Wenger predicts the points total that will win Premier League

Date published: Monday 24th October 2016 5:18

Arsene Wenger: Impressed by Southampton's set up

Arsene Wenger has revealed how many points he expects the eventual Premier League champions to have come the end of the season.

The Frenchman believes enough games have now been played to make an educated guess as to what the target should be for any would-be title contenders.

“Today we are in a much more competitive position than we were five or six years ago to fight for the championship,” Wenger said at Arsenal’s AGM.

“That’s where we are. I believe we have a competitive team in a very competitive league.

“If you look well after nine games, you can see the first trend is set. It is about 20 points and that means the championship will certainly be decided by 82 to 86 points.

“What we have learned since the start of the season is every game you have fight and to absolutely be at your best to have a chance to win it.

“We have to be really focused on details, keeping the energy inside our club but as well much more inside our team at the top level in every single game.”

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