VIDEO: Saints’ Yoshida tries the British food challenge

Date published: Thursday 2nd March 2017 10:13 - Daniel Roberts

Southampton’s Japanese defender Maya Yoshida has opened his mouth to give the viral trend of eating different countries’ food a try. 

From haggis and pork scratchings, to black pudding and spotted dick, Yoshida was given a number of unique British foot and he liked most of it. Except for marmite, which he gave a tiny 0.5 out of 10.

Yoshida was provided with the best of British fare by Rupert Ponsonby from Mr Trotter’s, makers of a range of British snacks, in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.

As Ponsonby introduced each of the five, Yoshida looked a bit suspicious, but tried each one and was mainly pleasantly surprised.

Mr Trotter’s Pork Scratchings came first and Yoshida nodded approvingly after crunching a couple. “I would say seven,” he said

Next came the northern delicacy made of pigs’ blood and oatmeal, black pudding. Yoshida took a suspicious sniff but then brightened when he tasted it.

“It smells really strong. I was guessing more terrible – but it’s good. Six but smells really strong.”

Scottish Haggis – traditionally sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced with onion and oatmeal and stuffed into a sheep’s stomach – also scored well.

Yoshida tasted it gingerly and then drank some water, but was relieved.

“OK. OK. No problem. Same six.”

But the savoury dark vegetable and yeast spread Marmite got a whole different reaction.

They say you either love it or hate it. Yoshida certainly didn’t love it. He tasted it on some toast, jumped to his feet and told Ponsonby: “I respect you massively but I hate this. Water please. Seriously I don’t like this.”

He stood up, drained a glass of water and called for some more: “Oh my this. If I have to survive I eat this. Is it a punishment, this?”

And his mark? “Zero point five!”

Finally came the suet and dried fruit dessert Spotted dick, smothered in custard. Yoshida’s eyes brightened.

“Here we go. I was waiting for this. This is my favourite,” he said, taking the bowl and spoon.

“You know, we have a test for body fat almost every week, so I have to be careful.”

He took several large mouthfuls though and nodded in approval.

“Nine,” he laughed. Much better than Marmite, then…

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