‘Thomas Muller is past it, Bayern have missed the boat’

Date published: Thursday 9th February 2017 12:30

The Wenger row rumbles on, plus more split opinion on Klopp, Mourinho myths, Aguero’s future and Chelsea’s player of the season.

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Arsenal going backwards

Gotta say, there didn’t seem too be many news outlets that picked up on this Koscielny quote but I also wouldn’t be surprised if there are problems in the dressing room.

We’ve seen two world class players brought in in the last three seasons, close on £100m spent last summer and yet we appear to be going backwards again.

It’s hard to believe that any player with any ambition would be happy with Wenger as their manager at the moment.

Al The Gooner

Hart to Hart

I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really rate Joe hart. I would love him at Arsenal, he’s a good goalkeeper on his day and time and again shows leadership qualities as well.

The Special One

All going to plan

Klopp said it would take time and he’s right. People need to remember where this club has been finishing for the last 8 years.

I’m suprised we are in a fight for 4th. I think we are ahead of schedule but the problem is fans and others want instant success.

Let’s just see out this season and support him in the summer.

Sean the Sailor

You talk too much

The worst thing a manager can do in many ways, is to raise expectations. Sadly that’s what Klopp did in the first half of the season.

We can still be critical of last summer’s transfer window, but at the same time thinking more about it, Klopp perhaps had to first develop a relationship with the recruitment team.

Until that developed properly, he reverted to bringing in most of the players he personally knew of: Matip, Klavan & Karius.

So long as the players stay fit, there’s no reason we can’t now pick up the pieces and rediscover our confidence & the form that put us just 5 pts off the top, and we can look to address our main weaknesses (squad depth, player quality, lack of leaders) in the summer.


Muller out of date

Make an offer of £20 mill.for Muller. If it’s accepted OK, if not walk away.

He’s not worth any more than that.

But no doubt Bayern would want a fortune for him. But really he’s past it. Bayern have missed the boat.


Mourinho myth

I think it’s actually a big myth about Mourinho parking the bus in big games, gleefully jumped on at Anfield this season by the original and supreme myth makers the mickeys to disguise from their poor performance.

And if he he needs two wins from the three aways at city, Spurs and Arsenal then it’s going to be some dance watching those games. Yes we should be filling our boots over the next two months and trying to get right up as high as we can…but there’s nothing quite like the buzz of a stadium for a vital match in April and May. I’ve missed it big time.


Chelsea’s player of the season?

Eden Hazard: Discusses title race

It’s definitely not a difficult choice. Hazard’s form has been good – not great. We know he is capable of contributing a lot more. Moses has improved a lot, Alonso is doing better than anyone expected and Kante is just running around winning the ball back 9/10.

Kante is the obvious choice and nobody else comes close – You can’t replace him with all the money in the world – he is unique!


How much?!

£70m for Lukaku is far far too much for a player we once owned, rather go for Dybala or Belotti – they score against all kinds of opposition – big teams or small teams



I personally love Aguero but my thought, despite how much how I would hate it, is that I think Pep could sell Aguero in the summer.

Why I think that? I maybe have missed a goal but in my analysis Aguero has scored 11 goals in Premier League this season – not bad at all as he has also been banned for many games.

But despite that the thing is he has scored all his goals against weaker teams. He has one against Arsenal the rest is Stoke, Swansea, West Brom, Middlesbrough and Burnley.

I don´t think Aguero has evolved to Pep’s style and I don´t think he gets involved in the game like he used to.

I for one would not stunned if we sold him in the summer. Not happy of course but it would not come as a surprise.


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