Two of Man Utd’s best players not even at club; the five things that must happen

Date published: Thursday 23rd January 2020 2:54

Man Utd readers have listed five things that need to happen at the club right away, while two of their best three players are out on loan, all in Your Says of the Day.


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OK so what do we think needs to be done? Just make it a line or two for each point and non-rant lol.

-First of all the fans to stop going and start booing more. Further to this the fans to sing Woodward out every game.

-Maybe profits to drop? Losing while making money means they don’t give a toss.

-Maybe it’ll be good to get pasted every game till the end of the season.


Woodward steps down and reverts back to CFO.

Ole departs.

Pochettino comes in.

DoF comes in.


Been saying this many times:

– Stop attending home games
– stop buying official merchandise
– stop buying products of official sponsors

That’s what we, as fans, can do.

What the club has to do:

– Pocchetino in
– Campos in as DoF
– any changes to coaching and scouting staff they deem necessary
– funds made available for transfers
– Woodward removed from all football-related items and focuses purely on commercial

Sympathy for the Devils

Just one thing that will happen:we need to accept the fact that out time @ the top is gone,and that we will spend a few years or even maybe decades on the wilderness,like it or not.
Sympathy-That will never happen,even if UK based fans stop attending games,especially @ OT,the overseas fans will flood in their millions,especially now that fans from China,India,and other major economies have ££££/$$$$ to burn.


If we cease to be successful on the pitch then the overseas money WILL dry up. It may be a slow process but it will happen. New fans tend to be bandwagoneers unless their brother or father support a given club. If we don’t win trophies then we won’t win new fans. The fans that we’ve attracted over the last twenty years will remain for the most part but the new fans will begin to support Liverpool and City, Real and Barca, Juve and Inter, PSG and whoever, Bayern and Dortmund. It may be five years to a decade before we see change but the Glazers will jump ship when the money starts to slow and they have to fund all that debt themselves.




Ole is out of his depth. If he has any friends they need to be honest with him. Woodward too.

Looks like Woodward knows if Ole goes he has to go, so wants to bury his head in the sand.



Not only is Ole way out of his depth, he’s also deeply delusional. He approached the post-match interview as it was a one-off performance/result, like it would have been when he was playing. Back then we always had the odd bad result but made sure we bounced back as soon as possible. This, however, wasn’t a one-off performance – it’s the new norm. I’m sure most of the players care but their main problem is that they’re simply not good enough.

The same goes for Ole. He’s also changed his narrative dramatically, from demanding every player runs more than his opponent and takes risks going forward to…well, accepting these kind of performances. He COULD walk away now with some dignity in tact by stating the obvious; that Woodward and the Glazers have destroyed the club and the working conditions are simply unacceptable. He won’t though and knows his job is completely safe.

At the beginning of the season, I said that finishing 8th-10th would be the worst possible scenario this season but, now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually finished below that.


No matter what way you dress it up, or down, there is absolutely no excuse for losing to Burnley in Old Trafford. The fact that nobody really seems shocked that we did lose, speaks for itself.


Six years of shambolic failure, 4 managers and nearly 1 billion spent and still looking like a pub team yet Wudturd still has a job!?
Buying more players won’t fix the problem with Ole if he can’t coach a team!


I think Ole would make a good DoF because he does understand the club, he does understand the way fans want us to play and he does understand the type of player that we need to get there. My major problem with Ole is that some of his tactical decisions, in-game, have been baffling.


Not for me Kily. Would rather a DoF who has gavitas as a DoF, has the CV as a DoF to back it up, has proven ability and demonstrable experience of working harmoniously with CEO, manager and scouting team to overhaul player recruitment and retention to telling effect. Otherwise the DoF would be a puppet.

I mean that talk in 2019 re Fletcher, Ferdinand and Evra for the DoF role was utterly laughable. OGS would be no different.


