Why £100m Sancho signing does not compute for Liverpool; fans urge Man Utd to pay up star’s contract

Date published: Monday 6th January 2020 2:21

Forget signing Jadon Sancho, Liverpool have a number of youngsters coming through, while Manchester United fans want Jesse Lingard’s contract paid up, all in our forum.

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Who needs Sancho?

Instead of praising all our youth players individually I thought having a post about them all might make sense.

We got so many exciting youth players at the club, Harvey Elliot looks like a player already at 16, Curtis Jones has been faultless in all his game time this season and just flown under the radar until now, Brewster who we all had our hopes pinned on has not been the revelation we hoped for but competition in his position is extremely rough.

It looks like we got two decent prospect for both wingbacks as well, we got decent cover in midfield even though Chirivella is likely to leave for more game time but there is a decent player in there and he wants a career.

With Klopp at the helm I can see a number of those players reaching their potential, I can see more talent coming in as we are the Fifa World Champions, we are bossing the league and we want number 7…

Right now I’m not even sure that it would make much sense to buy Sancho for example when we got Harvey Elliot, why block his path and spend 100 million or more for only 2-3 years of more experience, added expectations and sh*t…

If we need a replacement for Lallana next summer why not give Jones his first team number, the lad has shown that is reliable and more moments like his last one will make him the player he wants to be.

The results make me wonder, we beat Arsenal in the league cup with a similar team, we never stood a chance against Villa but the experience was so good for the lads and now they step up again and deliver in the FA cup against Everton!





Sancho a contingency plan

Personally think any move for Sancho would be a contingency plan if one of Salah or Mane were to move on. Personally wouldn’t trade in either but Sancho would by no means be a bad replacement and there would be a lot of merit for such a move.

Elliot would probably move into the Shaqiri role over the next couple seasons. I think Jones will be the player replacing Lallana next season with Grujic as well coming back. Williams may well be the quality cover we need for TAA if he works on his game.

Not sure what’s going to happen with Phillips but if Lovren were to move on in the summer he could well fill in the gap as the 4th choice. Its about time we started looking to the future academy wise given the strength of our first team.



Wow didn’t those reserves do really well, they did themselves, their coaches and the club proud and demoralised an almost full strength Everton side and showed Ancelotti what a mammoth task he has, he’s a good manager but you can’t polish a turd!

Well done again boys.

Scouser in exile


Wow! wow! wow!what a fantastic result
All played their part in an amazing result having fielded a reserve team.
As Osmond said on TV although Jones got MOM all the other youngsters played so well.
I have watched the derby games for over 60 years & this possibly gives me the greatest pleasure.



Great performance again by Chirivella. Maybe he should just sign a new contract instead.



We had Adrian, Gomez, Milner, Lallana and Origi from the ‘regular’ team who finally were 4 due to Milner’s injury.
One new player, Minamino and kids or boys from the academies….
Chrivella was very good but how can he find a place in the midfield??
If Lallana leaves in summer then he has a chance….



Adrian hailed

I think we may have overlooked the importance of Adrian’s contribution not only just yesterday but overall this season to date.
When we were up against it yesterday in the first 15mins Adrian stood strong and made 3 very important saves which could have buried that game early on.
At the start of the season when Allison was out and he had only just joined the club Adrian stood up to be counted and was part of the team that provided the platform that we have now going into the 2nd half of this season.
He’s been an important part of the squad and long may it continue.



Top keeper, mistook him for De Gea yesterday due to saves with his feet, plus similar looks.

Could even be just as good as De Gea, and all on a free transfer



Hi guys I missed the game but one thing that has stuck out at me is how players have brought into n felt part of the project.
Take for example Adrian he has only been at the club for a few months but already seems to be an integral part or the squad yes the run he got at the start of the season would have helped but its just an example of the club being the bigger picture.



Hardy signs

Liverpool have just signed a 21yr old forward from Brentford for an undisclosed fee.
My best guess is he’s a replacement for the u23s for when Brewster goes on loan and we stand to make a tidy profit on him.





Lingard partners with Raiola

Jesse Lingard TEAMtalk

I read that Lingard’s teaming up with Raiola. Now that’s a match made in heaven – or hell. I doubt whether even Mino will be able to get that useless cunt a new club with similar wages. I wonder, where are all those on here who used to rate this third rate dib dabbing fucking arsehole? Because I recall there were plenty.



jm1502, I know mate. The way this club is managed we won’t sign Donny Van de Beek and instead pay 75M for Donny Windass, a 19 year old bulemic bike courier from Bristol who clearly fits the criteria of being young, hungry and British.



F*ck me just seen Ole in the pre match saying how important Lingard can be and his great asset is his running. Ole must be fucking stupid. These comments will do nothing other than get him sacked.

Supporting a fella who hasn’t scored or assisted in a year and just signed up with an agent who has created so much shit for the club. Totally nuts. And I guarantee it was Pogba Who got Lingard signed up with Raiola.



Cut ties with Raiola

I think we need to cut ties with Raiola completely, sell Pogba and if any other players sign for him let them go. I’d even be prepared to buy Lingard out of the remainder of his contract just to ensure we don’t have to deal with Raiola, it’s less than 18 months and we’d be paying him to be sh*te either way. Lingard wouldn’t be missed anyway, he’s useless.
I saw someone suggest we should take Can and Rabiot in part exchange for Pogba, Can maybe but not Rabiot. He threw his toys out of the pram in PSG and can’t get a game for Juve. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen him play but how good can he really be? If he was good enough to get superstar wages PSG wouldn’t have baulked at how much he was asking for, if he was good enough then he’d be playing for Juve so there’s something not quite right there in my opinion. Maybe it’s he thinks he’s better than he is, or maybe there’s a straight up attitude problem. Either way, I’d stay well away from Rabiot to be honest.



killy-The only Juve player/s I would be looking to sign is clearly De Ligt,the rest are eith er too old [most of them],or way too overhyped.



Best news for a long long time about lingard and Raiola.
Raiola will sort the transfer of Lingard,praise the Lord.

I also think Raiola is right about Man United,its all about money not football(LVG said it too) and players get worse when joining us.





Chelsea losses

“Chelsea recorded a loss of nearly £100m for the year ending June 30 as the club released their latest financial results.

However, despite the figures, the Blues insisted they are still compliant with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

Turnover grew marginally to £446.7.”

Not great news and will ultimately impact on transfer spending.

nine nine nine 


I’m assuming that the near 100 mil loss excludes the sale of Hazard, that Spanish flop of a centre forward and others. Which means coupled with CL football and our dormant summer 2019 transfer window, the next set of financials should see a large profit. As next summers spend find wont impact the financials.



Spot on Stuilse. Nor the compensation to Conte or the late cost of swapping out Courtois for Kepa. Lots of negatives came together all at the same time.

And whatever we spend on transfers are amortised over the period of the contract whilst sales in aren’t.

nine nine nine 


Lampard to sell six

Lampard is said to be willing to offload up to 6 players in this window, the likes of Marcos Alonso, Emerson Palmieri, Ross Barkley, Pedro, Olivier Giroud and Michy Batshuayi. Not too sure how true the article is but it is players I feel we no longer need. Keep Alonso and 1 striker?


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