Your Says of the Day: ‘Bigger ego than Sepp Blatter’

Date published: Thursday 16th June 2016 12:35

Cristiano Ronaldo: Claimed Iceland have a 'small mentality'.

After Portugal drew 1-1 with Iceland fans discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s outburst after the game, while Man Utd fans discuss the club’s no.10 situation.

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Ronaldo the loser

ronaldo iceland

I think you failed to see that Ronaldo was exactly the same when we was at United, especially in his last 3 seasons at Old Trafford.

Either way I take your point. While he is a extraordinary footballer he is also and extraordinary sore loser.

Well done to Iceland for their hard fought point.


Ronaldo at United was never into competing with the likes of Messi for the Best Player title, he wasn’t and goal obsessed as he is now either, he just took the chances he got but also made loads of goals for other people whilst now at Real Madrid, every time he gets the ball from 35 yards or closer you know he’s gonna take it on unless it’s blatantly obvious that he needs to pass to a teammate.

Fergie kept Ronaldo pretty much in line at United whilst at Real Madrid, ever since his big transfer and being made the striker and the main man over there, his ego and arrogance has grown tenfold.

Sympathy for the Devils

Possibly the only person on the planet with a bigger ego than Sepp Blatter.


Personally, I couldn’t stand the crybaby when he was at Man United. I was thinking in about Suarez when he made a meal out of any contact, but maybe that’s not the best of comparisons.

Unique I find in this fella is that he largely plays for himself and his self-centered nature always shines through.

Whilst he was not gracious towards Iceland, he is a natural born winner and let’s be honest, every team manager would welcome that type of passion.

If and when I do cheer him on, it’s because when he is on the ball, his skills and dribbling ability are fantastic to watch.

Sensible S7

Ronaldo has a strong drive and will to win. He works harder than most footballers to be the best. He hasn’t got as much natural talent as players like Messi. He strives for perfection. Unfortunately that means that when he doesn’t attain it he gets frustrated. On the pitch he lets his frustration get the better of him which results in him being a bad sport. Away from the football pitch though he is a gentleman and does a lot of work for charity, certainly a lot more than most footballers.


Ronaldo is Ronaldo always been exactly the same, it is his personality, it is not to do with the club he is at.


Do Manchester United need a new number 10?

Borussia Dortmund Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Having seen Mkhitaryan’s agent go public on a proposed offer from Manchester United saying “Manchester United is a unique opportunity, Micki wants to go there” we have to assume an offer has been made for Mkhitaryan and I would be very delighted if we signed him. It also appears we are closing in/making inquiries for Andre Gomes who is a younger option but a great athlete and passer as well.

What do you fellas think of us finally getting a proper no10 who can carry the ball forward and find a killer pass unlike the lightweight Mata?? We are being linked with very good names here. Good thing Mourinho is chummy with both these players’ agents.


If we can get both of them i would be over the moon. Mkhitaryan is a quality player no doubt, but i heard Dortmund are saying he has to see out the remainder of his contract and to be fair they did they same with Lewondowski

Mata for me needs to move on probably Italy or Spain would suit him. We need a number 10 who has the quality, skill and pace.

When we got kagawa i thought he would be the ideal number 10 for us, didnt quiet work out though!


Too similar mate. Both playmaking midfielders but of the two I’d certainly favour Mkhitaryan. Gomes is talented but one paced (slow), not particularly strong for a big lad, and is a bit (lazy), which we know United fans don’t like. No, for me it would be Micki and one of Pogba, Verratti or Kante (in that order). And as I’ve said on every post today, we should already have Sanches as a box to box powerhouse.


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