‘Why would anyone spend silly money on ball juggler Neymar?’

Date published: Tuesday 28th March 2017 12:12

Neymar: City link

Sir Alex Ferguson’s final signings at Manchester United, the possibility of Neymar moving to England and Chelsea starlet Ruben Loftus-Cheek are all debated.

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Fergie’s final signings, now there’s a debate!

Anybody think maybe Fergie didn’t spend big money towards the end so that whoever took over from him would have money to spend on the players they wanted?


Mac you keep harping on about the crap players he bought during his final years but you fail to miss the most important singing for us to win the league at a canter, RVP.

So based on past experience he did still have it in him to buy the right players.

Who’s to say he wouldn’t have purchased an expensive central defender to sort out the defence (Stam/Rio price in today’s market) and tried to buy a suitable central midfielder (did try with Hargreaves but he couldn’t stay fit). Rooney would have been gone at the end of that season.

He was always aware when a team needed a refresh but maybe this time he believed it was his turn.


@homerjay – Fergie wanted what fans wanted. To win trophies playing exciting football. The football in Fergie’s latter days was far from entertaining,

In 2012 we lost the title on goal difference. Do you think Fergie said to himself ….
Had I spent more and signed better players that title could be ours but then had I done that my successor wouldn’t have so much money to spend.

And what would Fergie care about the success of his successor. He did pick Moyes after all and tell him the squad was fine.

Fans tend to forget about the CL. Manthistle listed our PL achievements but craftily omitted to list our CL achievements. After our Barca defeats in the final Fergie said we needed to raise the bar. How could his signings be considered raising the bar?

At the time the club was burdened with debt and high interest payments. Why do fans find it hard to believe the Glazers needed every penny to service the debt and line their greedy pockets. If Fergie could deliver CL football with players like Smalling and Cleverly why would the Glazers spend fortunes on worldclass players.

Occam’s Razor – “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one”


Mac don’t disagree with you about it being the Glazers fault, it’s the part about us staying competitive that I don’t agree with pal.


Is Neymar really worth £173m?

insane it would be to pay that amount of money for a circus ball juggler if true


Sad to see Michael Keane shown the Old Trafford door?

It would have been good if he was still around however I don’t think he’s at such a high level that we need to get him back into the club for the prices being quoted.

Sympathy for the Devils

Surprised LvG let him go in the first place given his focus on youth.


No way – another over hyped average english player – Burnley is his level not Manchester United.

The good thing we did is insert a sell on clause so hopefully someone will be stupid enough to pay Burnley £25m for him.


Injury worries for Antonio Conte’s would-be champions

Hazard seems to be indicating that he should be fit to face Palace. Fingers crossed eh.

Costa is having a fitness test prior to the game v France which would indicate he’s not that badly injured whether playing for Spain on Tuesday assuming he passes a Spanish fitness test and plays for Spain on Tuesday is a good idea I’m really not sure primarily because Costa needs to keep himself 100% fit for a flurry of very important games coming up for his club.

Courtois back at Cobham for treatment.

nine nine nine

999 let’s see if Costa takes some part in the friendly or not. If he does (say come as substitute for example): I won’t worry much about his injury. It seems that nothing is serious but we just can wait and see. For me, it’s time for Michy to show what he can do should Costa not able to make it for Palace. It’s a home game, derby of course, it will be a good test for Michy.

Hazard, he’s a game changer, but we have Willian and Pedro. And Willian scored against Stoke.

Main concern for me is Courtois. While Begovic is a decent GK, he’s nowhere near Courtois. Remember his saves, against Sunderland for example, Courtois have won us points.


Aindro, unfortunately injuries are part and parcel of the of the game and we have been fortunate so far this a season and we have a squad to cope with them but potentially losing two players to the international break is frustrating. The news on Hazard sounds more promising currently so we will have to wait and see.

Big Sam will sit 9 men in front of the keeper on Saturday and although I would want all three to be available for me Hazard is probably the most important because we will need his creativity to open up a Palace side who will come to defend for a point and have yet to concede a goal since the arrival of Sakho.

nine nine nine

Is Loftus-Cheek the future for Chelsea?

dont want to start all over again with the youth topic but its interesting to note that England U21 manager Adey Boothroyd says that Loftus Cheek is the brightest prospect going, I never saw the game but apparently he ran the show last night and also pitched in with 2 goals. he also went on to say that he can virtually win a game on his own.


Saw the game, he was far to good for the U21’s excellent
If this guy does not get games in the first team then he has to be loaned out to a prem team next season, not a championship team.
The way he glides across the park, not sure how Conte is going to manage him, but he is by far our best prospect when seeing others play, always been an admirer.


Arsenal to finish sixth; UEFA Cup glory for Man United

Top 6 – Chelsea, Man City, Spurs, Liverpool, Man utd then Arsenal.

Bottom 3 – As it is now and in the same order – Hull, Boro and Sunderland bottom.

FA Cup – would like to see Arsenal win it IF Wenger walks in the summer. If not I fancy Spurs.

UEFA Cup – Have a feeling it could be Man United’s.



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