‘Does Jurgen Klopp know something we don’t about Aubameyang?’

Date published: Thursday 1st February 2018 1:11

Our forum is buzzing with talk of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – did Arsenal have a good window? What does Jurgen Klopp know about the new Arsenal man? And Paul Pogba is under fire…

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Ozil the legend

Regardless of what some have said in the past about him. He is and always be one of the best players we have signed. His Quality and natural ability are some of the best i have ever seen. Ronaldo labelled him as teh best player he has ever played with, thats some praise.

He might be lazy, he might not be teh strongest but we dont need him to be we have never needed him to be. the abuse he got a while back was wrong and his manager was responsible for that. If you leave Ozil to do what he does best and support him with players who can defend then his deficiencies would never be questioned. Pires and Bergkamps wernt, why? because look at the back up they had. Look at what we have now!

Put the areas he lacks to one side and you have the most gifted manipulator of a football. His Vision, touch, passing, calmness and ability to get you out of tight situations is incredible. Only 2 other players who can do that in this era (IMO) Iniesta and Isco.

Then add in to the fact he opted to stay with us over teams that were offering A LOT more money, yes he’s got a good pay raise but he could have easily earnt another 250k a week in China or the same as sanchez at UTD and PSG. He chose to stay, he is happy, and its rare to see that from footballers these days. He has gone up 2 fold in my already high opinion of him. A legend in the making for this club.

Andy C


Arsenal window a success or failure?

For me,A failure.I think it became a failure when we sold Our best player to a rival.After that,nothing could have made this window a success,because remember by selling your best player to a rival you’ve ended all hopes of ambition.even though I’m against it,I can accept our player going to a rival but definitely not one of our best players.

Anyways here’s my takes on the transfer ins and outs

Transfer ins

Aubameyang – Exciting signing.But a player we should have signed when we had a player like sanchez.These are the type of signings we should be making as additions,not replacements.In today’s market,it might even be a good price but he has a job to perform now.

Miki – Quality player,maybe a good edition but the deal we made for him was pretty bad and i will explain it in alexis’s column.

Mavropanas – Not going to help us right now.Might turn out to be a good investment,but he isn’t going to be developed under wenger and he certainly get much of a chance which begs the question why he isn’t loaned out.

Transfer outs

Alexis – As I’ve said already it was unacceptable.But strictly speaking even on the deal we got there,a very very poor deal.A swap?we asked for martial and they instantly rejeced.They offered us a squad player in mikhi who they desperately wanted to get rid off because of his wages.Even if they paid us 35m for sanchez in cash,and we wanted miki we basically ended up paying 35m for a player who although quality hasn’t proved himself in this league yet.So two options there,you either sign him on a loan with an option to buy.Or you get the player + cash from man united.Remember,we were not desperate to sign miki,but they were desperate to sign sanchez because they knew if they waited until the summer there would’ve been more clubs interested and anything could’ve happened.so all in all pretty poor deal where in Mourinho and woodward must be laughing their arses off behind the scenes because it’s almost like they hit a jackpot.

Walcott – Bad decision.Already has 2 goals and 1 assists for everton and he’s just signed for them!We are desperately short of wingers,and for wenger to let players go without atleast signing replacements,how does he have the guts?Is it me or did we miss a trick on lucas moura.25m for a player who’s very talented and couldn’t get a chance at his former club for obvious reasons.Would have been the perfect walcott/ox replacement but i guess the mighty spuds have got one over us again.Ignorance at it’s best from the crossiant.

Coquelin – Poor decision at a Low price.Ok,you let him go fine.But atleast get in a replacement!!!!!A position we badly need reinforcements.

Giroud – Garbage decision where this club has yet again jumped at the first sight of money.He could have and would have been such a useful player from the bench.just wait until we put crosses in the box and there’s no one at the end of them.

Debuchy – Great now,what if bellerin gets injured for the rest of the season.Our only expereinced natural replacement gone to another club.

There are many ways to perceieve this transfer window,but it has flattered to decieve yet again.i don’t think there’s ever a window where i’ve ever been fully satisfied.But the most ironic part,does it really matter who we get or do not get so long as this manager is incharge.No desire,no passion,No commitment always capitulation.No leaders,no real characters.All for show.

the specialone

Thumbs up for Arsenal

All in all a good window.


Aubameyang – a top, top talent. Will he be good enough to replace Sanchez? Only time will tell. Let’s just hope certain fans don’t get on his back if he doesn’t score within his first five minutes of playing.