I know it won’t happen moral but my point was that Ole knows the club and what we need. Jorge Campos doesn’t know the club even though he’s a proven track record. I couldn’t actually imagine Ole as the DoF to be honest but there needs to be some guiding light in the boardroom/backroom who understands who we are as a club. My concern about Pochettino coming in is that he’ll set the team up in his own mould, as Jose did, as LVG and Moyes did. Admittedly it’s hard to see where we’re going under OGS at the minute.
Undoubtedly his days are numbered but if he’s going to go, let him go now. Get in a temp coach to the end of the season and spend between now and May getting a manager and DoF, setting out a clear vision for the club and a structure to get us there. Appoint them both officially on the first day after the league finishes and let them go to work.


I think you suggested Ole because deep down, you like me, realise Ed really does not want a DoF as a DoF will mean spending big initially to move the rubbish on and get the right quality in. It would also mean admitting the last 7 years under Eds stewardship has been an abject failure on the footballing side.

Therefore, as a result, Ed only wants a puppet as a DoF (Fletch, Rio, Evra, An Other) if a DoF at all, rather than a serious, filly-fledged DoF who would demand action of Ed rather than words.

Change will only happen if the Glazers start to get uneasy – sustained drop off in share price, match going revenue, reputation, commercial deals, asset value etc.


Ole is not fit for purpose as a DoF. If such an appointment was made it would be another act of self mutilation of the club – incompetence.

This whole “knowing the club” nonsense must stop. Seasoned DoF’s have technical ability and are trained/experienced in how best practice in scouting, coaching, transfer negotiation, etc are done. A properly seasoned DoF will also be highly respected by other club boards – they have clout and are respected pro’s in the ilk of David Gill. What in the world justifies Ole being our DoF besides scoring goals off the bench in the 90’s?

You lot are basically saying: “Alright Ole, you clearly don’t know how to coach, motivate, and organize the first team tactically nor do you know how to get the players you need out of your CEO – let’s promote you to Football Strategy Director, clearly the more junior role was too difficult for you”.

I can’t believe this is even being discussed on this forum.



Pocchetino in as manager.
Campos in as DoF.
Coaching and Scouting staff changed however they agree to.
Woodward to move away from all football-related items and focus on commercials.
Give Pocchetino the funds required to make the changes necessary.

Only that will bring us back to where we want to be.

Sympathy for the Devils

Cant have Ole as DoF. Look at the signings James-AWB-Maguire besides giving contract extensions to absolute rubbish players.


Just seen another of his interviews. He’s a gibbering, incoherent wreck.




Manchester United’s 3 best players this season are Marcus Rashford, Chris Smalling and Dean Henderson. Two of those don’t even play for United. Enough said.


Rio Ferdinand just said Chris Smalling’s the best defender at the club, why’s he on loan. Well said Rio.


TBF Matic (and Fred) did well. It’s the final third we we absolutely clueless in. Just had no idea on how to break them down. We had a couple of good chances where Martial missed his connection and Mata scuffed one onto his standing leg but that was about it.

We cannot defend set pieces either. Second balls killed us.

It’s the same old stuff though and won’t change without either a change in manager or several players coming in.


No matter what way you dress it up, or down, there is absolutely no excuse for losing to Burnley in Old Trafford. The fact that nobody really seems shocked that we did lose, speaks for itself.


It seems Chong has been deemed not good enough homer and I’m not sure Gomes, Garner and Greenwood are either mate. To early to tell with Greenwood but I’m not optimistic personally. Still, we’re so bad, each should be given a prolonged run. There’s nothing to lose.


I knew Maguire was slow but that carthorse Woods managed to have the beating of him for his goal. Maguire had a 2 yard head start.


Well ladies,that was a shambolic,embarrassing showing from our pussies,lol.Tbh,nothing shocks me anymore regarding our team,with the 3 best players out we are an average team,to say the least.We simply have to accept that,like it or not.And as for Ole,well,this job is too big/much for him,period!
Only 3 pnts ahead of bloody Southampton,lol.And,what about DDG,one of the worst goalies in the league,no doubt about that.He is conceding soft goals all the time,so needs dropping ASAP,even sold if there is a buyer.Dear God,we are screwed with Maguire,what a fooking waste of 80m!




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