Liverpool fans scoff at idea of dropping Jurgen Klopp favourite

Date published: Tuesday 22nd October 2019 2:28

Jordan Henderson TEAMtalk

Arsenal fans hammer Unai Emery, other wants all Arsene Wenger’s signing shipped out, while Liverpool fans have a heated debate about Jordan Henderson, all in our forum.


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Drop Henderson?

Not me, copied from a footbal365 TT sister site:

Henderson, dropping Young, questioning Klopp and…

Hend of the world
Dear MC


Slows the game down when he gets the ball. No creativity. No ability to move forward. Makes Fabinho, Matip and Van Dijk work twice as hard with his back passing. Makes Trent, Robertson and Firminho drop deeper so they have no impact on the game and can’t seem to be brave enough to take a risk in going forward.

Wijnaldum is guilty of this too, although he does try to move forward on occasion.

Drop them both. Put either Milner/Ox/Keita on.




Another football genius, telling Klopp how to play football properly.

Henderson played a fantastic disguised ball to Firmino in the first half, he engineered the space for himself, in a tight area and hit it sweetly. Should have been a goal.

Can’t remember what else he created, but I’m sure he’s played in TAA a few times.
He’s going down the wings quite a bit this season, so he is getting forward. Funnily enough, he’s getting forward more then Gini. But that’s because Robbo gets forward more than TAA, so Gini has to cover more.

These sort of fans embarass the club, entitled snowflake attitude.

j c


As I’ve said many times before, this isn’t a ‘new’ position for Henderson. He failed in this position before being moved into DM, where he pretty much failed too being replaced by a proper DM.

Watching him v ManU was embarrassing. He lacks courage even though he’s the captain. He palms off the ball to others to create something even though he now has a creative position. I’m not a stats man like Rob, I just judge by what I see. But the stats also show he isn’t contributing as much as he should either.

I’m truly amazed how anyone can watch this player over a period of time and say he’s a top quality player. Bang average…Peace



Klopp knows best

Klopp has watched him quite a lot over the last 4 years. He clearly doesn’t see him as bang average. Is that what truly amazes you? Or do you think you know better than the likes of Klopp?

Sir Roger


There is only approx 7/8 players left in the squad from the Rodgers era.
Klopp has systematically went thru them and got rid with a couple leaving of their own violition.
And yet he’s kept Henderson.
Not only kept him but retains him as captain and plays most games.

I guess Klopp doesn’t know what he’s doing.



Value of captaincy debatable

TBF I don’t think the captaincy means amything to Klopp at all. He’s the boss and that’s it and I would imagine that the players know that by now. Henderson has the least minutes of all our regular outfielders this season by a significant margin (including Gini and Fab). We have options yes, but the captain shouldn’t be the one rotated out first in my book especially at this stage of the season.

At 1 point Klopp might have had 3 new midfielders, all for big money and would have arguably displaced our existing midfielders circumstances permitting (1 actually did BTW), so yes, I’d say Klopp saw something he didn’t like. It’s all Henderson’s credit that he pushed for his starting spot again and changed the manager’s mind. Also it’s all Klopp’s credit that he found a new way to play to maximize the strengths of our current players. I do agree that Klopp has kept him around for a reason and would have let him go otherwise.



“Henderson has the least minutes of all our regular outfielders this season by a significant margin (including Gini and Fab)”

Our midfielders are generally the first to be subbed in any given game due to the massive amount of work that is asked off them. Defence rarely gets subbed, forwards occasionally but midfield always. It’s quite usual to see Milner be the first sub on the pitch. It’s the area of the pitch that’s most rotated as we’ve seen previously.
We are heavily stocked with midfielders in our squad. It’s the most heavily stocked area. And yet Henderson has started every game bar 3, in 2 of those games he’s came on as sub.



Only one thing matters to us Liverpool fans, and that is winning matches, and ultimately winning big trophies. Does it matter how we win these trophies, or even who plays, absolutely not, winning is everything in football – nothing else matters.

As for Henderson, one person’s opinion matters above all else, and that is the opinion of Klopp, one of the best managers in world football right now. As long as Klopp is delivering the results for Liverpool, while using Henderson as a regular, then I have absolutely zero complaints.

All this criticism of Henderson is hot air, because he does the job he is asked to, just like any other regular starter, and Liverpool keep rising to new heights as a result. I can bet you 100% that if Henderson was not up to the very high standards demanded by Klopp, he would not even be on the bench, let alone at the club.

So if you want to watch pretty football,  then go watch City’s wonderful midfield being outplayed by the likes of Norwich, Wolves and more to come



Henderson divides opinion

Reds, so according to that fan blog, he was abysmal because of zero key passes, zero dribbles and zero shots.