Mkhitaryan – really didn’t know much about this guy until he was linked with us a couple of summers ago and he’s hardly set the PL alight since signing for Man U. However, having listened to some fellow Gooners talk about him and having watched a few vids of him playing with Auba, I’m really excited to see what he’s going to do for us, especially with his old team-mate.

The fact that these two know each other well is also a bonus.


Walcott – I was always a big fan of Theo’s and felt Wenger was largely to blame for ruining him. True, by the time he left even I’d given up on him, mostly because he looked like he’d given up himself.

Can’t say how pleased I am to see he got a brace last night. Very early days but maybe a new manager was all he needed. Gutted he never hit the heights I think he was capable of with us but wish him all the best at Everton.

Sanchez – fairly pragmatic about this one. I would have liked to have kept him until the end of the season but even he wouldn’t have stopped the rot. Our two new forwards might – and I stress might – inject a bit of life into the team.

Not sure Man U was his best move as I really don’t see him as a Maureen-type player and if it was almost any other club, I’d wish him all the best but it’s Man U and Moanio, so I don’t.

Giroud – always loved the guy for his effort but never good enough to be our first choice striker. Ideally, I would have liked to keep him as a supersub but that wasn’t fair on the player and recently, Wenger seemed to prefer Welbeck and Iwobi as his options off the bench.

If the reports are correct, Wenger wouldn’t actually have sold him if the Auba deal hadn’t hinged on him going to Chelski and if that’s true, it’s another reason that all-in-all, it was a good sale.

Don’t care where he ended up, I still wish him all the best and he did have one of the best songs ever, so gonna miss singing that too!

In summary, I’d say we have a better first eleven than we did a couple of weeks ago. I think we stand a better chance in the two comps we’re still in (although that ain’t saying much) and if we’re really, really lucky, Wenger will f**k off this summer before he can ruin the two new boys as well.

Al The Gooner


Arsenal need to give youth a chance

TSO – we need to start giving youth a proper go in the team.

Walcott and Ox leaving, without proper replacements, means Reiss Nelson will get a serious chance in his favoured position.

This boy is touted at the best talent in his age group in England, let alone Arsenal. Give a toss what Theo gets up to in Everton, good luck to him, but we know he isn’t up to standard, Reiss however could be serious.

Add Maitland-Niles and Nketiah – the boys will forever be fringes if the likes of Walcott and Giroud hang around. Would you prefer watching Theo run around for a few more years or see some new talent develop? No brainer for me.

The transfer window, given how desperate we were for replacements in January was as good as we could’ve hoped for. We lost goals and experience, Auba and Mikki should help mitigate that loss. In most Januarys it would’ve been highly unlikely to sign these two players, boy did the stars align getting us out of trouble.

In isolation, Auba is expensive, not much resale value, similar Mikki has something to prove. Also our squad is looking uneven, Laca and Auba is the same side might not work, also we’ve got too many n10s, Wilshere, Mikki, Ozil, Rambo.

All in all tho, given how much Wenger eff’ed up the Sanchez transfer, we’ve managed to get ourselves two top end replacements, and resign our best player in Ozil.

New Era


Aubameyang a missed opportunity for Liverpool?

I just love how people on here suddenly think Abu is sh*t and no use to us now arsenal have signed him.

We get it gibbo, you’ve become used to under achieving mediocrity. We have asked for one player to replace the world class talent we have lost in Couts.

We’ve lost to Swansea and crashed out of the cup to a team that couldn’t buy a win with Donald Trumps cheque book. I know mate, we should be celebrating the fact our season is effectively over.

What the f*ck am I thinking?



Klopp didn’t want him

Aubameyang is a very good player, his stats back this up. But he has attitude problems. He has been fined and suspended a number of times for disciplinary problems, such as missing meetings, and we know from Sakho how Klopp deals with that.

He is also disruptive in the dressing room. Most important is that Klopp didn’t want him.

My views on him are not just based on internet rumours, I live less than an hour from Dortmund and certainly within their supporter catchment. I have spoken to a number of BVB fans about him.



Auba to Arsenal raises questions at Anfield

That fact we weren’t in for him considering klopp has worked for him previously does bring up a few questions doesn’t it.

Does klopp know something we don’t? He coached him for some time at Dortmund? Or does aub know what klopp is like and wouldn’t consider playing for him again.

A lot more to it than let’s go sign him up…….



Your right threeps and yet Dortmund were still prepared to hold onto to him until they had a replacement lined up.

Imagine doing that?! Being prepared to hold onto one of your best players mideseason until you were satisfied you had a replacemnt lined up.



What does Klopp know about Auba?

Making a decision of giving up a proven goal scorer is not easy. Klopp knows Auba. inside out. Probably there are something that makes Kloop decided to give Auba up. Personally don’t think that it is the player’s attitude, Auba. never has any attitude problem when under Klopp. Another possible problem is money.

