‘£200m spent on five players and Arsenal are poorer than 2 years ago’

Date published: Friday 17th November 2017 1:10

With over £200million spent in the last few years is Arsenal’s team any stronger? Is Emre Can worth £150,000 a week and Chelsea’s new stadium will top £1bn, according to our forum.

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Arsenal may owe Spurs some gratitude

It hurts to say this but we might actually owe the Scum some gratitude. For years, Wenger hid behind the money factor, claiming that he was doing a brilliant job considering his budget and Chelski and the Manchesters’ lack of one.

Poch and co are showing that up to be absolute bollo***. No, they haven’t won anything but they’ve been doing something we can only dream of and at least putting up a fight. Chances are that we’re stuck with Wenger until 2019 (at least) but the more his excuses are blown out the water, the less tenable his position becomes. Even our useless board have to have a breaking point.

Al The Gooner


‘If only Wenger would go and coach some national team…’

Steveo= the arguments about what the Spuds have won and what we have won is old hat now. How long has Wenger been here? How many years has he had pretty high budgets and high wages ( compared to our little neighbours) to make us competitive?

How long has Pochettino been at Spurs? And lastly, going forward, which team is likely to improve and which regress with their current managers? And I agree, the Argentinian might be snapped up by a bigger club before too long!

If only Wenger would go and coach some national team before 2022- are we stuck with the stubborn old despot until then? God forbid………



Spurs have spent ‘obscene amount of money on players over the years’

Dont let little old spurs fool you guys. They have spent obscene amount on players over the years that wenger has been here. They just recoup more than what they shell out more often than not.
Al, spurs have bottled every season possible.

They finished behind us when leicester won the league, they have failed to even lift the FA cup with their ‘over hyped squad’ whilst we have won the FA cup with a squad more people than not (inc me) think is spineless and not good enough. Spurs whilst better than they were 5 years ago are still a huge failure. They have spent money and lots of it, yet they still cant even win a carling cup with this ‘great team’

They are much better than they were and thats alot to do with Poch but they arent this superior club who are blowing everyone away. They are still only a nearly team and until they win the league, FA cup or CL they cant be considered this amazing team like so many would have you believe.

Anyways – i’d be more confident if this game was being played at Wembley in all honesty. i can see us sneaking a lucky win or draw this weekend providing we dont start Xhaka, Ozil or Holding i think we can get a win. them 3 start we will lose and lose convincingly.



Andy, I don’t disagree with anything you say but there’s a few caveats.

Yes, the Spuds have spent big and, as you say, this has been countered by what they’ve recouped but that is the exact excuse that Wenger and his defenders have hid behind for years. Over the last five seasons, they have a net spend of practically zero – we have a net spend of minus £200m.

Then you have to take into account wage bills – ours is double that of the Totts. That’s a massive factor – we have to offer the likes of Sanchez and Ozil £300k per week, in the desperate hope that it will persuade them to stay, yet Poch can hold onto the likes of Kane and Alli for less than half that, because they at least think the club is actually going somewhere. I have little doubt that Sanchez would stay for pretty much the wages he’s already on if he felt we even had a chance of challenging for the big prizes.

Look, I don’t want to give the Scum the remotest amount of recognition or praise but the hard fact is that they’re a club going forward and giving their fans something to get excited about. We’re a club that’s either stagnating or going backward, depending on who you ask, but even the most rabid Wenger supporter couldn’t argue that we’re moving forward.

Al The Gooner


£200m spent on five players and Arsenal are poorer than two years ago

Talking of expenditure youre forgetting Leicester, they won the PL with a pub team expenditure and pub team players. Lets not forget Wenger has thrown away £60million on Sanchez, hard to say with Ozil because no one wants him.

Wenger bought players over the last 18months who have not done a thing Xhaka £34m, Mustafi £35m, Perez £17m, Lacazette £52m. Youre looking at well over £200million wasted and we actually have a team that is poorer than it was 2 years ago.

Lets forget the rubbish we had on here last year from the likes of Steve68 that we have the best squad in the PL, total tosh. Lets forget Fatmop’s assertion that we can win the PL this season, even bigger tosh.

Then we had fat mop and AlThegoon Er telling us what a great decision it was to keep Sanchez, no it wasnt. We have a poor unmotivated team, many of the players dont want to be at the club and they certainly dont want to play for the clown that is Clouseau. There should be only one priority at Arsenal and that is get rid of this fool asap.

The Oracle


Team for Southampton

Front four of Mane Firmino Salah and coutinho. Can and Gini in midfield. Sturridge Ox and lallana on the bench. I’m thinking surely there’s enough firepower there to beat southampton? But at the same time i know theyre gonna sit deep and play 5/6 at the back.

I think in the 1st half we’ll struggle to break them down. We’ll score in the 2nd half as they tire. 3-0 win for us.

Btw we havent scored against them in 360 minutes of football so we’re due a win.



Moreno improved due to better attacking players?

Reading the Moreno article got me thinking “Do defenders need great attacking players to improve in training?”

Has the introduction of Mane & Salah given Moreno a higher level of opposition on a day to day basis thus improving him as a defender?

On the flip side our lack of a very good out and out striker means Loveren & co do not get exposed to the likes of Kane, Morata, Lukaku until match day.

So you could make a case for a great striker so we can improve our defence!



Emre can worth £150k a week?

On paper, 150K for Emre Can is only a little bit expensive (Henderson is on 100K) but considering that we can get back about 30M+ by selling him later. 150K seems reasonable.

However, salary in a team should try to make most players feel reasonable. How much are we going to offer to Goretzka? How much is Naby Keita? Probably Emre Can should not get more than the above two players.

If Emre Can gets 150K, how much should we pay Firmino? If we can really sign Goretzka, will Emre Can be still as important as the present moment? Probably the manager and the club will look more in a bigger picture.

Football Scouser


Grimaldo talk encouraging for United

Ibra is good as number 10 but you never know after such a injury and he is 36 something. But Ibra is Ibra he is different.

Love to hear the reports of Grimaldo joining us in January.
Thought he was quite good against us.



Was Benfica’s best player against us by a mile. Solid in defence and good in attack. It’s only two games but if he’s any good the players will have told Jose



Chelsea stadium to top £1bn

Just got an update regarding the stadium implying that the final cost will be much closer to 1bn….!! Apparently even the Spurs stadium is edging closer to 800m as well

Seems that we have some extravagant plans and want to take our time on the work – now talking of up to 4 years away from Bridge with work looking to commence from the Summer of 2018

hopefully we get some more clarification from the club but if true then you can see why we are looking at the Chinese investment that was mentioned a few weeks ago…!! KTBFFH



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