Why the Premier League is the Most Competitive Football League in the World

Date published: Friday 21st July 2017 4:10

The Premier League season is fast approaching and the start of the season is one of the most greatly anticipated parts of summer for many football fans. Many people will enjoy placing a bet over the period, although it is always difficult to anticipate the best bet to place. One of the main reasons people enjoy the Premier League is because it is highly competitive. Last year’s Premier League made the headlines after Leicester were the shock winners and it was hailed one of the most competitive leagues to date. Here’s why some people consider it to be the most competitive football league in the world.

For those who don’t know, there are usually 20 clubs in the Premier League. Each one plays the other teams twice, so there is one home game and one away game. In total, 38 matches are played over the course of several months- from August until May. Over this period, the points are added up. A team scores three points for a win and one for a draw, losing gets nothing. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins the league and is awarded the trophy. The first match of this season is set to be Everton vs. Arsenal.

The Most Unpredictable League

One of the reasons the Premier League is so exciting and competitive is the fact that any team can win any game. Leicester surprised everyone last year by winning the 2015/16 Premier League after Tottenham drew with Chelsea 2-2. The outcome for each individual team is dependent on the success of their competitors which makes it difficult to predict the final results, even if a Premier League is on top form. This has earned the Premier League its title as one of the most unpredictable leagues in Europe.

The unpredictability of the league is one of the things that makes the Premier League so competitive, yet so great. It also makes betting on football much more exciting, and as you can never be too sure whether or not the underdog is going to pull off a phenomenal performance against the reigning champion, or current high flyer in the league.

Top Class Players

Another thing that makes the Premier League highly competitive is the standard of football that is being played. The teams which compete in the league are some of the wealthiest in Europe, which means they are able to afford the best players and train to a high standard in anticipation of the upcoming matches. Some of the deals for the upcoming season have already been completed, with a number of players making club transfers. The focus on the influence of money can draw some negative press, as many people feel that the investment into the larger teams can negatively impact the smaller teams. However, hundreds of football fans enjoy watching the high quality matches in person at the stadium, where they can take experience the atmosphere, or from the comfort of their own home on the television.

Historic Rivalries

There are several historic rivalries between some of the big Premier League teams, such as the past tension between Arsenal and Liverpool. These rivalries can fade over time but some remain a major part of football history, for example Manchester United and Liverpool’s history isn’t going anywhere. When clubs are a similar status and competitiveness this can be a source of entertainment for fans and can fuel some of the most competitive matches in the league. 

Difficult to Win

Many famous players have claimed the league is one of the most difficult to win which makes it even more special. Players must give their all in every game they play, to avoid being beaten to the points. The player’s passion is easily noticeable on and off the pitch. Even those who have recently switched their club loyalty will put everything in to ensuring that they have a chance of winning the Premier League cup.

From the investment in top quality players to the unpredictability of each and every match, it all contributes to making the Premier League one of the most hotly anticipated leagues by football fans across Europe. It is considered one of the most competitive leagues in the world because of the high standards of players and the ability for any team to win. As August quickly approaches, make sure that you are ready to watch some of the best football of the year.

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