WATCH: Zaha reveals his biggest fashion nightmare

Date published: Wednesday 8th March 2017 9:36

Wilfried Zaha: Linked with a move away from Palace

Wilfried Zaha is proud of his ripped designer denim jacket – but says he’s never going to wear his multi-coloured hoodie out again.

The Crystal Palace forward had a rummage round in his cupboards and brought out the things he is most proud and most ashamed of owning.

Then he told the story behind each in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.

First came his Helmut Lang designer label denim jacket.

“This denim jacket is probably one of my favourite items.

“The small details like the rips. Personally I like my clothes over-sized. It’s massive on me but on the arms it’s well fitted.

“I bought it from Selfridges and it was rather pricey, yeah. I think it was one thousand. It’s a Helmut Lang and everything about it was right, so yeah I bought it. I said, yeah I’m getting this.

“The rips make it look like you haven’t really made an effort when you really have. Stylish but you’re not really bothered about it really. That’s the look that it gives off and that’s the look I like.”

Then again, there’s the style Zaha DOESN’T like. A multi-coloured hoodie that looks as if it’s made from liquorice allsorts and tomato ketchup.

“This is it. Go on,” said Zaha, holding up the fashion fail.

“This is not something I’d normally buy. This is not something I’d even normally wear. As you can see, it is horrendous.

“I have no idea why and where I got this from. I probably thought, yeah I’ll just wear this indoors when I go to sleep or something like that.

“I actually went up the central with it, where there’s loads of people. Now I’m just thinking this is actually crazy.

“The looks I was getting wasn’t the best looks, and I thought it must be the hoodie.

“It’s only when I rummaged through my stuff that I saw this is still here. It’s just been in my cupboard and after today I’m probably going to give it to charity.”

Reluctantly he put it on one more time…

“Yeah. There we go. I’m sure you’ve got dead stuff in your wardrobe. It’s tight as well. Worst hoodie ever.”

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