Ways to make money from sports fandoms

Date published: Sunday 11th September 2016 2:56

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Sports can become addicting. You become invested in a team, sharing their highs and lows.

You spend an unhealthy amount of time reading about them to see how they are faring. In the process, you are likely to come across other people who share the same passion. They are all over social media, blogs, fansites, news articles, the pubs, and the stadiums.

You may get to meet quite a few of them while drinking a pint and watching a game. Then you all can make free bets on your favourite team for both fun and funds. Other ways to make money from sports fandoms include:


Running a Fansite

Look around the existing fansites for your favourite team? Are they perfect? The answer, most likely, is no. Every site has a flaw and you have probably noticed them during your visits. Some are definitely better than others but even the best ones have room for improvement. Ask yourself if you could supply the missing bits. Perhaps others aren’t very responsive to queries whereas you have the time and patience to respond. Maybe you have inside access to the team because of certain connections. You might be able to post exclusive content. If you get a lot of visitors, then you could earn money from online ads.


Selling Club Merchandise

You may even use the site to sell club merchandise. Put up your own online store and sell related merchandise there if you feel like you have a substantial base to support it. This can be a bit risky if you aren’t familiar with retail and still in the process of building your audience. If you aren’t confidence enough yet, then minimize the risk by participating in affiliate programs instead. Find sellers that are willing to provide rewards for pointing people to their products. Amazon is a good example. Of course, the products must be related to the sport.


Getting Freelance Gigs

If you have a journalism or photography background, then try to apply to writing and photography jobs. Sometimes sports teams will need people to cover their press conferences and write releases. Local papers and blogs might be looking for guest posts. Those running them can’t always go to the games every week so they need someone who can. Present yourself as a viable candidate given your knowledge of the game and your range of skills. It would help if you have a blog and a strong social media presence.


Becoming an Online Commentator

You could also go directly to the people. There are plenty of online platforms available for you to start sharing your thoughts about the sport. Youtube is a good example. If you consider yourself a decent speaker, then create a channel and record videos of your commentary about matches. Make previews that discuss what’s at stake and how the teams are looking ahead of the game. Afterwards, record your reactions and summarize the highlights. You may even review the latest sports gear. Youtube channels can earn money from advertisements.

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