‘Vardy out of place vs. Germany, I would have preferred Defoe’

Date published: Thursday 23rd March 2017 11:29

Daley Blind is ‘not good enough’ to fill Michael Carrick’s shoes, Arsene Wenger will soon be ‘despised’ and it may be time for Chelsea to ditch Diego Costa. All discussed in our forum…


Man United were right to ditch Depay quickly

Regarding the debate about promoting youth (eg Rashford) or signing a proven experienced player surely it doesn’t have to be an either or situation. Its a squad game. The squad should be a blend of ages and stages of development. We can have several strikers and all can have fair share of games. The concept of “leading the line” is perhaps misleading. One striker will be on form and should be played in top games. Others can play against lesser opponents or come on as vetersubstitute. The ideal was 99. 2 top strikers in their prime plus an old veteran on his way out and young rising his way up.

Regarding tradition v titles. Woodward made our objectives clear in his comments on appointing LvG. He said United want to win honours playing entertaining football AND developing homegrown players. Once again, does it have to be an either or. Why can’t we have it all.

On that topic, I personally would like to see us have far more players on the books and loaning then out to other clubs. Whatever happened to the feeder arrangements and tie ups with foreign clubs. And I would like too see players who dont make the grade or progress shown the door sooner. It was wise to ditch Depay instead of keeping him for ages like we did with Nani and wrong that Jones should be able to stay so long.



Letting De Gea go ‘would be a mistake’ by United

Obviously, good, young goalkeepers are an extremely rare resource. Letting DDG go would be a mistake but if he wants to go back to Madrid then I’d let him rather than he be unhappy in Madrid. I’d be willing to do a swap deal with Atletico for Oblak, we’d prob have to give them cash as well but I think he’s a stronger keeper all round than DDG. We’d get Oblak, DDG would be back in Madrid and we’d fuck over Real in the process…. provided DDG would go back to Atletico.



Blind will never be good enough to fill Carrick’s shoes

Blind is and always will be an excellent SQUAD player but he’s not the world class player we need in that position and never will be. We need a player who is either world class or a young player who is experienced enough with their current club to become world class in the next season or two maximum. We need someone who is tough, tackles, can boss the space between midfield and defence but also capable of starting attacks. Blind fills those shoes to a point but in reality he’s good but just not good enough.



Vardy ‘looked out of place’ against Germany

Good performance, better than the opposition with no one embarrassing themselves. Credit to Southgate for his selection of Livermore who done a solid job in the centre, justifying selection. Keane performed well at the back to show we do have options at CB. If I were to be critical Vardy would be the one to single out who looked out of place, would of preferred to see Defoe out there.

However it was Poldoski who stole the game, on his night, with a wonderful goal. As steveosnakeeye says, wish we saw more of him in the PL.



‘Arsenal ‘need an owner or board that gives a s**t about the fans’

Yeh its long over due for him now and the longer it goes on the more he will become disliked and even hated and that is such a shame for an absolute legend but as he is not man enough to go by himself we need an owner or board that gives a s**t about the fans that make them rich and sack him or let him go at the end of his contract

plus side for you lot is we are now out of top 4 and falling further so its now between your lads and the Manchester United lads, if it comes down to that most of us will be cheering your lads on even if Man U finish above us it would be sweet if they still finish out of the top 4, how sad my season has become that thats the best i can hope for!



It’s going to be sad when Wenger is ‘despised’ by fans

Agreed that Wenger should have gone before he ruined his legacy. It’s the club that he loves though and I guess it can be hard to let go. . . going to be sad when he’s despised. I bet he thinks most of the fans are behind him and will remain so.

I wouldn’t count yourselves out of the CL places though, far from it. When was the last time Wenger failed to deliver that? I’d say you’ll get it together enough to qualify again. If not then maybe it’ll be enough to see Wenger finally leave.



Costa needs to start scoring again for Chelsea

If Diego Costa isn’t scoring goals then we need someone who will. We dont need someone who can hold the ball up for a bit or someone who creates space. I for one cannot be bothered with all the c**p that surrounds him for yet another season.

I was completely against buying lukaku in the summer but now im starting to come round to it. He needs to sort out that god awful first touch though.



Chelsea must ‘keep the faith’ with Costa

Problem is that if you drop Costa who do we play? Michy does not seem to be favoured and not sure if he is capable? If we go for the false no. 9 then we rely on Hazard being fit which is not the case at the moment

Seems to me that if an agreement has been reached for Costa to leave assuming a decent bid is received in return for him to continue to do his best then as a Club we can continue to remind him of that agreement

I see few other options and we do not have a decent 3rd striker to rely on and why would we when the EPL is not wrapped up and could easily unravel if we lose the harmony of the squad and of course we are still chasing a double

Not long to go until the end of the season so for me, I would say keep faith with Costa but remind him of his obligation to the club.



What has Barkley got that Loftus-Cheek hasn’t?

Ross Barkley? You must be joking if you think we need Ross Barkley. what has Ross Barkley got that Loftus-Cheek hasn’t? apart from being playing time which makes a player better rather than sit on the bench and waste his talent. for a club who likes to throw young players, Chelsea will be the last club that Ross Barkley will choose as he will not play. and by the way, i would rather spend that money elsewhere and groom Loftus-Cheek to be part of our starting 11 rather than pay big money for a player who isn’t better than if we don’t take playing time in to consideration.



Anyone following on from Moreno ‘is going to look world class’

Hightown and Ginger you guys are right, I went a little bit Arsenal Fan TV overboard by calling Milners stint at left back a failure lol. Dont get me wrong I love Milner! His character and determination has got me out of my seat plenty of times, especially those thundering tackles which I’m sure galvanises the rest of the team as it does the fans!

However I feel Milners determination cant always make up for his lack of pace. We want a left defender that can get up and down the pitch put crosses in and also get back quick enough to handle the counter attacks. Milner fails regularly on those issues.

I think the reason why he’s tolerated is because the attack played well in the first half on the season as you mentioned Hightown; and because he is following on from the ‘Masterclass of Moreno’. Anyone who comes into that position and plays averagely well after Moreno is going to look world class lol.

But I feel we shouldnt be setting our standards on the benchmark of Moreno, instead we should be looking at the best left backs in the world and seeing where Milner stacks up to that, I agree I was rash and harsh to say Milner is a ‘failure’ but compared to the standard that we need he’s no where close. As I said we definitely have to keep him as he is an able backup.


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