Your Says of the Day: Firmino for POTY; Pulis ‘scapegoat’

Date published: Monday 12th September 2016 4:27

Roberto Firmino: Better than fellow Brazilian?

Roberto Firmino’s form has Liverpool fans purring, while Tony Pulis is not the man to blame for West Brom’s summer transfer troubles.

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Firmino better than Coutinho for Liverpool?

I’m a big fan of Robert Firmino and I think he will end this season as our Player of the Season. Even at this stage, I also think he looks a strong early contender for PFA Player of the Year too.

He seems to have a little extra in him than Philippe Coutinho when he is on form. His first on Saturday was lovely and I had every confidence he would bury it. If it was Coutinho I might have had a slight hesitation that it would go over the bar.



Rodgers deserves some credit

Brendan Rodgers: Avoided the Liverpool axe in the summer

I always thought Lallana and Firmino were made to play alongside each other. I thought it when they both these guys signed, although there was always a question over their consistency.

I know Firmino obviously plays in a more advanced position than Lallana, but both these this season are finally exhibiting their quality and play more relaxed and with experience.

These two were both Brendan Rodgers’ signings and he deserves some credit for bringing them both to the club.

Providing injuries between the pair are minimized, there’s no doubt in my mind in Lallana giving us half-a-dozen goals, and Firmino happily taking his own tally into double figures.



Inconsistency was always Firmino’s biggest downfall, he showed real class in some games then went missing for the next 2 games. Hopefully him and Adam Lallana will both find consistency and propel us up the table, removing any doubts along the way.



Should Diego Costa’s goal have stood?

Diego Costa: Striker notched twice at the Liberty Stadium

How in the world was that goal allowed to stand? He literally kicked Kyle Naughton in the head.

Chelsea were rightly aggrieved to be behind as the foul on Gary Cahill was also very clear, but that is now five points Costa has salvaged for Chelsea already this season in games he shouldn’t have even been on the pitch on anymore.



Andre Mariner was poor in this game from start to finish.

On another day under another Ref Costa’s overhead kick goal may have been ruled out as his foot seemingly did touch Naughton perhaps Mariner turned a blind eye to it given that he would have probably realised by then that he missed the two fouls on Cahill for Swansea’s 2nd goal.

Never the less it was a sublime bit of skill from Costa in scoring with the overhead kick and his first goal was none too shabby either.

Costa is a very good striker you don’t get to play for a national team of Spain’s quality easily and whilst admittedly no Saint he gets little to no recognition for his positive qualities outside of Chelsea fans but I guess that’s to be expected.

nine nine nine


Pulis is the West Brom scapegoat, not the problem

Tony Pulis: Manager worried by lack of transfers

YES he’s played defensive football YES he was stupid to play Berrahino over Rondon but think about this: We have the oldest squad in the Premier league and have had for three seasons. Do you want him to play fancy attacking football and lose 7-0 every week or try his best to brick the goal up and draw 0-0 as he’s been doing.

We haven’t spent on bringing big names into the club EVER!!

We have a new owner but PEACE is still there in an “advisory capacity” advising on what? How to scrimp and save like he did for 10 years? How to bring in Championship free released 30 year olds?

Peace has sold the goose that lays the golden egg and now he’s making sure the new owners don’t show him up as a skinflint – very clever business in the directors room!!

I don’t believe for one minute Pulls cancelled big name transfers at the start of this season. He said himself he didn’t get the five marquee signings the club needs and he hasn’t with the exception of Chadli been able to bring anyone in – He was given responsibility for signings but not the cheque book to do it with that’s for sure.

The new Chairman has his orders from the new owner and that order is – “save money like Peace did”. We’re going down this season that’s for sure. Pulls won’t be here at Christmas – hell be the stool pigeon, the scape goat just like so many managers were before him look back and list them – Di Matteo, Steve Clarke the Spaniard.

It’s disgusting the way our club had been used for profit for a minority. The Powers that be at the club have fooled a lot of people thats for sure. Go ahead if you want to – blame Pulis! But there are some of us that see things as they really are – we were the victim of leeches 10 years ago and nothings changed and probably as long as they keep pulling the wool over peoples eyes nothing ever will.



