West Ham vice-chairman Brady makes personal attack on Mesut Ozil

Date published: Saturday 9th November 2019 3:43

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady has taken aim at Arsenal and Mesut Ozil in her latest newspaper column.

Writing in her weekly column in The Sun, Brady bizarrely labelled Ozil “a fully squabbled-up member of the awkward squad” before claiming the German has “the nature of an introvert”.

Ozil has been left out of the Arsenal side for much of the season so far by Arsenal boss Unai Emery, who is himself coming under fire from Arsenal fans after the club’s poor start to the season.

The 50-year-old Apprentice star then pointed out that Emery was “not on the same planet” before likening him to a “battered suitcase” left behind by Arsene Wenger.

Brady wrote: “Mesut Ozil seems to be a fully squabbled-up member of the awkward squad, gifted with the qualities that sometimes go with people who know their own worth.

“He should have become one of those sainted foreign Gunners like Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp — but is far more likely to be remembered as a man with refined skills of the subtlest kind and the nature of an introvert.

“But not a superstar. He’s been involved in arguments with people who don’t understand him either as a footballer, or a principled man.

“These appear on occasions to include Arsenal’s board, the two managers he’s had there, fellow German internationals and much of Germany itself.



“One man who isn’t quite on the same planet is manager Unai Emery, to whom Ozil should be a godsend — but appears to be more like a battered suitcase left behind by his predecessor Arsene Wenger to make of what he will.

“Somewhere inside is still Mesut the Magician, several of whose sleight-of-foot touches were to be rediscovered by doubting supporters at the Emirates last Saturday. For the first time in a while they were able to appreciate this quiet perfection of a player, an enigma of whom they were in despair.

“It is surely time the World Cup- winner proved to Emery that he is still the player who persuaded Arsenal to pay him a reputed £350,000-a-week.”

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