‘Why do the board get to hide’ from Wenger furore?

Date published: Wednesday 8th March 2017 10:32

Arsene Wenger is torn apart once again after humiliation by Bayern, while Klopp and Wenger are compared, and is Paul Pogba proving to be a disappointment?

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How bad do things have to get for Arsenal?

Make no mistake, we have become the laughing stock of European football tonight. You simply do not lose a last 16 tie 10-2. It’s a absolute disgrace.

I am not going to waste any time looking at specific players but I will start by saying at several points this season, they have, to a man, let the manager down (this isn’t a defence of him….I’ll get to that!). During that complete capitulation, I didn’t see one player shouting or organising. Not one of them showing passion to dig in and ensure we didn’t get embarrassed. When Sanchez goes, which he will, I can honestly say there isn’t one player in that squad I like or care about. We could sell them all tomorrow and I couldn’t care less.

We have amassed a squad full of total losers and they are all infected with the same weak, mediocre mentality, handed down from Arsene Wenger.

Why did it take for us to be already out of a tie and for the atmosphere around the club to become as toxic as it has ever been, for the team and Wenger to show some passion and drive? For 45 minutes we looked decent again – when it didn’t matter and the pressure was gone. Then sure enough, when the time came, we folded like a house of cards.

When we went to 10 men, everyone knew what was coming. Bayern were going to go for the kill. Why the hell didn’t Wenger throw a defender on, solidify the formation and make sure the fans didn’t have to suffer this kind of indignity? You make sure you don’t end up disgracing the club. Instead he did nothing. He merely watched the demolition unfold before him and decided to just blame the referee for it all.

Its gone past being over now. Its just a sick joke and no one wanted to see this happen. No one wanted to see the man who did so much for us, looking so pathetic and beaten. He deserved to go out differently but he has somehow managed to start dismantling his own legacy and its very sad to see. He simply cannot be offered a new deal but this club treat us with such contempt that he still will be. Its incredible to see a club like Arsenal FC become such a farce.


I think there is more going on here that the fans do not know about. Wenger makes it worse with his pronouncements, the players make it worse with there lack of mental strength. Arsenal at there best are a joy to watch, currently they are in a mess.

It is the detail that is being exaggerated in there play, Arsenal are not the only team to do this, but take last night players were appealing for offside, when clearly not. instead of getting on with there job and that is the part the players have to put right, not be out of position and appeal for anything.

Watch a replay how Bournemouth did against Utd with 10 men; they all fought like demons, never mind the fancy stuff. I know it would be unlikely you would win last night but the lack of pride and effort must have hurt the most important people: the fans.


Alexis Sanchez: Arsenal future is now in question

I very much want Wenger to be replaced, but the protest today against Wenger was disgraceful. The fans have no idea what is going on inside of the club. Wenger out? This is a man who bought unbelievable success at the club in his first decade.

The funny part is I don’t even have a problem that the protest is against Wenger,what I have a problem with is that it is ONLY against Wenger. Why do the board get to hide from this? Are they not culpable? Wenger whatever success he’s achieved has been under a different board. And ever since this new board was formed we have only been known for showing lack of ambition. I really do find it disgraceful that the board get to hide from all of this.

If people think the next manager in line will magically make us win the league,they couldn’t be more wrong. Under this board, I’d say this is impossible. If anything, we’ll become a mid table team.

The Specialone

What player in their right mind would want to join Arsenal in summer if Wenger does stay?

The atmosphere across the club is toxic and will always be until Wenger calls it a day.

Sad times for the Goons


Yesterday was a bad sign for English football. Arsenal are a big historic club and one of the few clubs with pedigree in European football from and English point of view and to see them lose so emphatically again will only weaken English football, not only because of the overall points co-efficient which determines how many teams we get to have in the Champions League in future but also for the pedigree of the league.

All English clubs really do need to take it up a notch; the current crop representing England are a shadow of the teams that dominated the competition during the days of the Big Four.



Pogba not living up to the hype

Maybe I attack Pogba more than I should because of the bashing that other players get and maybe I am expecting more from him (although to be a Utd great you have to be at it from the off which I’d argue he isn’t).

He was the subject of a radio phone in last night and the majority of the Utd fans felt the same way as me. Cut out the ‘dabs’ and the emojis and the new haircuts and get your head down and work to become the player we paid £89m for.


The bottom line is the price United paid for Pogba is ridiculous. He isn’t a goal scorer and you pay that sort of money for a return of goals.

Pogba is a quality player and has done the job he has been brought in for but i would say his value would be around £45m-£50m for what you get with him.



Klopp the new Wenger – they can beaten with the simplest of tactics

Jurgen Klopp: Has no problem beating the big teams

Watching Liverpool demolish Arsenal in a wildly open titanic clash, you couldn’t help thinking of Arsene’s glory moments, when for a brief moment the clouds rolled back, the tiki-taka came out, and it seemed that massive success was inevitable.

Of course the illusion didn’t last long, inevitably the hapless Gunners came up against some deep sitting, close marking, European outfit or a well organised lower league team, and the train started to come off the rails.

Klopp seems very similar. His Reds sometimes look wonderful, when they are left to play their own pressing game in an open environment. When they are pressed themselves though, or when their midfield is bypassed they don’t look so awesome. Indeed they can be undone with the simplest tactics on occasions and seem incapable or indifferent when it comes to defending deeply.

The Arsenal/Liverpool clash was like a festival of Circus football, surely meat and drink to the media, who have been pushing this type of football for years, the final goal had everything you could associate with the football of Wenger and Klopp: high speed, accurate passing, and appalling defence.

This of course does not bode well for any Europe ambitions that Liverpool fans might entertain, generally this style does not do well in the more austere European theatres.

It isn’t good news for Liverpool’s owners either, to make this work you need a lot of money, Barca style money.
If you wanna Klopp you gotta cop….. ha ha ha (see what I did there?).


I hope the rest of the league shares your mind knotter, it would suit Klopp being the outside challenger.
I’ll give you that there are some similarities between the two but one of them has had 20 summer windows to build a side the other one.



FA Cup back to its best?

The FA Cup: Losing appeal?

This seasons FA Cup is very good. You have to assume that Spurs, Arsenal and City will progress and regardless of who you add from our game then I believe this would be the strongest set of semi’s for many years

Personally I would want to avoid Spurs as they seem to raise their game and play well against us. Don’t think we like teams that press us hard so my feeling is that would be the toughest draw

City I can live with as they are good going forward but our defence is strong, however, we are good going forward but defensively they are suspect

As for Arsenal – well they are Arsenal!

Obviously we need to get past Man Utd first but providing we play full strength – which I feel we should – then I think we could win in 90 minutes. KTBFFH

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