I can’t believe anybody is defending Pulis. I’m not even over bothered about playing defensively, if it works.

What I am bothered about is that he seems to be on some sort of mission to **** off the supporters, the players and the board, just because he can’t always get his own way.

I think he is deliberately picking Berahino to make a point.

He knows the guy won’t try and won’t score, so his selection must be political.

Pulis seems to enjoy being bloody minded, he thinks he’s so clever. He’s not in the least bit interested in our club and seems to want to ruin it. Anyone, who thinks he is the scapegoat should think again.



Lucas Perez – a hugely disappointing debut

I’m not judging him on one single game, but I tell you what you sure get an idea of what the player is about.And to be honest, that was the most unimpressive display I’ve seen by a debutant striker for us.

To start off. Contrary to his description, the player looks anything but hungry. He looked so nervous. Actually at times he looked so disinterested.Failed to create any space for himself, failed to close down the Goalkeeper. You know what, if a striker makes himself available for a chance and is having an off day in front of goal, that is one thing you can improve on. But he even failed to do that.

Is he even a CF? His attributes point to his most natural position being either as a winger or at best a supporting striker.At clubs like ours you Have to make ample use of the opportunities you get. £17m down the drain it looks.

On another note, Mustafi looked solid. He is Mertesacker but who actually wants to get involved than hide.



Yes, Perez lacked service, but this bloke just isn’t good enough. I made the point forcibly when we signed him, he won’t cut it in the PL. I don’t blame him, Wenger promised only top quality and then paid nearly £18m for a second rater. There’s only one person to blame….

The Oracle


Doubts remain over Eric Bailly

I think our squad is just as good as Man City’s if not better on a player to player basis. Our problem is getting the players to play to their potential. That’s Jose’s job. He’s identified the weaknesses in our squad and addressed them which is what he’s good at.

I still have my doubts over Bailly though. Saturday was his first test and he failed. He was out jumped by Iheanacho for the first goal and didn’t mark him for the 2nd goal. He hoofs it a lot too.

Lets see how we do on Thurs. Hopefully some of the fringe players get a chance to shine and give Jose a headache for Sunday.



Sour grapes from Balotelli

Mario Balotelli: Didn't get on with Rodgers or Klopp

Balotelli just doesn’t know when to quit, does he?! He now says that he “made the biggest mistake by signing for Liverpool”. The biggest mistake was Liverpool actually buying him. He’s got it the wrong way round.

We actually did him a favour by giving him a chance. He just didn’t take it. End of story. He also says that he didn’t get on with Rodgers or Klopp. He also didn’t get on with Mancini, Mourinho, Inzaghi, Benitez….. I’m sensing a theme here.

Well done to him for scoring twice anyway. He’s scored more league goals for Nice in one game than he managed in his whole Liverpool career. He’s crap, and we are well shot of him.



Leeds fans call for Garry Monk to be sacked

Garry Monk: Sacked Swansea City boss backed by Manuel Pellegrini


Garry Monk need to go, he is clueless about who is the best 11, this is not good enough and one point in 3 home games is a terrible return. He is totally clueless and need to go as soon as possible.



Agreed. The man is just not cutting it.

1) He’s failing to take blame (poor team selection and inappropriate substitutions). Persisting with Wood is a glaring example.
2) Persisting with Green, when Silvestri is the better keeper.
3) Failure, yesterday, to acknowledge that Hudders was the better team in all departments.
4) His unprofessional outburst at yesterday’s post-match interview with Adam Pope. This suggests a man who is clearly frustrated at his own short comings and inability to handle the pressure at this levels. His outburst betrayed a sense of immaturity.

On the whole, he strikes me as a man who is desperate. I greeted his appointment with a fair measure of optimism. After 8 games, I am, unfortunately, loath to review and reconsider our prospects under his stewardship.

One of the fans in the YEP remarked, yesterday: “What can you expect from a manager who has won only two of his last league 17 games (referring to Swansea and us).

I hate the disruption and upheaval that the change of a manager brings. There’s always that negative factor to consider. On the other hand, I cannot see us improving under Monk. The worry is that once we become entrenched at the foot of the table, it is going to be a mammoth task getting out. Either way, our season seems to be over.


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