‘Three Man Utd subs, does Mourinho not know how pre-season works?’

Date published: Wednesday 1st August 2018 11:39 - Ross Gibson

Jose Mourinho TEAMtalk

Manchester United fans discuss their latest pre-season match, Liverpool followers look at their defensive options, and Chelsea readers talk about their ideal starting line-up – all in Your Says of the Day.


Why only three subs, Jose?

So we beat Madrid and there are no comments!? Agenda driven, anyone? Lol.





A win is a win, and comments from Mourinho after the match what he said, it doesn’t change anything about the tour is disrespected to the team. Show them a compliment for the win or look at plus points in the match. He only still moans about the whole tour.

Its about time that Mourinho f*cks off completely with his negative tune all the time. Even a win doesn’t make him happy!!



That was a great result and if we can build on it against Bayern then we can build up a bit of positive momentum going in to the new season. A couple of signings would also add to things nicely. However, I still believe that we are going to struggle to fully challenge City and will come up short in the big competitions this year. And that’s regardless of the good result and first half performance last night!



Yesterday’s result is just as meaningless as the result against Liverpool, perhaps even moreso because Real Madrid were playing their first pre-season game and obviously can be expected to be lacking match practice.

Again, the main thing is to see how the players are coming along in preparation. De Gea is back in the camp and can start getting mentally prepared for the season while Sanchez, Mata, Herrera, Shaw, Pereira, Bailly, Fosu-Mensah, and McTominay look physically ready (Fred also getting up to pace). Sanchez, Herrera, Pereira, and Mata look particularly sharp – I expect these players to be the most influential in the first few games of the season and I hope Mourinho has the balls to start Pereira against Leicester.



Another drab performance with JM overusing his players in order to give himself a future excuse when they start picking up injuries.

1. Sign Sandro, Sessegnon or Tierney
2. Sign Maguire, Mina or Alderweireld
3. Sign Pulisic
4. Sell Fellaini, Darmian and one of Jones/Smalling
5. Give TFM and Tuanzebe proper game time at us or on loan
6. Line up 4222 with Pereira as one of the attacking midfielders
7. Start playing attacking football
8. Stop over-playing players
9. Stop playing players out of position
10. Get rid of the Glazers


Jose Mourinho


In a preseason friendly Jose made just 3 subs in the 68th, 79th and 82nd minute. Does he not know how a preseason works? Real made 11 subs in comparison.



F@cki*g hell you’ve come up with a new way to slag him off Mr Agenda…substitutions! You’ll be cussing his haircut next.

Wonderfuel Gas

Should Klopp bring in defensive reinforcements?


I just remembered that Fabinho can play at right back which is a massive boost. It means Klopp can take the heat off from TAA when he has one of those games were he is getting roasted as he did a few times last season.

This made me think about the entire defence. As long as Robertson stays fit and Lovren can play as good as his boasts suggests then we should be a lot tighter at the back. I still hold serious reservations about Dejan “I’m one of the best defenders in the world” Lovren. But as long as VVD is fit we should be alright. On that note now that Fabinho is here to cover for right back we may see Gomez get the time to impress at CB. I feel this is Gomez’s time to step up and fight for that spot next to VVD. Infact, psychologically it may be easier for Gomez to now as he won’t be expected to make Liverpools defence better as he was for the last two years.

I don’t like the way Chelsea play overall but I’ve always loved/respected the way they defended like an Roman Legion. Even when Chelsea are bad they always seem to have a decent modicum of defensive organization. I don’t think we will ever defend like Chelsea because of Klopps high line football but at least we have good players at the back who will show more defensive intelligence

Further more, our midfield should provide better at holding on to the ball with Keita involved. Good times!!



I too would look to replace Lovren from the first team but again understand why klopp hasn’t.

I think he will change things next season thou.



I can see Lovren being a Karius this season. Klopp will see improvement, stick with him and then he’ll fuck up royally in a big game or games and the realisation will hit that he needs replaced. He has ability and can be a great defender but there is always a mistake in him wether it’s his lack of concentration or poor judgment.



We conceded 38 goals in the league last season. We kept a lot of clean sheets. We conceded 9 v City and Spurs away. Bring it down under 30 and we’re lsughing

Alisson has to make a good start. Vultures be out for all our defence if we start to concede soft goals from day 1.

