‘Tottenham too mentally weak to win the Premier League’

Date published: Thursday 2nd March 2017 11:54

Liverpool fans are worried about losing Jurgen Klopp to Barcelona, Man Utd are urged to bid for Alexis Sanchez, while Chelsea, Leeds and Tottenham fans discuss the latest issues.

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Who could replace Klopp at Liverpool?

The thing is who could we get to replace him, he got players that I thought we should sell playing like superstars so he’s not a dud & we couldn’t get better

I do believe he needs something other than gengenpressing as it’s been found out teams know how to nullify it now.



Losing Klopp would be the end of Liverpool as a force

Although I am currently really irritated by our run of results this year. Losing Klopp would spell the end of Liverpool being (sorry thinking they are) a force.

But Klopp REALLY needs to wise up to the realities of the English game. Personally I don’t think we will beat Arsenal and I don’t feel we will make the top four. I wish they hadn’t created the Champions League. Like Arsenal, our aspirations have since been limited to reaching that fabled 4th sport and rarely beyond.

I had hoped, unlike under Nafa, that fourth would become our minimum target not stay our maximum. I’m guessing Arsenal fans can relate to that more than most.

Klopp needs to stay and a new spine (spineless certainly applies to our defending) to the team needs to be brought in. I don’t think we will buy a keeper, and I think Moreno will still be at the club this summer sadly. To all those people who said to we didn’t need a central defender in January, are you still sure of that? Or maybe you are happy with Liverpool being perennial nearly men?


Forever Red


Manchester United should try for Sanchez to upset Wenger

Alexis Sanchez: Taking Arsenal break

I genuinely think Manchester United should try and sign Alexis Sanchez. There’s plenty of benefits, not least because he’s such a good player and would walk into our side, but also to upset Arsene Wenger…

I think we should make a bid.



Barcelona to deploy insidious recruitment tactics to entice Klopp?

Just woke up from an after work nap and had a weird lucid dream that Barca got Klopp. In reality I shudder at the thought that Barca will spend 6 months utilising their not so subtle and insidious recruitment tactics to entice Klopp. Maybe they will start by trying to unsettle Coutinho….?

The only redeeming issue is that Barca allegedly have serious money troubles meaning they wont be able to sign players for big money unless they break up MSN. Anyways back to sleep at least I can dream about us signing Suarez back lol



If he ends up at Chelsea, he definitely strengthens them. We’d regret not biding then. He’d walk into our team and would be a good signing – especially if Ibra leaves.



Sanchez is an excellent player however we missed the boat when he left Barcelona – that’s when we should have signed him.

In my opinion it was clear as day that he was a world class player going on the cheap and couldn’t for the life of me understand how we weren’t in for him… Seems to be a common trend that we don’t bother going after top players who are supremely undervalued by their clubs and would make our team much better (Sneijder at Real Madrid, Sanchez at Barcelona, Robben at Real Madrid, Ibrahimovic at Barcelona).

Hopefully we will learn in future and, when Varane, Kovacic, Isco, Arda Turan, Alcacer and Umtiti are pushed out for more illustrious names, we will go for them and give them the platform to show off their undoubtedly excellent skills.

sympathy for the devils


I’m not a fan of buying players either in their prime or coming up to 30. I’d prefer to get them knowing their best years are still ahead of him. The best time to get Sanchez was when he was at Udinese. Too late now IMO.

The only plus (apart from actually getting a world class player) is that we’d get him reasonably cheap given that his contract doesn’t have long left to run.



Man Utd to make FA Cup their third focus now?

Antonio Conte: Meets Mourinho again

Judging by United’s performance against Southampton i think they are definitely there for the taking when Chelsea play them in the FA Cup quarter-finals – especially when you take everything in to account.

Home advantage is a big factor but also United travelling to and from Russia before hand. They looked jaded against Southampton. Just need to make sure that Ibra doesn’t get a sniff.

Also the FA Cup is their lowest priority as a top four finish and/or Europa League win would see them in the Champions League (where they need to be for a club of their size).



