Top football jerseys to look out for in 2016

Date published: Thursday 27th October 2016 3:16

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With football fever going on, enthusiasts all over the world are trying their best to support their teams and players.

Mostly, people do this by wearing the jerseys of their favourite team or player. With Euro Cup 2016 just passed by, you can easily get your hand on the widest collection of amazing jerseys from reputed brands simply by going for online or offline stores. The best thing is that you can get your hand on the top jerseys for 2016 available in the market by making use of great discounts from the stores. So the top jerseys of teams to look out for in 2016 are:


  1. Spain

The Spanish football federation has come up with an amazing jersey with classic design and upbeat colours by teaming up with Adidas. The enthusiasm of the team and their valour to take up the challenges is clearly evident from their jersey. You can find this jersey for a better deal using the Nike discount code from while shopping.


  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

The team Bosnia and Herzegovina came up with their fresh jerseys for the world cup qualifiers in 2016. The team came up with their blue jerseys during the qualifying play off with the Republic of Ireland. The inspirational jersey has been brought up to you by Adidas.


  1. Wales

The Wales team has released their new kit this Euro cup 2016 by taking the help from Adidas. Their jersey comes in the traditional red colour along with the needle effect throughout the length of the jersey from the retro style.


  1. Russia

Russia launched their new kit when they faced Krasnodar in a friendly match during Euro 2016. Considering the Russian history, it can be called as the best jerseys designed in 2016. It is a V-neck jersey with the burgundy colour having three golden stripes running on the sides and shoulder of the jersey.


  1. Northern Ireland

This time, the Northern Ireland Football Association has come up with a new jersey for EURO 2016. The jersey has been designed with having colour combination of green and white. They have done a bit more by bringing in some detailing in the chest and sleeves. The jersey has been designed by Adidas and is designed in such a way to pay a tribute to the team which played the FIFA world Cup of 1986. If you are looking for some better deals on Northern Ireland jerseys then simply look for some discount offers at Dealslands. The deals can then be used during shopping to get discounts.


  1. Bolivia

Bolivia which qualified for the third time for World Cup made changes in their jersey and came up with a new home kit which was launched in March. The new jerseys come in their traditional green colour with a pattern to suit the modern day football team. You will find the yellow, red and green colour on the sleeves which represent the national flags of South Africa.


  1. As Saint Etienne

This season As Saint Etienne comes back with the retro style in their jersey. They have come with such a design to remember their team which made a history by winning between 1974 to 1976.


  1. Austria

By working in collaboration with PUMA, the Austria Football Federation has come with some new designs to be launched in the world cup to be held next year. Even though they have not been released still they come under the best jerseys of 2016. Some changes have been made and some graphics can be expected on the final piece.


For a true football fan, nothing can be more satisfying as having the jersey of the favourite team. So if you too are a football enthusiast it is your chance to get your hand on one of these top jerseys of 2016.

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