Pundit claims world-class Liverpool star is Prem’s ‘most frustrating player’

Date published: Saturday 14th March 2020 12:45

Mohamed Salah is been called the “Premier League’s most frustrating player” despite his goalscoring record at Liverpool making him more prolific in front of goal than Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres.

Salah has been an enormous success at Anfield since joining from Roma in summer 2017 for a fee of just £36.9million.

Since then, Salah has netted an incredible 70 goals in 100 Premier League appearances, making his record in front of goal more successful than the much-lauded Torres and Suarez before him.

However, there are constant rumours Salah will be tempted to move elsewhere, while talk that he doesn’t get on with teammate Sadio Mane have been fuelled of late after a ridiculous suggestion made by Richard Keys.

All the same, pundit Steve Nicol claims he finds Salah incredibly frustrating to watch – and even suggests his incredible record in front of goal is hugely aided by the fact that Liverpool have such a successful side.

He said on ESPN: “Winning is the deodorant of the game, but it covers all bad smells. Winning covers a lot of bad things.

“You can say it with Salah. Salah’s form this season, is there a guy that frustrates you more in the Premier League or anyone else with the things he does in a game?

“Then all of a sudden he will produce something. So you could say the same about him as well.

“But again, he plays every game and why? Because they win.”

Despite Nicol’s claims, Salah was named Player of the Year in 2018 after smashing loads of records, while he has also amassed 20 goals for the third successive season at Liverpool.



Carragher on Salah sale

Despite his form, former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher claimed the player would not be hugely missed by sections of their support, were the club to cash in on him.

However. Carragher claims his form is underestimated and that Liverpool ought to be careful if they think they can sign better than the Egyptian.

“I think if you asked Liverpool fans if they’d take somebody new for any of the five, taking Salah out, they’d all say no, no matter what.

“But I think if someone offered £130m for Salah they’d say, ‘oh I’ll think about it’, because I think he’s under-appreciated.

“There is no way they would sell Alisson or Van Dijk. But if you offered them £130m for Salah, they would think about it.

“That is why I say he is underappreciated.”

Carragher has also identified two reasons why Salah’s reputation among Liverpool supporters might not be as high as his goal record deserves it to be.

“He is a wide forward who plays narrow which means he is constantly marked when he receives the ball,” added Carragher. “He almost marks himself in a way.

“But he is not as strong as Mane and he is not as clever as Firmino when the ball comes in to him. So he does lose the ball a lot in situations like that. It can be frustrating watching Salah.

“There is also no doubt that there is a selfish side to him. We saw that come out with Mane earlier in the season. When Salah is in position all he is thinking is whether he can score.

“At times, that’s a frustration.”


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