Valcke expects to leave FIFA

Date published: Friday 24th July 2015 9:59

Valcke, who has been general secretary at the organisation for eight years, expects the new president to have a new secretary.

The 54-year-old, who was speaking at a news conference in Russia before Saturday’s preliminary round draw for the 2018 World Cup, also denied responsibility for any of FIFA’s recent troubles and said he has never encountered wrongdoing during his time there.

He said: “If I would be the next FIFA president, I would take a new general secretary so yes, whoever becomes president should have a new general secretary because it is the most important relationship for any organisation.

“About my future, I would say that at least I can have some privacy in regards of whatever questions you are asking and what I want to do with my life is just a question about me and myself.”

Sky Sports News HQ chief news reporter Bryan Swanson asked Valcke if he accepted any responsibility for the crisis at FIFA.

“I always say as the head of the administration I can be proud be proud of what FIFA’s administration has done,” Valcke said.

“FIFA’s administration, I don’t think, has ever been part of any of the stories which are around FIFA, including all the commercial agreements we have signed from 2007 to 2015.

“I have not seen anything relating to wrongdoing by the FIFA administration regarding any commercial aspect of FIFA during this period.

“You are asking me if I am responsible for what has happened, I don’t think I am really involved. I don’t think I am of anything to do in this case.

“I am responsible within the FIFA administration for the work which is part of my duty based on the FIFA statutes which clearly define what is the task of the secretary general and the task of the secretary general is to implement the decisions which are coming from the congress of FIFA as from the executive committee of FIFA.”

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