Too much too Yeung

Date published: Sunday 24th June 2012 10:40

Birmingham in desperate need of new owners

England Under-21 International Jordon Mutch has become the ninth cash sale at Birmingham City since our relegation in 2011 and, for me, it’s the one that hurts the most – enough is enough.

Whilst the sales of Johnson, Jerome and co were somewhat understandable given their ages, weekly wages and the fees we commanded for them, the sale of Mutch is unforgiveable and removes any doubt that Carson Yeung and BIHL no longer have any long-term plan for Birmingham City.

We are a club in a major city with high speed rail links to London on the way, with an enormous population, a club with a large, loyal and patient fan base, recent silverware success and European football has been witnessed. We are a club in a city with no current football super-power in the form of a Chelsea, City or United. Birmingham City will attract investment at the right price and the time has come to make a takeover a reality.

We currently have no manager, no sponsor, no kit, barely enough players to fulfil a matchday squad and the inability to register any new players without special dispensation from the league. Yet it is the sale of Mutch that finally confirms that there is no future with the current regime, Cardiff’s Mutch offer was clearly the only one on our table and the situation is such that it was accepted in haste.


It smacks of desperation, whether you’re a fan of Mutch as a player or not, it is irrelevant, it is the principle of selling a 20-year-old for a poultry sum to a Championship rival that is the most alarming – Mutch’s value will only soar, if we are unable to hold onto him and realise this rise in value, there really is no hope.

Lee Clark looks set to become our new manager and we really need to support him in what is a difficult period. We must commend him for having the guts to take the role in such circumstances and I hope he is rewarded in the future and is around to reap the benefits of a new regime.

The time has come to make a stand, a concerted effort needs to be made by Birmingham City fans and the local media to do whatever we can to halt the slide, not by aimless protests at St Andrews infront of the tea lady, but by bombarding the powers that be in the East and seeking answers and greater communication.

Blame must also be firmly placed at the door of our former owners, who after making a profit year upon year through the club, decided to sell us to the first interested party without a care for its future.

The club deserved better then, the club deserves better now, there is an ancient Chinese proverb that states “In every crisis, there is opportunity” – we can but hope that out of this crisis there is someone willing to take the opportunity to ressurect Birmingham City.

Keep Right On.

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