Your Say forums return to new-look TEAMtalk

Date published: Thursday 1st October 2015 2:01

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We’re pleased to announce the return of the Your Say Forums – featuring instant posting around the clock – as part of a slimmer website.

It has taken longer than we would have liked, but the new-look Your Say section is finally live, featuring all of the same forums as before: General, for fans of all clubs; individual boards for every Premier League and Championship club; and separate boards for both League One and League Two.

Unlike on the old site, there will be no waiting for messages to be approved – everything you post will appear instantly, no matter what time of day.

Furthermore, while the old message boards were at times ruined by trolls and WUMs, the Forum layout allows threads to be more easily ignored. And only topics that receive a reply will stay at the top of the page, ensuring that the popular debates take centre stage.

You can also now choose to receive e-mail notifications every time a topic receives a new comment, while gone are long blocks of texts without line breaks – not only can you now add paragraphs to your posts, you can also use basic html.

Unfortunately, you will need to register to use the forum, even if you had an account on the old website. We appreciate it will take time for established users of the old Your Say pages time to adapt to the new layout, but we’re hugely confident you will find the new forums a huge improvement in the long run.

We have also slimmed down the entire website, reducing the size of images and hopefully making for a much better user experience.

There are several more improvements we plan to make over the coming weeks but, for now, at least you can once more enjoy debating your favourite subjects on your favourite football website.

Thanks for your patience and feedback.


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