difficult for the fans. Even though he won Europa with us. IMO choosing Benitez is not a step forward. It’s just to steadying the ship. We need more than that. We need to develop the youngsters with the transfer ban. We need to have an ambition to compete with Liverpool and City in 2 or 3 years. Benitez won’t bring us to relegation battle for sure as Lampard may due to his inexperience. But this is time where we need to start afresh, anew. Let’s take a bit more risk, it’s already risky anyway as we lost Hazard and we face the transfer ban


Rafa Benitez TEAMtalk

The odds have moved a bit with the speculation re Rafa who is now second favourite behind Frank Lampard who is still odds on but has slipped back marginally in the betting.

Latest SkyBet Odds 11/06

Frank Lampard
Rafa Benitez
Jose Mourinho
Massimilano Allegri
Nuno Espírito Santo
Erik ten Hag
Steve Holland
Brendan Rodgers
Diego Simeone
Eddie Howe

Meanwhile Frank is pictured in London lunching with Didier Drogba?

nine nine nine


Rafa coming back would be the equivalent of being comfortable in walking through the open door of a lion’s den and hoping to come out in one piece. I am certain when he left last time his self esteem would have already taken a battering with the attitude of the Chelsea fans to him being there. Why on earth would he come back a second time when he was shown little appreciation or respect for what he and his players achieved.



Big worries amongst Chelsea fans

Thanks, I admire your optimism there. but I hold contrary to your belief. I really can’t see where the goals will flow from now that Hazard is gone. and we are not allowed to replace him to a player who can at least score goals. our current squad has no enough goals in them to sustain top 6 let alone top 4. only two players in our squad are capable of reaching into double figures, Pedro and R. Loftus Cheek. and so far one of them is likely to miss the first half of next season.

Also, we have only two players in our squad who can beat defenders. R. Loftus Cheek and CHO, and so far both are out injured and may likely miss preseason and possibly the first half of next season. our defense is still fragile. and Jorginho, although he has improved, will be under real pressure since we no longer have Hazard who most of the teams were scared. basically, it will be terrible if we have fewer clean sheets and fewer goals from our last term. let us wait where things go from here. but I’m a worried man at the minute.


Time to change shifts I think 999. Break time for me. The clouds are rolling in full of lightning with the noise of thunder.

My thoughts are that, when he returns from inlury, Hudson-Odoi might have some idea on how to score a goal or two and Abraham and Bats may well score a few too and can be no worse than the mid table strikers in our League. Zouma and Rudiger might well be a handy Central defensive pairing (with Luiz and Christensen challenging) and with Emerson and Dave as backs fairly solid there. The midfield with Kante doing what he does best providing adequate defensive support. The defense, in my opinionand reverting back to the football they know best will almost certainly be stronger than what we had this season just gone.

Transitions season or maybe even two together with other obstacles should bring expectations down. I think it does for most of us. I’m pretty sure Chelsea Football Club will out survive us mere mortals and entertaining many a football fan long after we are all gone and I have a sneaking suspicion that will be in the Premier League whilst we are owned by Abramovich and any subsequent successor.

Have a nice break folks. Geez the English weather is doing a number on the Cricket World Cup right now, My evening entertainment is suffering big time day after day.



Arsenal fans pick out their scapegoats

I also feel as though Arsenal fans in genral are the most ill-judgmental fans in the sport.Constantly bombarding the likes of xhaka and Mustafi on social media to get out of the club.Yet giving a free pass to the most overrated player to ever play for the club Mesut Ozil.He’s escaped criticism like no other.

The worst is how fans write to Xhaka – Go to inter milan.Yes,Xhaka must be so poor that a club like Inter must want him,and even be willing to pay the price we atleast bought him for.These people don’t know the f of football.Xhaka has already proven what he brings to the side,and if people can’t see that they don’t understand football.Oh but no,he’s so useless that he captains a good footballing side in Switzerland under whom they reached the UEFA nations league finals and generally perform well internationally.absolute no substance to the arguments.
As for Mustafi,He’s made many mistakes but it’s almost like if he leaves the club will become alright.wait a minute.Was he the reason we conceded 4 goals in the Europa league finals.No it was Koscielny,a good defender but yet another player who has been overgolorified and escaped criticism far too many times.But again,these are the same fans that called Ramsey “average”.

Truth is these players don’t deserve horrible fans like that.I really hope Xhaka leaves the club.The same goes to Emery,who has been criticised for not overachieving.These people should leave before it’s too late.They get more criticism than they deserve.Soon we are going to be a genuine mid table side fighting it out with Everton,newcastle and the fans would have played a major part in getting us there.


Just seen that Carasco thing lets hope it pans out as he looks decent if he can settle. No idea about the Sampdoria pair we are supposedly after anyone have any idea about them.
There are a lot of players that could be sold who would not make us much worst but not sure anyone would want them whether we rate them or not. Not going into the Xhaka and Mustafi debate yet again but thought Xhaka had an ok season and Mustafi was not great but not as bad as some say and he did not lose us the top 4 or Europa.




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