Two Ajax stars on Liverpool wishlist; United fans want Lyon striker

Date published: Thursday 13th June 2019 1:57

Hakim Ziyech TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans talk transfer targets, Arsenal readers discuss Granit Xhaka, United fans pick Lukaku replacement and Chelsea fans want Sarri to go – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Arsenal fans debate Xhaka role 

Im saying that we dont have a player of that abillity to lead at all in the team. Xhaka does not motivate when things go against or it being tough. Please give exampels when he has. Its more to it than just motivate. If you see a player fight for every inch regardless of how its going thats shows other players as well. If you are lazy and dont do the work yourself how can you then think that any player would do the work if you yourself dont? Lead by example is just that not just telling others what to do.



im not Xhakas biggest fan, though i did think he was a little improved last year

im not sure saying he is Swiss captain and the Swiss are a good footballing nation really helps an argument, they are a bang average team at best!

if i could i would get rid and upgrade him, given the current market and transfer funds though i dont think he is as important to move on as others in the squad though…

being linked with Saint-Etienne’s 18-year-old French defender William Saliba, by all accounts although young he is a very good prospect


Granit Xhaka TEAMtalk

Muffler – Just hypotheically speaking,if xhaka can’t track back it’s because it’s not his strenght.He’s one of those players who never hides,is always available for a pass.He has great vision on the ball,and despite being a player who plays in front of the defense he’s always a forward thinking passer trying to make things happen.His mistakes got relatively(hugely) lesser because he had someone like torreira beside him last season who can do the dirty work(although towards the end he drifted out a bit).In switzerland he has freuler who’s capable to do the same.Many if not all fans who had a go at him the season before last have reversed their opinions about him because he’s shown his true potential last season.He was also the best player in the final against chelsea for us.For me he offers something unique,a bit like Matic.if you analyse our plays and many good plays aways flow through him.For me there shouldn’t even be a debate about him,but for some once a scapegoat is made there’s no turning back.he could’ve sit on the bench and still got blamed.My problem also with Mustafi is I wouldn’t mind him seeing replaced but don’t tell me him going would be the end of the problems.Who are we going to get in?Don’t tell me The overglorified englishmen holding and chambers will cover for him.We will concede even more goals if they start.

steve0 – Switzerland are ranked 9th in FIFA national rankings,above many top teams with a prestigious history.In what sense is that bang average?Just because they don’t have the “best team on paper” dosen’t mean they can’t be a good footballing side.For me,they have players who are not bigged up too much but are quite talented indeed.They also beat first placed belgium 5-2 to qualify for the Nations league final.They usually perform well in international tournaments and get out of their group stages atleast.
While i’m at it,We should have a serious look at some of the swiss players.We should’ve got shaqiri last season itself.freuler is a very good player.Even de roon(dutch).But most of all I like the right back Kevin Mbabu.I’ve seen him play for young boys and switzerland and he’s impressive to say the least.Even recently in the nations league final he was constantly making overlapping runs and tracking back as well.We should seriously go in for him.



Time for Sarri to leave for Juventus

Can’t see that Aindro if that was the case and Chelsea wanted Sarri to stay they would have told him and Juve that he still had two years on his contract and he wasn’t going anywhere.

nine nine nine

Maurizio Sarri TEAMtalk

I knew from the onset this 5m compensation fee Chelsea are demanding from Juventus for Sarri would be a problem, holding us up again, it’s always about money everywhere.



Agreement over the way Chelsea is run

As ever, for me Bort comes closer to reality than most on here. It is, indeed, the case that club supremacy in football operates on a seemingly cyclical basis and possibly we are now seeing, in full flower, its latest iteration. The one thing I would say is that Chelsea’s apparent decline is as much to do with self-inflicted wounds as any ephemeral intrusion from the gods.

