Man Utd fans name the three stars most likely to leave this summer

Date published: Saturday 20th May 2017 11:00

Manchester United fans are predicting a backlash against Jose Mourinho if they lose next Wednesday and restoring the club back to greatness is his “biggest challenge”, all in our forum.


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‘United will not sell more than three players’

i’m still sticking to my word, we are not going to sell more than 3 (initially i said 2 but Rooney wasn’t in my list) and not going to bring in more than 3, those that are already out on loan doesn’t count most of them will be gone anyway but i’m talking about the current squad. Rooney, Smalling and Young/Zlatan (one of them is staying) will be gone, the rest are staying next season.



Man Utd departures list

@libanski – Zlatan is out injured until next year anyway and has already given strong indications that he is not coming back so it seems you think then that Young will stay even though he is 32 yrs of age,hardly ever gets a game and is close to the end of his contract,hmmm!.

Your other assertions that the likes of Jones,Darmian,Mata,Martial,Shaw and Carrick are not under very real threat of being shown the door is naive in the extreme.

I’m afraid and I can’t work out whether you actually believe what you are saying is right for the team going forward or if that you just have a feeling that is what will happen?.

Anyway,I think you will be proved to be way off the mark and I’m willing to wager that at least three more will go out and five will come in,if it doesn’t happen we will be fundamentally no better off next year as we are this,simple as that.



If United lose in Stockkolm there could be a ‘very bloody massacre’

@tommy – Fully take your point matey but as always there are other factors at play that affect the decision making process,namely does the manager really ‘fancy’ a player and want to keep him?,does the player want to stay at the club if he is not getting games,especially if he’s getting on a bit?,will the club keep a player at all costs even if his contract his nearly up,as is the case with Carrick,Young,Mata and Blind for example?.

We also have two players that will miss the start of next season in Shaw and Rojo,who is out until close to Christmas by all accounts so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.
I also think the result next week will be a massive factor,if the unthinkable happens there could be a very bloody ‘massacre’ in M16 shortly afterwards!.


It’s Mourinho’s ‘greatest challenge’

It’s a mess and no mistaking and I’m just glad I get to argue about it on the internet and I don’t have to sort it out, not question about that.

I would wager this is the greatest/hardest challenge Mourinho has ever faced in his life and he doesn’t look particularly happy about it. I’d also say if we’re still having these rows next autumn he’ll be gone by Christmas, probably of his own choosing.

I just hope he gets it right this summer.

Wonderfuel Gas

Salah link to Liverpool ‘upset me’

Mohamed Salah: Spent last season on loan at Roma

a, Marca today Bild tomorrow ?

I wouldn’t have a huge problem with them spending half our budget on one player if that player was an absolute superstar. We do need to have that super quality if we’re to compete with Utd, Chelsea and city but we need real sources TBH.

Our links to Salah upset me. All because they wanted to wait on Brandt. . Salah is a step down in ambition. It’s like the time that we signed Pennant. Not a bad player but not the quality you need.

Mr Makaveli


‘I hope Mbappe bid is real’

I really hope that our bid for Kylian Mbappe is real. No matter we can sign Mbappe or not, it showed our ambition and Klopp’s insistence on quality.

We need top quality players to help the team to turn the corner around. So, we need a brave manager who dares to spend big on his top target players. I call him brave because he probably will lose his job once the record breaking player does not work.

I have only watched Mbappe played for about 3 times (not enough to judge a player), he is not worthy for so much, at least not yet.

Another striker that caught my eyes is Dolberg of Ajax. A very skillful young striker, probably Klopp will consider about him.

Football Scouser

Centre-back conundrum

We currently have 5cb’s on the books, Matip, lovren, klavan, Gomez and sakho so I guess it all depends on what klopps plans are with Gomez. Sakho we all know is going to be sold, I will be surprised if klaven leaves after one season and we know lovren and Matip are going nowhere and for good reason.

Ashman I agree usual rule of thumb is 4 cb’s in a squad for a team that plays four at the back as we currently do. I guess if klopp decides to change to 3cb’s then another would be brought in for good reason. My only thought is that perhaps Gomez will be loaned out for the season, if this is the case it needs to be to a perm team where he will start.

I know the argument is that we need a cb (personally I don’t think it’s as important as a lb) but what does everyone else think? Gomez was a revelation at lb under Rodgers if I remember correctly, just before klopp came in but he is a cb really. I think the future is really bright for him and I don’t want him to drop down the pecking order, hope he can stay injury free and step up this season.



Sanchez badge-patting – ‘sorry I’m off’

Andy, there was a lot of comment about that badge-patting. A lot of people (you and me included) hoped it was a sign he might be staying but that’s almost certainly nothing more than wishful thinking.

Thing is, one of his many qualities that I think we all love is that he’s so obviously more about the football than the money. The irony is that we’ve lost so many players over the years who were simply looking for a bigger pay-cheque and now that we can afford to pay the big cheque, we could well lose Sanchez because we can’t offer him even a remote chance of winning the title or CL.

Some people were saying the badge-patting was an “I love you guys but sorry, I’m off” and sadly, that’s probably a lot more likely.

Al The Gooner


Big players all left Arsenal to win trophies

van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Toure, Clichy, Adebayor all left to win titles (with the possible exception of Adebayor) and they all succeeded.