Money from Coutinho has already been offset by VVD and Keita. We want to sign a goalkeeper (around 50M) and a Coutinho replacement (70-90) in summer. We cannot raise too much funds by selling players. Even we can sell all of Origi, Sturridge, Ings and Markovic etc. It will only be enough to buy the Coutinho replacement (70-90M). FSG still need to fork out about 50M for the goalkeeper, let alone a Emre Can replacement.
According to the past record, it is the maximum net spending for FSG. It is unlikely for them to spend more than 100M a season.

That means if Klopp spent 56M on Auba., he would have to give up either the goalkeeper or Coutinho replacement. It seems that Klopp decided to give up Auba.
P.S. Just my imagination.

Football Scouser


De Gea speculation unsettling?

The story attributed to Ronaldo that our keeper has agreed terms with Real Madrid coincided with his worst performance of the season. Coincidence?

The Spurs forward line were poised for a lightning attack from the off. It was disconcerting to see the defence unprepared, Matic jogging back, Young out of position and the centre backs slow to cover. That set the tone for the entire game.

Fellaini limped on as a rebuke to Pogba and limped off again. Herrera continued his appalling form. Martial regressed to his sulky best – another Depay in my view.

Big K


‘There was something very odd about United’

Putting aside the “we’re f*****g sh**e” argument….there was something very odd about United last night.

Body language, lack of unity, sub on sub off, arguments between players, the second half down turn on an already disjointed performance…probably as bad a night out watching United in eighteen months or so.

Funny…because with the signing of Sanchez and Mourinho’s new contract I walked up Wembley Way last night feeling quite chipper.

Wonderfuel Gas


Pogba ‘not the smartest’

The problem is that Pogba, whilst possessing amazing strength and skill, is not the “smartest” of players, nor the hardest-working. How many times now have we seen him lose the midfield battle against other players because they did more running off the ball, closing down spaces, etc.?

Yesterday Spurs’ midfield put a lot of pressure on him and he couldn’t set up anything for us offensively. Defensively, Pogba didn;t track the Spurs midfielders who were constantly moving around.

Until he gets his head straight and puts the effort in, we will need to play a 3-man midfield against the top six – simple as. There’s only so much covering Matic can do – against smaller teams who come to defend it’s OK to neglect defensive duties to a certain degree but against better players who are well drilled and are used to going forward it’s suicide.

Sympathy for the Devils


‘First meaningful game we’ve lost with Pogba’

That’s actually the first meaningful game we’ve lost with Pogba in the side in well over a year I believe.

You have to have balance and understand as a manager that you cannot give a free role to someone like Lingard whilst shackling Pogba with certain defensive duties alongside a guy in the sort of form Matic is in,especially away from home against a high pressing,high tempo side like Spurs can be when they are on their game.

Add to that the laughable defending by Jones and co gifting them 2 joke goals in the first twenty minutes and it was then like holding back a tidal wave after that and even Roy Keane in his prime would have struggled to contain it.

That’s not to say that Pogba should do better and work harder for the team but that goes for every single one of them last night.It was a collective shambles from the first 10 seconds to the 94th minute and if anything we were even more pathetic when Pogba went off than we were before.
That Spurs didn’t score at least another 3 goals in the last period of the game was down to our good luck and their bad finishing rather than anything else.



‘Pogba is lazy and has a poor work ethic’

To put it in simple terms, He’s lazy and has a very poor work ethic without the ball. He should know that as a central midfielder, his work off the ball is just as important as when he has ball to feet.

He just wants to do the extraordinary every game, when keeping things simple will make him an even better player.

If he had half the work ethic Herrera and Sanchez have he would be an absolutely unplayable central midfielder. Here’s hoping he will learn

O.T Fax Machine


Spurs pulled United all over the place

I think you can put any two midfielders in the world instead of pogba and matic yesterday and they would have looked stupid. Spurs to their credit pulled all of our players out of position. At one point I saw matic at left back and pogba on the right.

Our two centre backs couldn’t win a ball against kane or bring the ball out. They don’t make themselves available when degea has the ball even when there is so much space. They had eriksen Alli son kane dembele and dier all through the middle which created huge space for their fullbacks to push forward. A lot of it was down to mourinho’s tactics but you can’t excuse some of the defending.

Moving forward in big games I would like to see sanchez up front instead of lukaku. There is a reason why lukaku record against the big teams is shit and it’s because he doesn’t do anything unless you pass it straight to him. His fake attempts to win headers are just laughable just like the pass to martial when loris was out of position.


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