It might help our general attitude to our plight to refrain from continually talking about the “loss of our best player” in what is, after all a team game and also to take on board that our attitude towards young players flies in the face of the fact of so many young players are the driving force behind other clubs recent success. Whereas fans may wish to absorb this message, it would be better still if our Board were to take note as well


Eden Hazard of Chelsea

very wise words from you Palms. you said it as i had in my mind. although i was too reluctant to go out a marathon with wisefan😊. this site misses your wisdom. i wish wish you long life and good health.


Liverpool to sign two Ajax stars

AK it has also been posted that De Ligt would likely get a salary bump after a season or two and that Liverpool FC are known for rewarding their players regularly with new contracts.

If De Ligt joins Utd on a 200k contract he will be expected to lead the backline for them, joining us on a lower salary eases the pressure as he would not get a starting salary much higher then our recent recruits. He would be expected to fight out for a spot in the team against Matip, Gomez and Lovren even though I think Lovren might leave.

Way less pressure and De Ligt is very likely to establish himself at the club as the 2nd man to Van Dijk. After that he would receive a new contract to rival our star players and in the mean time get some more experience in the Champions League which we are favourites to win again.


There are some good reasons to say why we should/could get De Ligt…

CL, Klopp and VVD/Gini factors but I think when he sits down and looks at all the offers the ones from Barca and Utd are going to dwarf what we probably will offer. But if the club has made an excellent pitch to De Ligt just as we did for Ox and VVD when they received higher offers from other teams it could be on. But should De Ligt be getting more than the likes of TAA, Gomez and Robertson, hell no! I know he is potential but theres no way he should be walking into the team and getting more wages than those lot.

But anyways I think its a non-starter… if De Ligt is worth 70m+ then how much is Gomez worth? Gomez also has a very high ceiling wasn’t long ago I watched Gomez keep Neymar and Coutinho quiet when he played for England against Brazil and has been to two CL finals. To me its not worth spending all that dough when that money could be better spent on other areas. Don’t get me wrong De Ligt is going to be a great player and I would be happy if we got him under the right conditions that don’t upset team harmony.


I don’t think we’re forcing him out the door but if the right bid came in we’d be open to it. Still think he’s worth more than £25mil considering his length of contract, his experience and derth of decent centrebacks out there.

Ziyech defo on my radar especially after it’s been muted he’s available for £25mil.
Can play in a front 3 or a midfield 3. If he could have the kinda impact like Bernardo Silva it would easily be worth the punt.



Bingo De Ligt’s agent is the infamous Mino Raiola mate. If a club is willing to offer De Ligt 200k a week, Raiola would have his pens ready to push De Ligt to take that offer. If De Ligt is demanding 200k I say we forget about him and let him go to PSG, he may be the brightest young talent out there but he is getting too big for his own boots.

I’m with mwake, Gomez has just as much potential as De Ligt, he has somewhat flown under the radar when compared to De Ligt and there were games earlier in the season where he outperformed VVD. I get the injury record surrounding the lad but most of his injuries were collision injury, the jury is still out for me whether or not he is injury prone. I reckon we should look elsewhere for a backup CB considering Lovren is leaving. That money is definitely better spent bolstering our front three in my opinion.



Dembele to replace Lukaku at United

Moussa Dembele of Lyon (formerly Celtic) is the player we need – will cost less than Lukaku and is much more dynamic and will be involved in the build-up play.

Also think he would be willing to share the forward position with Rashford and won’t cause problems.

After Lukaku’s last comments, it seems he’s determined to leave and will do so, so best we get in the replacement beforehand.

Sympathy for the Devils

Yeah I was talking about the sitter he missed. When I woke up today all I saw were clips of his miss and nothing said about Lukaku’s goals. I’m not blind to his flaws but, as JM says, who the hell would we replace him with if we did sell him this summer?
I think he’s scored something like 45 goals in 95 games for us, not bad at all. Rashford and Martial are nowhere near that level.

Yes, he’s a flat track bully, but it’s these crap teams that we always seem to struggle against. We’ve bigger problems in the team than Lukaku and i’d Personally get him fit early in pre-season and tell him to score 25 goals against all the shit teams!




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