Twitter reacts to Hoddle, Savage and Darke commentary

Date published: Saturday 3rd October 2015 1:48

James McArthur: West Brom midfielder challenges West Brom striker Saido Berahino

BT Sport’s commentary team were in ‘inspired’ form during the Crystal Palace v West Brom game – we take a look at some of their best bits.

BT Sports have been making waves with their coverage of both the Premier League and Champions League – but it’s fair to say their various commentary teams have divided opinion.

On Saturday, Crystal Palace hosted West Brom in the early game – and we analyse Ian Darke, Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage’s work – as well as some of the best Twitter reaction.

Darke: “Crystal Palace can go third here today with a win – and it’s still only September.” (No, Ian, I think you’ll find it’s October 3.”

Hoddle: “This is like a throwback game – the pitch is 60 by 40 right now.”

Darke: “We’re told it is a hamstring injury – a left leg hamstring injury. That’s the information we’re getting from the touchline. Thank you for that information.” (A grateful Ian Darke reflects on Jonny Evans’ first-half substitution.

Darke: “Several years ago, Gayle was playing for Bishop’s Stortford – he’s come a long way. A former carpenter, you know.” (Darke’s clearly been reading notes on wikipedia ahead of the match.)

Savage: “It’s a foul, it’s a push, it’s a foul – he has to give it.” (Robbie reflects on a clash between Wilfried Zaha and Craig Dawson.)

Hoddle: “He’s got to fizz that – he’s got to go top corner.” Savage: “Only Hoddle can say it’s got to go top corner (laughs).” (Sorry Robbie – are we missing something here?)

Hoddle: “Palace have got to keep feeding the wingers. If they want to win this game, they must keep feeding them and get the ball to Zaha’s left side – his strong side” (Hoddle clearly believes Palace wingers Zaha and Bolasie are slightly on the skinny side – and also doesn’t know Zaha is actually right-footed.)

Savage: “I don’t get this tactic. All they’re doing is smashing the ball up long. It doesn’t work. Stop hitting it long to Gayle.” (Long-ball tactics clearly don’t sit well with the pass-master of his day, Savage.) Hoddle: “Zaha is on fire to a certain point.” (?)

Hoddle: “It’s a foul on Zaha. Why hasn’t the referee’s assistant seen it? Even Alan Pardew from the bench has seen it.” Hoddle: “Alan Pardew has really put his stamp on this club over the past year or so.” (Pardew took over at Selhurst Park in January 2015).

Darke: “Palace continue to look for the key to the door.” (Ian Darke has been brushing up on his metaphors ahead of the match)

Darke: (In the 84th minute) “Palace just need another five goals now to overtake Manchester City and go second.”

Darke: Seventeen of the 22 starters today are from the British Isles. Is this some kind of record? Get in touch and tell us…” (No, Ian, that’s your job!)

Savage: “They’ve got two solid banks of four.” (in reference to visiting West Brom, who were playing as 4-5-1)

Hoddle: Palace bought really well this summer and look like a team who could finish in the top eight.” (Someone tell Hoddle that Palace were fifth going into this game.)

Hoddle: “The referee was only nine yards away; 10 metres maybe.”

And even poor old Jake Humphrey wasn’t immune to the odd gaffe, when after the game he declared: “Palace move up to third after the win, and even more importantly, they’re now joint second!”

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