That’s pretty flawed. Just as flawed as pulling up the tackle and interception stats, which show Henderson made 5x combined tackles/interceptions… At the time he came off, more than any other player on the pitch.
Therefore let’s conclude he’s amazing, and players who didn’t make any tackles are bad.

We all know it’s not that simple.

This is a prime example of stats being misinterpreted.

j c


You can’t say that Klopp doesn’t place much emphasis on the captaincy then in the next breath wonder why Klopp subs his captain off.
It either matters or it doesn’t.

We have 7/8 midfielders in the squad and Henderson invariably starts majority of games, those he doesn’t he usually comes on.
As pointed out previously Klopp has gotten rid of the vast majority of players that were at the club before he arrived.
But not Henderson.
Henderson he starts the vast majority of games. He’s kept him on, not just kept him on as some semi useful squad player, but as someone he regularly relies on and trusts to play the biggest games.

I guess Klopp knows what he’s doing



So funny reading this thread, with some negative fans clutching at straws, trying to manipulate irrelevant stats to undermine Henderson, and failing every time. The only stat that matters is that Liverpool are winning consistently.

Yet Klopp has selected Henderson consistently from the first day he arrived – over 140 apps and rising. And now Henderson is playing a big part in our best ever Premier League side, not to mention him triumphantly lifting the CL.

Just leave the management of the side to Klopp, a proven winner who knows far more about football than any of you will ever do, and just get behind the team.

Like it or not, Hendedson is going nowhere and will continue to give 100% so Liverpool can win the big trophies that we fans crave



Yes lets change captains tomorrow, that sounds like a smart idea, we are just in the best form this club has ever been in. We got a team capable of winning the double and yes lets rock the boat, fire both out captains because we drew away from home against our arch rivals.



United to rotate

The Europa league holds a lot of interest for me (even if the away games can be dull). I don’t think this fixture should be underestimated.

This is our best chance of champions league next season, and winning a trophy. It gives us an opportunity to keep looking at squad members, who wants to play for Ole, and which young players are starting to take a step up and should be in our rebuilding plans for the first team next season.

We’ve got lots of options in defence to rotate, but in midfield I can only see Matic available to come in. Fred, Perreira and McTominay will all be knackered after the Liverpool effort, and I think they deserve to start the game against Norwich.

It’s an away game against the group leaders, and I think with the effort put into the Liverpool game and the number of injuries, not losing would be a decent result.



I’m hoping to see James Garner get some meaningful minutes and a bit more of Gomes and Greenwood.

I agree bout the EL it is worth going for as a win gets us back in the champions league and may provide more incentive for better signings



Even though the EL is perhaps our best chance of CL qualification we surely have to rest pretty much everyone that are expected to start against Norwich. We cannot keep starting the likes of Rashford every game. We are already in a good position in the EL group and need to focus on the PL just now.

Martial Greenwood
Lingard Matic Garner
Williams Rojo Jones Dalot

It is a good opportunity to get the likes of Martial up to speeding to give more minutes to the Academy players. Garner in particular, as we are short in numbers in midfield. Bring on the likes of Gomes and Chong as substitutes as well.



‘Emery is clueless’

Honestly, what the f*ck was that? How awful are we? Finally! Some admittance from others on here Emery is clueless! Standing on the touch line like faulty Manuel… p*ss off back to Mallorca or some two bob club.

I mean where to start?! What is his obsession with playing mr number 34? Wtfff! How dare he point at people when he let the market have a free tap in? What is a midfield of Guendozi, Willock and Xhaka going to achieve? Where the hell is our creativity! Chambers out in the full back position, he didn’t play badly but he is certainly not going to provide the same impetus as Robertson or Trent! If you want to play like Liverpool and less creativity then the onus is on the full backs, where the hell was Bellerin?

Honestly p*ss poor sh*te and the only reason why we were third because everyone else is p*ss poor sh*te, Emery f*ck out of here!

the bsm walk


Absolute Sh*te! There is no excuse sh*t goal to concede but we look so poor as they said nothing has changed under emery that was a Wenger performance. We had 75% possession and created f*ck all. We have a 10, stick him on the bench for emergencies ! This is so sh*t I am so fed up with this football I don’t enjoy watching us anymore



Still can’t defend, build up so slow and ponderous it’s easy to defend against. We spend more time passing to each other in our area than the oppositions, sideways, backwards then we give the ball away. Xhaka was disastrous yet again, he has to go.

What can Pepe actually do? He can’t take corners, he can’t take free kicks, he can’t shoot. We should never have bought him, money should have been spent on a quality CD. No chance if too4, as I keep saying the loser attitude ingrained into the squad by Wenger is still poisoning everything. We need a clearout of Wenger’s losers and a new quality central defender.

