‘Which club will tolerate 13 good years without a league title?’

Date published: Sunday 19th March 2017 12:17

In this Arsenal special, our readers vent their fury at Arsene Wenger after another defeat, lambast his signings and his tactics in the loss at West Brom.

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The past is the past, time to move on

Nothing is wrong with Arsenal as a club. well if Wenger has done good in the past, then that was in the past. and let us not forgot you are as good as your last game for manager. if Wenger is under pressure, then that is why he is paid £8.5m a year. Arsenal has cash reserves to spend. i wonder whose job is to spend that money if its not Wenger? which club will tolerate 13 good years without a league title? would he have survived at Arsenal, Liverpool, City, United and Chelsea? sometimes overstaying beyond your capability carries its own risk.

If Arsenal fans felt they have had enough with top 4 price, i can’t fault them. after all they are spending their hard earned wages on medicore performance. and let us not forget they are charged more than any other team on ticket price. then surely they deserve better than what they are getting in return. but what would a rival fan who had never been in this situation understand about it? United was the second team to hire that plane exactly the same time 3 years ago, the forst team was Black Burn back then in 2011/12 season. by that time Moyes was only on the job for 8 months and has already won the community shield.

My conclusion is that if Arsenal fans have enough , let us not ridicule them. they are in the worst possible state for a fan to be. if they call for his sacking. then i feel its justified. they will find another manager who will recycle the time.


It just might be.I mean honestly I think even rival fans must be tired to banter the club now, this is what a poor state the club is in.And no you simply can’t blame only wenger.If anything who’s most responsible is the board.If they didn’t accept mediocrity every season and a weak mentality from the whole team, this club sure would be in a better position.We gave wenger about 10 years to win a title.He still hasn’t,so you have to presume that the board are satisfied for simply achieving a top four place.

The people blaming wenger(many Arsenal fans) have gotten their heads so far up their arse it’s not even a joke anymore.If a company is not performing well, you blame the owners not the employees.The owners have the power to sack the employees.Wenger should have been long one but i can guarantee under this board any manager will struggle to do any better, either how won’t win the title for sure which is what we all want to see.

the specialone

Good points made so far.

IMO he deserves a fairytale ending by winning a major trophy. I believe that is what he wanted to give Arsenal fans before calling it quits. Unfortunately that has not occurred.


‘This Arsenal is dead like the dinosaurs’

To be caught by two identical set pieces, is unforgivable. We knew this was their strong point, yet allow free headers BOTH times. Ramsey guilty both times. Ox tried block second time but static so just knocked out of way.

Both Steve Bould and Wenger, have done nothing to sort out the defense for years. We cannot mark, or head the ball. Koscielny, is too weak for a central defender. Bellerin is not a good fullback, potential yes, but always out of position and cannot attack or cross. Very easily read by opposition. Monreal too.

I could go on but just get angry. Only Sanchez and Ox tried. Xhaka played well, but no movement off ball for him. If he had tackled Sanchez like Maclean did, it would have been straight red.

This club must start now, to recreate the next Arsenal. This one is dead.
Wenger out, Bould out. Keep Sanchez (if he will stay, which I doubt.)
Clean out the Walcott’s, Ramsey’s etc. Start building from defense.

It’s time. If not Arsenal FC will go the way of the dinosaur.

Gooner for life (why I sometimes ask. I must have done something really bad in another life).


These last few weeks have been an absolute nightmare. As someone said I feel sick to the core. I can’t turn on talk sport, read the reports or watch any football as it just bad news after bad news. I have only just dragged myself on here! The worst thing is I can’t see a way out! Kos and must looseing basic headers against players who are not good in the air (Liverpool game)as a team we can not keep a clean sheet!

Our midfield which is always our strong point looks weak and I don’t know what the best three players are, all combinations have been tried but none are working. Up front again we have so many options but all are short on confidence. What ever your views on the club or manager we are all suffering so let’s all pray we get out of this asap! COYG


Wenger’s signings = Poor, really poor and fair

The season’s almost over so it’s time to make an more informed appraisal of our summer signings.

Mustafi – poor signing. Although he’s decent on the ball, determined and can read the game, ultimately he’s not got the physical attributes to justify his price tag. Slow on the turn, average in the air, weak strength, I’m not sure how he overcomes these problems. We waited for how long to spend serious money on a CB, and we got him? Wow.

Xhaka – really poor signing. Turning circle of a jumbo jet and completely paceless, I don’t care if you’ve got a sweet left foot, the prem demands more from a midfielder. Embarassing to think we spent 38m on him, I’d ship out before his market value decreases even more.

Perez – fair signing. The only player that’s shown glimpses of quality and he never plays. Its beyond moronic. He looks like a capable squad player, in the wiltord mould, he should get more games just to show us what he can do. Still an unknown, laughable considering how poor a season we’ve had.

Overall Wenger has never spent so much money, so poorly. Just shows even with cash, he can’t bring in the right players. Kante didn’t want to come, vardy said no, further embarassment.

Moving into next season, we should be looking at bringing in quality players in all positions and finally selling the rubbish like walcott, with no champs league, there’s no need for such a big squad. Whod I like, I’d double swoop for Leicester players, mahrez and Schmeichel.

We need another threat going forward that’s good on the break but also good when we’re facing 11 men behind the ball, mahrez would be perfect. Schemeichel on the other hand would do more for our defence than any other defender, a proper leader on and off the field, a crucial signing.

New Era

You’re only saying now what I said at the time. And Kante would have come had Wenger made the right offer. The fact he paid £6m more for Kante and only a few grand less in wages is ludicrous.

The £6m difference could have been used to offer Kante a far higher wage than Chelsea offered and he would have come to us. Xhaka has to be one of the poorest players to command a fee of £30m+ ever.

If Wenger stays another year and it looks as if he will expect more dross. I’ve always said the reason Wenger doesnt spend big is because he doesnt want winners just average players who will be grateful to be at Arsenal. He buys a real winner like Sanchez and look what happens, he sulks, plays his face and now wants out. The more Wenger spends the worse it gets.

The Oracle

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