Bonucci on a downward spiral – he wouldn’t cut it in Prem

Leonardo Bonucci: Could make big Premier League move

People can give me a stick for having concerns about Leonardo Bonucci, but only time will tell if they are right or if we are right. Do you think Bonucci is world class? As I type this he isn’t even in the Juve team. and the fact that Juve are ready to sell him may suggest he is going down in the curve. be careful what you wish for ! we signed Shevchenko at the same age and was world class at the time. but what happened is that ” you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” once players are in that age bracket they no longer can adapt to a situation that is different from the one they used to. 9/10 they are likely to fail compared to an under 25 years old player who may have plenty of room for improvement.

Yes you may say Conte knows him in his time with Juventus and Italy national team. But at Stamford Bridge everything is different from how things were in Turin right? the Premier league is a league of pace and power. i’m not sure if he has that to survive in this league.

Usually defenders take 2-3 years to settle and adapt. but when a 30 year old defender costs £42m, I don’t think people will give him time to settle. and the pressure will on him even before he steps in to pitch. I would rather pay that amount with some one who can learn, who is young enough, and more importantly with a resale value.

If Madrid was demanding £65m for Ramos, and we all know what kind of a defender he is. then surely Juventus must have been demanding more for the said world class defender in Bonucci. Last summer they wanted £60m plus Fabregas, and all of a sudden they want only £42m. that may suggest there must be some decline on the player.


I have no idea whether Bonucci would do well for us or not. There are arguments for and against.

However, one of the many many things I am fundamentally opposed to is dogma, and there is a particular dogma perpetrated on this forum by certain posters, that we should never sign anyone over the age of 28 for big money. Such dogma would have been opposed to the signings of the likes of Zola and Makelele, two of our greatest ever players, who put in many many great years of service, and therefore is clearly flawed.

Also, there have been many many younger players signed for big money and who have been spectacular flops. So, I think people would be better off judging any potential signings on their individual merits, and leave their prejudices and dogma to one side.

Better still, lets leave Conte to judge any potential signings on their merits. On the evidence so far, he appears to be a good judge of players.



Tottenham too ‘mentally weak’ to win the Premier League

Tottenham’s team is so mentally weak when the pressure is on and will blow up in the last few games like they did last season and every other season and get pipped to a top 4 finish.

Only 3 wins in your last 16 away games but the media choose to ignore it and still say Poch is a great manager lol.



More to come from Leeds United

As we head towards the business end of the season I am happy as to where we are but not really sure that there is much more to come from us as a team. Garry Monk suggests that there is still progress that will emerge but I am skeptical given what I perceive as an overachieving squad. Other teams seem to be powering up. This is where some team or other gets onto an unbelievable run of form to reach the pinnacle. Can it be us? Realistically I’d say it is unlikely but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

The Birmingham City game is now the beginning of a list of “must win” fixtures with a wary eye on what the others around us are doing. In essence, our final destiny is not completely in our hands.

For the game I hope that Charlie Taylor will be able to come into the team at the expense of Berardi. Berardi is a wholehearted player that has got stuck in admirably and, now that he has moderated his wildness, is a useful squad player but Taylor gives us much more.

O’Kane has come in for some stick from sections of the Leeds United crowd but he is a very skillful player with lovely feet and he should be retained. Sacko should be replaced by Dallas who, since he seems good for 60 minutes only, should share the burden with young Vieira.

I would also keep Doukara in the team with perhaps Pedraza Sag and Barrow to get some playing time; Roofe, in my view, is rapidly dropping down the pecking order. The rest of the team should be as was against Sheffield Wednesday. I’d get shot of Calamity Cooper from the bench and put Lewie Coyle in and also think about putting one of the young strikers on stand-by.

Just from that you can see the limitations of available options.

I am hopeful that we will prevail in this match by a single goal. I am looking forward to it.

I do wish that there is more contribution and threat in terms of goals from midfield although there is very little evidence that that is likely.

Keep the Faith!



Mounting Conte talk has to be a worry for Chelsea

The Antonio Conte rumours are worrying but I am optimistic that these are all paper talk

Conte has probably exceeded his own expectations this season and from everything you see and read about him – he appears to be loving life at Chelsea and especially in the EPL. As it seems probable we will be playing the CL next season I think it would take a really remarkable offer to lure him away ands I assume that Roman would do all he can to retain him. KTBFFH


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