Spurs star a smart move for Liverpool; something has to give at Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 10th October 2019 2:45

Liverpool readers discuss how good a Tottenham star could be at Anfield, while Man Utd fans feel something has to give, and soon – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Pep and pundits as well as Liverpool players have stressed the fact that there are sixty points to play for and I’m sure Klopp as a successful manager with a proven track record will not leave anything to chance in the coming months. IMO here is a list of factors which will be crucial if we are to win the PL this season.

1.Players should have 100% focus on the league and forget about individual awards such as African player of the year or golden boots.
2. The squad should be able to deliver when called upon and players such as Gomez, Keita, Shaqiri and Ox will likely decide by their performance when they are called upon whether the title comes to Anfield.
3.Play without pressure. This two decades wait for a PL win was a weight on the shoulders of Carra and Gerrard and I trust Klopp to lift that weight on our current crop of players. It’s refreshing to see that Trent a local boy seems to play without any kind of burden on his shoulders.

Anything else I have missed?


Actually it’s 90 points but that isn’t important..

So basically what you’re saying is that it’s up to the individuals in the squad yes?
There are several other things I would add.
1. Our record against the top 6 needs to improve dramatically especially with 3 of them doing poorly and the 4th unable to defend despite their attacking prowess. We need to be thinking about beating City both Home and Away rather than this 4 points rubbish being floated around.

2. Our first 11 has to stay injury free.

3. We need to regain our game management which was arguably our the best thing about the team last season. Alisson + the increased fitness over time should fix this issue.

4. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has to have a go at City RIGHT NOW when their defense is in the shit. They were ripping everyone apart last season until they ran out of legs trying to chase a quadruple. This loss in momentum is crucial for us and opportunities like this don’t come often.

5. We have shown this season that we get complacent and are too casual at times. While we are European Champions, no player has the right to be arrogant about it. You get on and keep going and even when you’ve won everything you still keep striving to be better.

6. Another forward signing to cover Firmino. If he’s out the drop off is massive. I have previously touted Hwang Hee-Chan from Salzburg as an ideal player to fit this role. He has been nothing short of sublime this season and while Haaland gets all the credit, this guy is the real quality. Either that or pay the Spuds 70mil for Son and play a 4-2-3-1 more frequently, but the former could very well be the next Son.


its pretty basic mate… just keep on winning… We lost one game in the league last season if we can improve on that we got the title, we got 101 points from the last 38 games… We just have to keep doing what we are doing, one game at a time, every game a final.


Klopp and his team will probably manage the remaining games like they have the previous 18mths or so….by breaking the season down into blocks of games.
The 3rd block of games is about to begin with some big games to play before the next international break in Nov.


Got to get more than one point off City this season. It ultimately cost us the title. Just hung on at the Etihad (following Bobby’s equalizer) and we’d had done the double.

Also, you mentioned our second string and those boys (Keita, Ox, Origi, Shaqiri, Gomez and even Lallana) must stay fit and contribute. Tough ask for the preferred starting XI to do it for 38 games.

So, don’t let City beat us in either game (4 points was enough for City!) and our back up be ready to come in and deliver.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Yes, Son has got his plus points of which pace is his prime attribute; but whilst we continue to play the 4-3-3 which is currently working so well, then he just doesn’t make the starting XI for me. I don’t believe that he couldn’t do what is required from the midfield 3 and he’s not going to displace any of the forward 3. i.e. he’d be a very expensive cover player for a forward 3 that (not wishing to tempt fate) are fairly injury-resistant. Think I could find better causes to blow the, reported, 70 million on…..like our bang ‘average’ midfield maybe!

Origi seems to be playing well every time he’s made an appearance so far this season.
We’re not really losing a lot of quality when he comes in. There’s no guarantee a new signing would give us better backup than what Origi is bringing to the table. And we all know what his contribution meant to us last season.

I’m not seeing a massive need to dip into the transfer market. Unless it’s for Mbappe or Jadon Sancho of course!

Red Herring

So for 70mil who would you get in the bang average midfield then?


Bang average??

He could play anywhere across our front 3 such is his versatility but I don’t see us spending £70mil on him.


What b*******. Son, with his experience, could easily play in any or three forward roles. He can press, assist and finish which he’s been doing for Spurs now for several seasons.

Rob Fort Worth TX



Even Ole is saying top 4 will be difficult now. I don’t think that’s because we’re 5 points off it, I think it’s because he doesn’t see the team being able to get the form back to put a run together that would get us there.
Which, again, is a damning indictment of the current situation.

I really hope Ole can find a solution because I want him to be backed to complete the rebuilding job at the club. His first 3 signings have all been decent so far.
But, there’s a certain standard that the club can’t fall below regardless of transition and rebuild. At the moment Ole is dangerously close to dropping below that (he already has in many ways) so he must be dangerously close to the sack.



I realise Ed can say one thing today and do the opposite tommorow but I think the board does accept the rebuild will take time and results will suffer in the interim.

“While we are confident this investment will deliver results it is important that we are patient as Ole and his team build for the future. We intend to get back to the top of English football. Our growing global fan-base demands success, and success means winning trophies. That target and that standard has never changed for Manchester United and we will continue to focus on the long-term strategy and won’t be influenced by short-term distractions. We want to return to the roots of our club’s ethos of youth-led, attacking football and we will continue to make the necessary investments to make it happen. This long-term approach to building a squad is the right one.”


You’ve hit the nail on the head Mac, is he being honest or is it just spin?


killyboye – I think so because I think it suits their financial agenda. Slowly slowly gradual team rebuild is easier on the cash flow that a massive investment. And would a new top manager come in without assurances over transfer budget knowing he’d be expected to make top 4 with this team?

I suppose we’ll find out in due course.


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