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Date published: Tuesday 7th June 2016 6:58

Juan Mata: Not included by Spain

Which players won’t be present at Euro 2016? Do you know the answer? I bet you don’t even know half of the players who can watch this tournament from behind the screen of there television. For this reason, infographics are a great way to show you in a split second what you have missed. Therefore we put up some team-related infographics.

The biggest named free players this summer

The season is over. Many players change clubs and clubs pay huge amounts for big players. For instance, Ilkay Gündogan will join Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund gets £25 million. It’s the first incoming transfer since Pep Guardiola became the manager.

But there are also a lot of big guys (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) who became transfer free after this season’s last match. A huge amount of players who have had a impressive career are now free to pick up. To give you a good look at these players, we made an infographic in which we made a formation of the biggest players without a club.

But there are more players without a club this summer. When will they get a new club? For some of them it shouldn’t be a problem to find another club.


Players that won’t be present at EURO 2016

This summer the European Championship will take place in France. A lot of stars (like Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard and Paul Pogba) will be present. But unfortunately there are many big times who will miss EURO 2016 because of an injury or just because they weren’t selected.
To get a better look on the big names we are going to miss we made an infographic in collaboration with This infographic shows a formation of the most valuable players to miss out France.


Players like Karim Benzema and Juan Mata, who play a big roll at their clubs (Real Madrid and Manchester United), will miss out France. You could say that’s a surprise because France and Spain will play at EURO 2016. The number of players is still growing and growing, so if you want an update on this infographic, you can check it out on


Odds next season

Leicester City became this years Premier League champion. But how will that affect the next season? When it comes to a prediction, odds are there to help you out. They tell you which team is likely to become the champion. As you can see in the infographic below, Manchester City is most likely to become next seasons champion.


Which team will become the champion? We have to wait an entire season for the answer but if you want to earn big, you have to put your money on an outsider. Maybe you will get rich some day… If you want to place a good bet, you need to know which matches are coming. We want to help you out.

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