As soon as Fabregas arrived back at Barca he commented on the improved training. van Persie demanded that Wenger improved the squad by spending money, when Wenger refused he stated openly he would not re-sign and he made it clear why.

There players did not leave for money, Fabregas left to return to his roots and greater success, van Persie left to win the title and he did. The Man City exodus may have had more to do with money but all of those players won the PL, something that won’t happen at Arsenal and that’s due entirely to Wenger.

The Oracle


Would RvP have stayed for £250,000 a week?

So just to clarify Shifters – Nasri, Toure, Clichy and Adebayor all left to win titles, but the Man City exodus may have had more to do with money?

And if you think van pur$ie wouldn’t have stayed if we’d offered him £250k pw, you’re a bit naive mate.

The one player you have a point with was Cesc. Still, as Meatloaf might have said, one out of six ain’t bad ?

Al The Gooner


Sanchez ‘will be off in search of titles’

Van Persie made it very clear he wanted additional quality players brought to the club when he had his famous showdown with Wenger at Easter that year.

Wenger revealed his plans and van Persie immediately told him he wouldn’t be staying because he wanted to win trophies. He wasn’t going to stay no matter what Arsenal offered financially because he knew that Wenger couldn’t deliver what he wanted, the PL title.

What I actually said was the players that moved to Man City may have considered the money on offer but they knew Man City were going to build a title winning side and Arsenal weren’t. That has been born out by reality. All of those players won PL titles, Fabregas won them and much more.

I can’t blame any of those players for leaving given Wenger had no intention of ever mounting a realistic challenge.

And as for naive, come on, that’s a bit rich from someone who thinks season ticket holders all go into a lottery to decide who gets FA Cup Final tickets, now that really is naive.

You’ve done your Sanchez money as well. I’m afraid, although he has given you a good run for it, shame he like the others will be off in search of titles. Another one who knows Wenger can’t deliver.

The Oracle


Mertens the man for Chelsea?

Dries Mertens: Linked with Manchester United switch

Please……not Walker or Bakayoko or Lukaku. Mertens….OK if we can’t get Bellotti or Morata. Pipe dreams I know but Verratti, Kessie, Mendy and Rudiger would be ideal. Ultimately we will get a combination of what Conte wants from what is available/negotiable. And that will provide us with the usual combination of delight and demur.

Final word on this: we really MUST look at what is closer to home. I know I have pressed the claim of some players rather than others with Europe in mind but we really have to acknowledge that we have a crop of youngsters which not only carries all before them at home but which does very well against international contemporaries, in other words, a 2017 version of Iniesta in Spain or a Dennis Bergkamp in Holland is, as likely as not, no better than an English/Chelsea counterpart.

People talk of RLC and rightly so but how can we ignore Chalobah? Or Abraham? And what about foreign talent like Ake, Aina, Kenedy and van Ginkel?

The players I have named in my first paragraph will cost a mint of money and whereas this does not normally worry me the thought that we may waste that money, when we may well have great players in prospect, does. Yes, the only way we will ever find out is by playing them at senior level but with so much senior talent already at the club to guide the way and protect our team performance, now is the time to blood our youngsters, in my opinion.



Fringe players got their chance against Watford

We do tend to go round in circles here on players

Firstly we all know how the demanding the owner is (think Ancelotti for one) in that the Chelsea manager must bring trophies, so the demand for the PL to be retained and for Conte to deliver the CL is not going to change, so this pipe dream of giving time for youngsters to bed in is not going to happen, take RLC, in my eyes the best youngster we have, yet he was afforded much game time as the manager at Chelsea has to deliver.

Secondly, the players mentioned above were given their chance against Watford the other night, and, well the scoreline was 4.3, a side who had scored one away goal since January I believe, the big guns if you like had to be brought on to secure victory.

The purpose of the academy is yes hopefully we unearth a gem or two, but also the quality of our academy is to also allow players to progress and make life as a pro footballers, if not at Chelsea then elsewhere in the game.
Players will be brought in and players moved on, Conte will know who he wants and the board will need to go and get them.



Chelsea Academy ‘working well’

BP – totally agree with you but can also understand where Palms is coming from

First and foremost it is the managers responsibility to ensure we remain competitive, challenge on all 4 fronts and you would assume he is expected to deliver a piece of silverware annually..? That brings great pressure as well which we all know and understand

Equally we have other the years shown that the academy is working well and we would appear to have a wealth of talent. Our big question as always is how to get this talent to make the next step up to the first team squad and become valuable members of it

I would argue that this season under Conte we have seen improvement of that. You can see that RLC, Chalobah, Ake, Aina and I will include Zouma because of his injury and age that we have got some quality there and although game time has still been limited they are featuring

For me this is a gradual process and I hope that both Chalobah and Ake are kept and retained next season. I think that both RLC (for sure) and Aina could go on loan to get more game time and see how they develop (or not). At the same time we must accept that players will be bought to improve and compliment the squad and so it is a fine balancing act for Conte to deal with

Personally, I want to wait and see who he buys and basically what squad he names next season for both the EPL and CL before I would want to make any kind of judgement. We may be surprised…? KTBFFH


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