Sean the sailor


Image: liverpoolfc.com


Our defence will be better with Alisson and Lovren who seems to have a lot of confidence in WC. However we do not have Robertson back up, VVD back up and Karius is not good not even for 5th GK!!

Moreno, Karius and Matip must leave. There are better than them and more reliable.



Chelsea’s ideal starting line-up?

Still a bit early to determine the ideal team but if asked to make a call now my choice would be (and assuming all are staying):
Courtois, Dave, Christensen, Rudiger, Alonso, Kante, Jorginho, Luiz (yes in the middle), Hazard, Willian and either Morata or Michy

Would like to see who reacts better to the Sarri style of play but I have a feeling in my bones that Michy will relish this and find a new lease of life

As for Luiz, I know he has played at the back but I still have concerns over some rash challenges but feel we need him in the team so I would like to see him marauding in the middle and backing up the strikers (and as my preferred captain). Feel he could be a revelation…?

As for Christensen, yes he is young and made some mistakes last season but he has to be seen as the future and playing alongside Rudiger should help his game…? KTBFFH



Like the idea of Barkley and Luiz playing decent roles however I am very unsure about Michy. Even in the world cup while he was on had a hatfull of chances and scored only one basically easy chance. Squad players that have no chance of making a decent contribution need to be offloaded to make way for those that can do well. As far as the strike force is concerned Giroud, Abraham and one of either Morata or Michy is my preference with what we currently have.



I have a feeling that Luiz may become a key player in Sarri’s set up because of his ability to play the ball out from the back and on that basis I think the most likely starting eleven based on current players is:





The Barkley position is the most interesting because it could be anyone of three in there currently from Barkley/Cecs/RLC and seemingly we’re still searching for midfielder’s too.

nine nine nine


To those suggesting Luiz might be an answer or solution to our defence. Yes, Yes, Yes… We know when he’s in the mood he is phenomenal. Sadly, we see too much of the wrong side of Mr Luiz on the pitch.

Having him back in the side will be a big bonus for Sarri and the club. Big character marginalised under Conte. Never far away from controversy, but what a player when it all clicks into place and by all accounts over the years a big heart and passionate player. Im critical of him when he goes awol on the pitch, but really enjoy watching him play and enjoy the needle in his games at times. That battle with Ageuro being a great sporting rivalry…

Im simply trying to work out who goes into my fantasy team. Luiz, Christiensen, or Rudiger… its a very good defensive unit.. title winning one at that in the past few seasons.

Im still not sure he’s a midfielder, neither have two other managers, but lets see more of him this season. The guy is a proven winner with us and PSG.



I feel certain that Luiz will play a big part this season and I would like to see him made captain. He is dynamic, infectious, brilliant, erratic but a born leader who also galvanises the crowd

If Luiz is to play in defence then my preference in midfield is Barkley and for him to fight it out with RLC assuming he gets his attitude sorted. Personally, never been a fan of Fabregas so he can leave. KTBFFH



Prem predictions from an Arsenal perspective?

Prem league top 6: .1.citeh.2.pool.3.afc.4.utd.5.Spurs.6 chelski. I know it’s wishful thinking but the reason we got rid of Wenger and got Emery is for every fan to believe we can be a force again.

I’ve given us to pip Utd for 3rd on the basis that my brother (Utd fan) sees nothing but turmoil at Utd this season. Hope so bro.



As for your predictions, I think City and Liverpool are going to be in a slightly different league this season. My main hope is that City might get off to a slower start, or fatigue later on the season as they had so many players at the world cup, but their huge squad will probably mean they can rotate a fair bit. Liverpool have bought really well this season as well and I think they’re going to go on a level.

But as for Arsenal, as I said at the end of Wenger’s reign, I don’t think we’re as far behind as people think, at least when you take into account that you only have to play City and Liverpool twice each. I think we’re going to be equally strong or better than the other 17 teams in the league, and that’s all we have to do, beat what’s in front of us, one game at a time. You’re right that Spurs might struggle with their smaller squad that was filled with players playing throughout the world cup, and United look to be suffering under Mourinho’s moany mentality. I think Chelsea have got a really good manager in Sarri but it depends whether they can keep hold of Hazard and Courtois, so 3rd is a reasonable shout I reckon, especially as I think Aubs, Lacazette, Miki and Ozil will have a good season, and our defence certainly can’t get worse.

Add to that I think we have a good shout in winning the Europa League, I reckon that for me would be a good season, perhaps the FA Cup or Carabao Cup as well.



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