‘Without Jordan Henderson, Liverpool can’t play a 4-3-3’

Date published: Friday 3rd March 2017 1:14

Arsene Wenger is urged to drop Mesut Ozil for Saturday’s clash against Liverpool, who need to change formation in the absence of a key man, while Chelsea fans discuss their latest transfer rumours.

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Arsenal’s hopes of winning damaged by Ozil starting

One thing is for certain, if we start with Ozil then our probability of winning would go down by 95 %.Just out the back of my head,in the four years? he’s been at the club, we’ve won one big away game when he’s played and it’s been in the FA cup against Man united.

Otherwise,he’s been a serial bottler especially when we needed a special performance.I also think starting sanchez in the middle would also reduce the probability of us winning the game.These are my opinions based on previous results, we almost never win with ozil in big away games and sanchez in the centre has only worked against chelsea.Wenger cannot ignore these facts.

I do think though, that if sanchez were to be played down the middle then it’s vital we play Welbeck and Oxlade/theo on the wing.

My team personally – Cech,Bellerin,Koscielny,Mustafi,Monreal,Ramsey,Xhaka,Iwobi(CAM),Sanchez,ox,welbeck.

I have no hope for this game.Our team is not only low on confidence but to be honest the mentality isn’t there.They’re going to come in aggressive, press high and dominate us.We’ll be lucky to get a point. the specialone

Liverpool need formation change for visit of Arsenal

When Hendo isn’t there the 4-3-3 doesn’t work.
We need a formational change.
Either 4-4-2 diamond with Mané and Firmino up front and then a midfield of Lallana, Coutinho, Wij and Can.

Or a 4-2-3-1

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.


Does Wenger actually believe what he is saying!

Just watched Wenger’s press conference and he states how he’s always looking for ways to improve and to ‘reinvent himself’.

Now I know he’s become adept at bullshitting us and there’s no doubt in my mind that, on many occasions, he actually goes out of his way to wind us up – his way of ‘getting back’ at any Gooner who questions his management skills.

But watching the press conference, I think he sincerely believes what he’s saying and yet there can’t be a single manager in the PL, or any other top league, that has so stubbornly stuck to one system and one type of player for so long.

This is the guy who seemingly thinks there’s a rule stating you can’t make substitutions before the 70th minute.

This is the guy who thinks our perennial injury problems are simply bad luck, despite the fact that no other team has consistently spent the last two decades at, or near the top of the crock lists and that this has coincided with his tenure as manager.

The list goes on and we’ve all had a dig about at least one thing that never changes under Wenger but I’d always been convinced that his thinking was that if he just kept at it, eventually everything would come good.

Now he says he’s always looking at how to improve??? I just wish one of the reporters in that press conference had had the balls to ask what kind of things he thinks he’s now doing differently to what he’s been doing for the last 10+ seasons.

And I’m genuinely not having a dig at him here – I really would be fascinated to hear his answer, because I think he sincerely believed what he was saying.

Al the Gooner



Love for Klopp really is blind

So the Klopp love affair goes on though the evidence for it gets scantier by the minute. Love really is blind isn’t it?

The definition of madness is surely doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Over to you Mr Klopp and what’s the tactic this week?

No don’t bother to tell us, we know already.



Bonucci heading to Stamford Bridge?

If Bonucci leaves Juve and Conte wants him there’s every chance he will come to Chelsea because of his connections to Conte.

Any deal has to be considered both affordable and value for money by the club and we are currently sitting on 60m from the sale of Oscar and improved TV and sponsorship worship monies are kicking in and Bonucci could help deliver significant trophies over a 4 year period.

It’s still only a rumour, time will tell.

nine nine nine


Get well soon Nando

Fernando Torres has suffered a horrific head injury last night. he was taken to a hospital on the back of an ambulance. thoughts and prayers are with him. get well soon Fernando.

nine nine nine

Just watched the footage there, he took some knock. Every player near him immediately started to call for medics and two were trying to open his mouth to stop him swallowing his tongue. I’m glad he’s fine and been released, could have been much more serious.


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