The Oracle


Oracle ok so I’ll agree with you but then loser Emery needs to p*ss off with them as well

the bsm walk


bsm walk, Dick has to be given this season, Wenger failed for over 10 years before he got sacked. As I keep saying until Wengers dross has been shipped out we can’t really judge Emery in spite of his obvious errors and misjudgements

The Oracle 


But we can Oracle, what is Emery not seeing that we are? Do we have UEFA coaching badges? Do we even have experience teaching youth players?

Poor tactics, playing players out of position, persisting with garbage players who’ve been given endless chances, not knowing his best 11, not improving our general defending, no execution of game plan, no patterns of playing style, nothing! How is the manager not accountable for this please tell me? As you said in spite of his obvious errors and judgement, are we saying Sheffield Utd have better defenders than us! Absolutely not but they’ve been bloody coached, he’s the coach what the f*ck is he doing?

the bsm walk


Oracle Emery had a clear view of the team when he took over and how he wanted to develop them and the way we should play. It was the reason we signed him. It was a high pressing game back then. Now we sit deeper than under Wenger and that against Sheffield Utd. We cant pass the ball out of the back and we cant play it long. That basiclly mean we dont even have some form of build up play under Emery.

Now tell me what has improved since he took over? I struggle to find anything that has but maybe you seen something I have not.

This is looking more like his time in Sevilla where he did manage a season without a single away win.



Rotten partnership

Granit Xhaka TEAMtalk

I have critisism of both the manager and fans.But I’ll start with the bigger one.

Emery – That team selection was reminiscent of what we use to see under wenger. Insanity – trying the same things over and over again and expecting different results.Some major observations last night.
1.Guendozi and xhaka again start together.This midfield partnership has never worked and will probably never work.Last season and this,when they start games we don’t really seem to have gotten the results espescialy away.I’ve told you time and again,the most balances partnership is torreira and xhaka.
2.David Luiz – In terms of what was expected and what we got,he’s got to be the worst centre half signing in a long time.The guy is p*ss poor at defending.Imagine getting a poor defender who’s past it.He was a good ball playing defender but even in that area he’s become poorer.He simply has to be dropped.I’d pick Chambers,Holding and Mustafi all over him without thinking twice.
3.Youngsters.All the fans that have suggested for willock to start.Like I said before,this isn’t football maanger.The guy was anonymous,infact i’ve not seen a more anonymous performance from a player.He probably had the least touches of the ball in the entire team.SakA.Although he’s a better prospect,he’s still raw.It’s frustrating.I wouldn’t touch any inexpereinced youngsters for the league games again.And the game yesterday proves it.
4.Leno’s distribution and positioning is p*ss poor.He also has no command whatsoever.The goal we conceded could’ve been avoided.

Fans – There seems to be an obvious overreaction after every game.Put things into perspective and analyse the performance!!Beause no one seems to be doing that.
This sheffield utd team have been good this season.They drew at stamford bridge and gave a very good performance against Liverpool only to be beaten by a late goal.
As for our performance,it wasn’t bad at all.We created chances,pepe missed a sitter in the beggining.His overall game is brilliant but he needs to work on his finishing.Stay back for extra sessions on his finishing which has been the issue since he arrived.We should’ve had a penalty for the shirt pull on sokratis but VAR yet again proving to be an absolute farce.Mike dean gave them every 50/50 decision.The crowd got to him.And this is one thing i want to say,Emery dosen’t seem animated on the touchline,and the players don’t seem mentally prepared to come to loud places and fight for decisions.
There are some ridiculous analysis such as people still mentioning xhaka.Somene who had a decent game.As soon as he went off,we had guen and ceballos in midfield.I’ve said it they can’t play together and they proved it yesterday.They’re too similar.
We were p*ss poor when that sub was made.Atleast when we had pepe and xhaka we were looking dangerous and looking to score.

I criticise emery for the team selesctions,and even substitutions.The guy seems to be shooting himself in the foot and has only himself to blame.Like I said,the perfromance wasn’t all bad but some decisions are just repitive and not working out.
If he dosen’t change certain personel for the next game,he’s asking to be sacked.
I’d drop Luiz,ring back bellerin and tierney.Play torreira and xhaka with guen or ceballos just a but upfront.I’m also split on ozil.The facts are that yes he is a quality player but he’s just so unreliable.Simple fact is even if we sell him we’ll need to replace him.Which means that there is the quality gap there.So until he’s here,play him.Because I’d rather trust expereinced players than inexpereinced ones who are only not taking their chances and are dissapointing.

the specialone


TSO we are not over reacting if it was one game then yes i would agree to that but its not.

As for the selections of the team Emery is just as blind as Wenger was to certain players he is just a cheaper version of Wengers last years. Ljungberg at least stood up to Mr Dean while Emery was just scrathing his head.

I said Sheffield deserverdly won but to say that any of our players had a decent game is a bit rich as nobody was switched on. Making a few good things here and there is not decent by any of my standards at least.



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