Tottenham chief Paratici makes ‘really, really big’ promise; gives transfer insight

Tottenham director of football Fabio Paratici watching his side from the touchline

Tottenham Director of Football Fabio Paratici outlined an element of his transfer strategy after promising a “really, really big” future for the club.

The Italian assumed his role with Tottenham this summer and wasted little time in making his mark in the transfer window. Cristian Romero, Bryan Gil, Emerson Royal, Pierluigi Gollini and Pape Matar Sarr were all acquired under Paratici’s new regime.

Whether those players will form the bedrock of Spurs’ return to prominence, only time will tell. But per Paratici, the big picture is far more important than Tottenham”s short-term struggles which have drawn sharp criticism.

“When we started 11 years ago it was not like the last years in Juve, we started in another point,” he told Spurs TV (via the PA).

“We had a target in mind and we did not lose our target after one month that was not so good. We were focussed in this way and strong to follow our way. Nobody can disturb us in what we want to achieve. This is our direction.

“A lot of the time the way is not straightforward, you have to be up and down and you have to resist it and don’t change your mental or focus, stay there and this is what we have to do.

“A lot of people know what they want to achieve but not many people know what they have to do to achieve the results.

“I am not somebody who stays six months, one year, two years in one club. Last two experiences are 11 and six years so I want to think about long time to build something is our target.”

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When outlining how high Tottenham as a club can soar, Paratici added: “When I spoke about big picture, it’s this, we have the best infrastructure in the world, amazing fans, we are in a big city, the best city in Europe, so we have everything to build something really, really big.

“We need the support of everybody because if we are positive and all together the way is more easy.”

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Paratici then explained what the big picture looks like and stated he targets players in the market based on their “mentality first”.

He continued after being quizzed on Spurs’ long-term outlook: “To be competitive, arrange the club in the right way and be focused in the team.”

“Choose the right players, about mentality first, about style of football second.

“To build the best team and best style of football we can. This is our target, it is not so difficult to think this, but we have to know what we have to do to achieve this.

“We have a small picture but it is an important one because it is this season. A season is not two months it is six, seven, eight months because we have to achieve our results, be the best we can do, work hard to win every game we can win.”

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