WATCH: Wilshere ‘loved S Club 7 and Boyzone’ growing up

Date published: Tuesday 7th March 2017 2:28

S Club 7: A favourite of Wilshere growing up

Jack Wilshere has revealed that the earliest music he liked as a kid was by teeny popsters S Club 7, while he also listened to the boyband Boyzone.

The Arsenal midfielder, who is currently on a season-long loan at fellow Premier League side Bournemouth, also listened to plenty of Elvis Presley and George Michael because his dad was a big fan.

“When I was growing up as a kid, the type of music I was into then is not the same as I am now,” he said in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives. “Back then it was stuff like S Club 7, Boyzone, Ronan Keating – singers like that.

“The music that was in the house was stuff like George Michael – my dad’s a massive George Michael fan – Wham!. My mum used to like the Lighthouse Family. Dad was an Elvis Presley fan. So there was quite a good mix.

“I quite like George Michael’s music. Growing up with my dad going to training every other day and he was always playing that in the car. You just pick it up as a kid and some of it stuck with me.”

Wilshere also remembers his first gig.

“I was eleven and I went with a couple of my mates and one of my friend’s mums. It was S Club 7 at Wembley Arena.

“I remember it was a great night. Back then you were buying CDs of theirs. There were no iPods. I bought a few of their albums, a few of their singles.

“I really liked them so to see them live and in concert was really special.”

One song in particular stands out from those days.

“Elvis Presley – The Wonder Of You they used to play at the Emirates when we walked out in my first few seasons. They’ve changed it now but I still get them goose bumps if I hear it.

“It’s a feeling that will stick with you forever. It was the best feeling for me when I was growing up. I was trying to get in the first team, trying to walk out at the Emirates. And when you do walk out there and you’re in that zone you remember little things and that’s one that stuck with me.”

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