Tottenham will push frustrated Mourinho into perilous corner, claims pundit


Jermaine Jenas says Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho will be “left out to dry” next season and expects the club’s struggles to continue.

Spurs have endured a mostly downward trajectory since their Champions League final defeat to Liverpool last summer.

In November, the club sacked Mauricio Pochettino after a poor run of form. Mourinho then went through a turbulent first few months marred by injuries and a string of disappointing results.

Mourinho eventually guided Spurs to a sixth-placed Premier League finish. However, Arsenal pinched their spot in next season’s Europa League group stages by winning the FA Cup.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jenas insisted that Mourinho’s and Tottenham‘s prospects will not improve next season.

“It’s going to be really frustrating I think for Mourinho next year because he’s going to be the one left out to dry I think,” the pundit said.

“Essentially he needs players and they are a team that I don’t see getting in the top four right now.

“They’re not better than Wolves, they’re about on par with Arsenal but actually I see what [Mikel] Arteta is doing and I think that he is just ahead of what Mourinho is doing with his team.

“I don’t see it being a very pretty season for Jose or Tottenham at all.”




However, Jenas also said he expects Spurs to stick with Mourinho despite the Portuguese’s initial struggles.

“I’d like to think he will [stay as manger],” Jenas added. “I’m pretty sick of managers getting put in situations where everything is kind of against them and I think Tottenham is one of the clubs that do that in a way.

“If you look at what Pochettino did for that football club, to not back him at a time when he needed to be back seemed like a ludicrous decision.

“The team needed refreshing, they didn’t refresh it and off the back of it there was huge frustration from Poch and the team basically continued, even though they got to the Champions League final they lost 13 league games.

“It continued its form into this season which was poor.

“No managers walk anymore because there’s too much money involved, but obviously Jose has come in and taken the job so I would presume there was conversations that there would be investment.”

Arsenal‘s FA Cup triumph means Tottenham will enter the second qualifying stage of next season’s Europa League.

The result also means Wolves means will have to win this season’s competition to qualify next term.