Your Says of the Day: Lukaku not good enough; Giaccherini to Chelsea?

Date published: Tuesday 14th June 2016 12:59

Romelu Lukaku: Subbed off after disappointing match

Romelu Lukaku’s performance for Belgium comes in for plenty of criticism, while Chelsea’s interest in Emanuele Giaccherini and whether Italy are genuine Euro 2016 contenders are also debated.

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Shocking Lukaku needs dropping for Origi

Shocking tonight. Belgium really needed a performance from him,and he just looked like he wasn’t interested. Like I’ve always said about him,he performs when he wants. When he can’t be arsed,as we saw tonight,he’s awful. And he wants to go to a bigger club….. At least when Origi came on, he tried, had a go. I’d be very surprised if he started Belgium’s next game,based on tonight’s performance.

Is he consistent enough to play for a top side? Yes,he’s had a good season for Everton,but he didn’t want to be there,so the cynic in me thinks he was playing for a move. I understand his confidence in his ability,but to say that he wants to sign for the likes of Bayern Munich, in my opinion,he’s deluding himself. You can’t rely on him to deliver consistently,and that’s why I think the top sides will be put off going for him,as well as Everton’s valuation.



Thank you. He’s a good young player but I honestly don’t get Arsenal fans’ insistence on buying him. Even with age on his side I don’t see him as a massive upgrade on Giroud. Poor first touch, poor hold up/link up play despite his size. Sure he scores lots but if you’re the focal in your team with facing teams that don’t park the bus I’m pretty certain that makes it easier. Case in point Benteke at Villa vs Benteke at Liverpool.


Lukaku will never make it as a truly class striker. He can’t do it in the tight spaces and his finishing is unreliable. The one on one chance he had last night is put away by top strikers in the Euros or the Champions League. Lukaku is very good but he is not good enough to be the game breaker at the highest level. Even Martial at his age and minimal experience is a far better suited player to make the step up to playing for Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid, etc.

Everton got their money’s worth because they don’t have to break down deep lying, tight defences. If a top team pays the quoted sums for him though, (circa 40-50 million) it will be daylight robbery. He doesn’t have the guile to play at the top level – just like Benteke was found out.


Lukaku’s movement was poor last night. He failed to read the best position to hurt the Italian defence on more than one occasion, much to the frustration of De Bruyne.

He currently lacks the refinement and subtlety that the very best forwards have.


Liverpool fan praises Origi and criticizes Everton’s Lukaku…. shocker. There were plenty Belgians who struggled and Lukaku is an incredibly talented consistent and prolific young goalscorer.


You can’t deny Lukaku’s goal scoring record and Chelsea made e mistake in letting him go imo and whilst Lukaku has been linked to a return I wouldn’t want Chelsea to pay anything like the silly money Everton appear to be asking for him to bring him back.

Lukaku was poor for Belgium last night but as Dandy rightly says he wasn’t the only one and Conte set Italy up very well with lesser players to defeat a more talented Belgian team.

nine nine nine


Giaccherini to Chelsea?

Emanuele Giaccherini: On target for Italians

I can see why Conte wants Giaccherini at Chelsea if he can get that sort of performance out of him. Italy had the perfect approach to this game and one thing I’ve always admired is how much passion they have when they sing the national anthem, our boys could learn a thing or two! For once I actually thought the MOTD analysis was bang one, too many creatives for Belgium and not enough discipline. Why Dembele was on the bench confused me considering he is probably one of the most balanced midfielder in their squad. Hazard, Lukaku and De Bruyne had no end product, Mertens looked the best of the bunch when he came on. Italy have a pretty youthful bench which bodes well for them in the tournament with the likes of Insigne and El Shaarawy. A giant reborn?


I personally cant see what all the noise is about so many Belgium players, I understand Hazard and De Bruyne and a couple of others to a lesser extent but in all honesty they were out of their depth last night and we are talking about what most experts are describing as as average Italian team if that is possible and also with their 3 best midfielders out of the tournament due to injury. I would not sign any of them except Hazard, Courtois and De Bruyne even though he did nothing last night.

Rover Bond


‘World-class’ Chiellini

Chiellini is a world class defender in my view and Bonucci is as near as damn it, with the extra dimension of being a marvelous defender with a killer pass. A thing virtually non existent in England. Had Chiellini played in the Champions League final last year I think Juve could well have won it, of such fragile threads are the fates of men entwined.
Lukaku and co suffered from the fact that they had a fraction less time to set up in front of goal than they would have in the premiership, and it was a similar story in other areas of the pitch. So some of the chances they had were more difficult to convert than they appeared. Having said that, a really top class striker would have converted one of them, unfortunately most of those strikers play for Argentina…ha ha ha
Defence apart, this is not a great Italian team, and I would have included Ballotelli for his unpredictability, especially as an impact player, but it may well be that the standard in this tournament is not that high. This Italian team though is very well schooled, which bodes well for Chelski.
So on we go, the team with most potential for me so far is Croatia, but it’s early days yet.


I also believe that Belgium have many decent players as seen by the many of them that play throughout Europe’s top clubs but really only Hazard is world class. The same with Italy their only world class man is Conte. Hope Pochettino is taking note.

GotThe Hots

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